Business Process Improvement

Making necessary changes to improve your operations can be complex from deciding where to start to finding the time and internal resources to manage this properly.  This is where we come in! We work as an extension of your team to determine the best opportunities that will reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve the overall performance of your organization. Unlike some consulting firms, we also execute on your plans or strategy to achieve your transformational goals.


Save time and money by improving areas within your business that are not functioning at an optimal standard

Our business process improvement consulting services bridge the gap between strategy and performance by developing and implementing lean process improvement strategies to improve  business processes for increased operational efficiency. We offer a wide range of services from optimizing processes to aligning roles and responsibilities that will increase productivity, quality and your bottom line.

With over 18 years of experience in business process management consulting our success is grounded by our motivation to serve the highest good of our clients. We take that very seriously! Our approach ensures we take the time to build trust within your organization at every stage. Trust is foundational to transformation, it enables the momentum for change and allows us to achieve more in shorter periods of time with greater sustainability.

We conduct extensive background research through analyzing your data, interviewing your people and reviewing industry benchmarks. From this, we identify areas of improvement (pain points) within your current processes. Our consultants then determine with you the best areas to create impactful change that align with your current business strategy. From there, our team works together to design custom solutions that best suit your business environment and culture while meeting your overall objectives. We develop a prioritized roadmap of solutions that differentiates the work your team can take on and where you may need our help to implement. 


Executing business process improvement solutions successfully is not easy, but it is necessary in order to remain competitive.  Change is constant, which means continuous improvement is paramount in any business that wishes to scale and remain relevant.   The advantage of working with our business performance improvement consulting services team, is that you can expect relevant industry experience, pragmatic solutions and a superior consulting experience – not to mention the results you expect.

When we engage with clients for business process improvement consulting, we often see one or more of the following issues that can seriously impact the productivity and profitability of a company over the long term: 

Bottlenecks are the slowing or halting of a process at a specific stage due to a human/machine error or difficulty.

Inefficient processes often have areas that are repeated or unnecessary.

With a lack of visbility, management does not have a way of viewing where processes stand, what their status is, and how they are performing generally, and specifically.

Process technology does not always integrate well with existing systems, causing communication gaps and malfunctions.

Any one of these challenges can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction, low employee morale, increased costs and wasted resources. Overcoming these challenges is part of what TPG’s business performance improvement consulting services can accomplish for your business.

We work with you as business process efficiency consultants to eliminate challenges that prevent your company from functioning at an optimal level. Our excellent track record in overcoming these challenges has allowed The Poirier Group to become an industry leader amongst process improvement consulting firms.


Process Mapping will improve any of your organizational process improvement projects by increasing the understanding of the flow of activities, information, technology, people and resources.

Our process mapping experts have significant experience in creating maps from a simple Value Stream to Enterprise Level 4 across most industries.  Process maps can be used for training purposes, identifying role responsibilities, information technology solutions (where they need to be employed), important handoffs (that impact productivity) and defining opportunities to improve your current state.

Process improvement maps define the borders of current processes at a higher level to identify what is and isn’t currently working. This leads to the identication of pain points, waste, duplication of effort and unnecessary delays. Our workflow management solutions save our clients money by removing waste, bottlenecks and pain points that exist in your current state operations. Below are some of the reasons you may require process mapping:

  • Standardizing processes to remove variation
  • Training employees
  • Increasing efficiencies and productivity
  • Defining accountabilities and improving performance
  • Improving visibility between departments for necessary handoffs
  • Referencing for internal audits

Combined with the necessary operational experience and business consultancy services, we understand your circumstances regardless of their complexity. When you have repeatable, efficient processes, you have greater predictability on resource allocation, costs and customer service satisfaction leading to enhanced value for your organization.

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A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) specifies how to carry out an activity within a process. As your business grows, existing processes will change as different people carry out the roles. Monitoring the variation of tasks becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming. Standardizing your processes (SOPs) ensures procedures are carried out the same way by every individual, each time, ensuring the outcome meets the standard expectation. SOPs are intended to eliminate safety risks and improve lead times, quality and customer experience –taking the guesswork out for your team.

With our business process improvement services, we create a document that clearly maps out operating procedures and accountabilities then work with your team to accelerate the building of standard operating procedures and promote team alignment. The focus of this is coordinating process standardization through cross-functional workshops that identify and align best practices. After process mapping has been completed, the natural next step is to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) in conjunction with senior stakeholders, ensuring that all results are:

  • Complete (all necessary information is included)
  • Objective (facts only)
  • Coherent (following a consistent and rational thought process)

The SOPs can be utilized to promote leadership development for those that are working on career advancement opportunities and multi-skilling and can also be used as a tool to measure performance against expectations.

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Our lean six sigma consulting services can be applied to any industry, whether in the back office or on the manufacturing shop floor. Lean Six Sigma is a fact-based approach to process improvement and one of our main workflow management solutions that have benefited many clients. We will rethink and redesign your business practices for improved efficiency.

As opposed to improving an existing process, Process Re-engineering focuses on creating new, more effective processes. Drawing from our team of Lean Six Sigma experts, we quickly recognize where problems arise in current processes and then we deconstruct procedures to build new and improved processes that will meet your objectives.

By improving processes and procedures, you will experience increased efficiency and more time to grow your business instead of fighting fires and catering to crises. We are committed to defining and implementing the right business process improvement solutions that your company needs now.

Connect with us to learn how our business consultancy is different and how we drive value through process re-engineering and Lean Six Sigma for your business.

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It can be hard, sometimes impossible, to determine where the problems lie that are impeding your business. Our fresh set of eyes will find what your team may have overlooked because of our significant exposure and experience with similar processes across many different industries.

We create alignment between Corporate Strategy and their operating divisions to ensure everyone has the same objectives and is motivated to support each other and the organization’s goals. While corporate can house all the organizational metrics, organizational processes can be managed with a custom governance and process management system to ensure process efficiencies and cross-departmental hand-offs are consistently followed.

Our performance management systems start with a high-level portrayal of all organizational processes, which then drill down further to show functional hand-offs. TPG’s process optimization has been proven to help siloed organizations see the critical day-to-day handoffs that occur in the organization. This then optimizes interdepartmental performance.

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TPG helps clients design and build or improve efficient middle and back-office processes and organizational structures.

Ensure the quality of back office outputs that your front office relies upon to support timely key decision-making.  Having an effective and efficient back office will also naturally support customer experience, operational performance and your ability to scale.


  • Remove non-value-added work and increase capacity without additional headcount
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Shorten cycle times by addressing and removing pain points (bottlenecks)
  • Reduce hand-offs between individuals and functional areas
  • Ensure compliance and policy controls are effectively managed
  • Reduce manual work and increase accuracy through automation features integrated into your current systems
  • Realign roles and responsibilities to increase process/quality/output ownership and accountability
  • Free up resources through optimized workflows
  • Improve culture through visibility, balanced workloads and clear accountabilities

Do you need assistance to optimize your back-office support services? Connect with us today to find out more.

The primary value proposition for shared services centers is cost savings. By centralizing all administrative functions and resources you can eliminate duplication and variation in standard business operations, effectively lowering your operational costs while improving productivity and quality.

Is it time to optimize your administrative functions with updated efficient and standardized processes that will deliver cost savings, consistent operational excellence and an increased capacity to scale?

Benefits of Optimized Shared Services:

  • Eliminate Duplication And Non-Value-Added Work
  • Increase Capacity And Reduce Resource Requirements
  • Align your Team by removing Business Silos And Competing Priorities
  • Remove Bottlenecks And Reduce Hand-Offs Between Functional Areas To Improve Workflow
  • Standardize Processes and Create Visibility with Clear Accountabilities
  • Improve Customer Experience through Consistent Service Levels
  • Minimize Existing Technologies And Increase Automation Tools
  • Benefit From Economies Of Scale
  • Increase Compliance Through Consistent Governance And Controls
  • Realign Responsibilities For Balanced Workloads

Would you like to discuss your current challenges and how they may be addressed by introducing or improving your current business model? Connect with us today to find out more.

Automation Enablement

As the latest innovations in technology continue to revolutionize the business world, many organizations struggle to adapt and benefit from automation – that’s where we can help. Our IT business consulting team keeps abreast of industry trends and technologies. Our software agnostic principle ensures that we will present only the best options that suit your business needs to advance your business operations for greater efficiency and cost optimization.

Benefits of Automation:

  • Redirect repetitive and mundane tasks to machines or software
  • Free up valuable human resources to focus on more complex and strategic activities
  • Accelerate the speed of tasks
  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Ensure greater accuracy and consistency in business processes
  • Enhance collaboration and data sharing through seamless integration of automated activities between different systems and departments

Find out what opportunities you have to leverage automation for enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Connect with us today to find out more.

Whether you are expanding your facilities into new locations because of growth or closing and merging branches due to cost optimization, The Poirier Group will help you navigate this transition. We will support your supply chain network through benchmarking analysis and advising on the number of facilities needed to support distribution, based on location, economic influences, size, customer base and growth factors.  Whatever your strategic supply chain network goals are, we will create a flexible and scalable network roadmap to sustainably achieve your future-state vision.

TPG applies Lean methodologies centred on continuous improvement to increase productivity and quality of processes. We then apply agile principles to align upstream and downstream supply chain operations geared to meet your business strategy and objectives.

Your customers and their experience with your company are of the utmost importance to your business’s success.

Make the right decisions today, by speaking to our Supply Chain experts and benefit from our advanced expertise in Supply Chain Network Design. Connect with us today to find out more.

In a highly competitive marketplace, understanding the intricate dynamics of time, motion, and labour is essential for organizations striving to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and increase profit margins.

Time Motion and Labour Studies offer valuable insights into how work processes can be optimized, resources effectively allocated, and overall performance enhanced. By analyzing and measuring the various elements involved in work activities, such as time spent, motion patterns, and labour utilization, we can define the optimized path for a successful operation.

Typical Issues Found and Corrected Through Time, Labour & Motion Studies:

  • Inefficient Workflows due to bottlenecks, unnecessary steps and delays in work processes.
  • Excessive Motion and Transportation of materials or goods beyond what is necessary. These could be caused by inefficient layout, excessive travel distances and access to necessary tools, equipment or workstations.
  • Redundant or Non-Value-Added Tasks being performed by workers. These tasks can be eliminated or streamlined to improve productivity.
  • Inappropriate Work Practices due to inefficient or outdated methods. This could include improper tool usage, manual handling when automation is possible or outdated equipment.
  • Workload Imbalance where some workers are overloaded leading to burn-out while others are underutilized.
  • Ineffective Use of Resources such as materials, equipment, or tools not being utilized optimally. This leads to inefficient inventory management, improper maintenance or inadequate allocation of resources.
  • Ergonomic Issues such as repetitive strain injuries, uncomfortable work postures, or inadequate workstations affect worker health, safety and overall productivity.
  • Lack of Standardization has led to inconsistencies, errors, and variations in work quality and productivity.
  • Ineffective Training and Skill Gaps are affecting productivity and employee morale and performance.
  • Employee Fatigue and Burnout from repetitive tasks contribute to poor employee performance and a decline in productivity.

If you can relate to some of these challenges within your operation, let’s discuss how Time, Labour and Motion Studies will identify the best opportunities to improve your operations. Connect with us today to find out more.

A Program Management Office is a crucial component for any organization with various complex initiatives or projects underway or planned. The PMO provides structure and centralized oversight, governance, and support for effective execution and delivery of your various programs.  With coordinated oversight, you will improve project success rates, reduce risks, and realize better resource allocation. Secondly, a PMO provides strategic alignment of all projects to support the desired outcomes of your organization’s overall goals and objectives – no more silos and competing priorities!

The PMO also facilitates effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders, fostering transparency and enabling informed decision-making.  A PMO promotes knowledge sharing, best practices, and lessons learned, driving continuous improvement in project management capabilities. Overall, a PMO plays a vital role in maximizing the return on investment, timely delivery and anticipated outcomes for all of your program initiatives.          

Let’s talk about your program initiatives and current challenges to see how we can deliver successful outcomes for your business. Connect with us today to find out more.


The key to a positive consulting experience is the ability to trust in your chosen consulting partner. With 18 years overseeing 400+ consulting projects, David Poirier has built a powerhouse team and reputation founded on 4 key values. These values Learning, Serving, Excellence and Integrity are embedded into every experience with our clients, between our team members and impact the decisions we make daily.

Every company can benefit from business process improvements to achieve time and cost savings, improve quality or productivity, align teams on common goals, reduce manual work, rework and duplication. The problem is, most are unsure of how to get there or where to start. 

Enter The Poirier Group – one of Toronto’s top operations improvement consulting firms – to begin the journey of transforming your business from where it is to where it should be. 

When you need to achieve certain business objectives but don’t have the time, skills or experience in house, our team will bring the necessary talent to get the results you need within the timelines you agree to.  We employ top talent that have the operational know how to understand your business, what you are going through and what type of support you need to meet your objectives.   We examine your current state and determine the critical path to dramatically improve customer service, decrease operational costs, increase production, align your organization to your strategy or help clients become lean organizations. 

We operate as an extension of your team, implementing defining and implementing high ROI solutions from business-wide cost containment strategies to implementing our process re-engineering and Lean Six Sigma methodologies to optimize your operations.

If you need to dramatically change how your business operates and want a partner where trust is the cornerstone for every engagement, our team is the best consulting solution to turn your business into a lean and efficient machine.  Start by getting the right consulting partner with a reputation for integrity, results and a great consulting experience.  


Reduce Costs

We are experts at increasing cash flow.

Remove Waste

Define the value of waste occurring in your business and a plan to eliminate it.

Optimize Processes

Identify non-value-added work and eliminate unnecessary steps to increase productivity and efficiencies.

Align Roles & Responsibilties

Improve accountability, quality and overall performance while also positively impacting your culture.

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Greater Strategic Value

Efficient Resource Allocation

Quality Products & Services

Accelerated Time to Market

Strengthened Bottom Line

Improved Employee Morale

Engaging in business process improvement techniques and strategies can yield your company both short-term and long-term benefits including decreased wasted time, increased visibility and increased cost savings. 


Cost reduction and cost containment strategies have become the norm since the pandemic, as almost every company across North America has been affected by the massive restructuring our economy is still undergoing. Cost-cutting initiatives are often the focus during economic downturns, however, they also provide a competitive advantage when the economy is good, allowing for increased cash flow to grow your business.

Our consultants at TPG know how it can often feel like a balancing act between keeping your business’ doors open and supporting your hardworking employees. It’s also important to keep in mind that the whole world is living through an incredibly stressful time, so meeting your employees’ needs and ensuring their health and wellness are all the more important. Not all cost containment strategies involve cutting staff. At TPG, we are experts in scouting and snuffing out inefficiencies in your business processes, and it is there where we can often find that much-needed extra cash flow. If your business is facing a drop-off in demand or is facing some difficult decisions, TPG’s cost reduction initiatives and cost containment strategies will help you through it. TPG employs only the best business process improvement consulting practices that can help any business navigate the challenges facing them.

"Cost-cutting initiatives are often the focus during economic downturns, however, they also provide a competitive advantage when the economy is good, allowing for increased cash flow to grow your business."

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I would recommend TPG to companies who are looking for operational expertise, sustainable results and a great consulting experience."

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