Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Workshop

The Poirier Group utilizes a proven methodology to align organizations, delivering sustainable performance improvement and leadership development. We understand the human dynamic and how it affects every aspect of how your business functions – positively and negatively.  We’ve got the coaching, support and tools needed to create or return your organization to a high-performance culture. Additionally, we offer executive coaching, conflict resolution/alignment, and leadership development. 

Many organizations either do not know what their strategy is, or do not know how to execute it successfully. The Poirier Group’s team of strategic consultants will facilitate a workshop to help your organization determine long and short-term strategies as well as how to operationalize it within your designated time period. 

Aimed at supporting the organization’s creation of its mission, vision, values and ground rules this Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Workshop will help get your organization on the right track and align all employees with the overall business or departmental strategy. Our approach builds alignment, creates high quality strategies and plans, and lays the foundation for ensuring disciplined follow through and results. The tools we create to build and support the business strategy will help the teams through a large variety of organizational change.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Strategy Development

The key to developing a short- or long-term business strategy is setting goals for your team and for individuals and then determining deliverables and timelines that will help you achieve your goals. We take your team through an exercise that allows everyone a chance to contribute to the overall business strategy. This starts by determining where your business wants to be after a certain period (1-3 years) and then working either forwards or backwards to plan out significant milestones that will allow the goal to be accomplished. 

Once the exercise is finished, everyone can see what the strategy will look like at a high level. Visually representing your business strategy by laying everything out also allows you to see what months are particularly busy with clusters of deliverables, and where objectives can be spread out. It also visualizes exactly when certain tasks need to be accomplished to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Goal Setting

One form of managing goals is an OKR, or Objectives and Key Results. 

OKRs help us communicate, measure, and achieve lofty goals.

We advise and train your team on the development and management of OKRs including how to build them to support your overall business strategy and how to realign and adjust as you move forward or as priorities shift. Establishing both individual and organizational OKRs helps employees understand how their work connects to the broader milestones and overall business objectives.