Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Workshop

Aimed at supporting the organization’s creation of it’s mission, vision, values and ground rules.  TPG can help influence and embed world class values into the organization, connected to its mission and vision

It’s critical that we align with the leadership of the organization and get them to adhere to a common set of values and ground rules related to the development of organizational trust and accountability.

The key to developing a short- or long-term business strategy is setting goals for your team and for individuals and then determining deliverables and timelines that will help you achieve your goals.

OKR and Strategy Deployment Workshop

OKRs help us communicate, measure, and achieve lofty goals.

We take your team through this exercise so that everyone gets a chance to contribute to the overall business strategy, and so that when the exercise is finished, everyone can see what it will look like at a high level. Visually representing your business strategy by laying everything out also allows you to see what months are particularly busy with clusters of deliverables, and where objectives can be spread out.