Strategic Planning & Development​

Aligning individual employees’ or departments’ work with the company’s strategic vision can be complicated. Too often, companies underestimate the time, costs and risks of future actions while overestimating the benefits. This is where The Poirier Group comes in. We take an objective and critical approach to your organization to create, redefine and operationalize your strategy, turning your vision into reality.

Strategic planning is the process by which organizations analyze the internal and external environments to formulate strategies and allocate resources to develop a competitive advantage. A defined strategic plan is essential for companies to reach their desired future state and generate above-average returns. We assist companies to set priorities, focus energy resources, strengthen operations, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.

You may partake in strategic planning and development for several reasons:

Why is Strategic Planning and Development Important?

COVID-19 and the impending aftermath has created a need for companies to reconfigure their strategic planning and transform how they make decisions. 

This crisis, while unprecedented and unpredictable, created an opportunity for companies to proactively shift gears and ramp up decision making to thrive in the future as we move through various stages of this crisis. 

This document (right) will help you transition from a long-term, balance-sheet outlook to a dynamic income statement scenario plan.

Strategic Planning for the "New Normal"

Our Approach

Aligning your leadership to a common set of values and ground rules is critical to the development of organizational trust and accountability.

We use a tailored approach to help develop your strategy depending on what your needs are and your current strategic situation. We work with you to get to know the people within your business and current business structures as well as your goals for where you want your business to be over the short, medium and long term. Then, we work with you to define your business strategy and strategic direction to achieve your short and long-term goals.

A Phased Approach

We recognize that companies are at varying stages of their strategic maturity so we implement solutions that are practical for your current state, take a phased approach to develop your strategy, and will help you at every step of the way.

Technologically Agnostic

We implement and assemble the performance management tools and strategies that are best for the client, based on individual needs.

Hands-On Training

We conduct leadership specific and company-wide workshops to define critical metrics that will lead to your organizational success. We then work to create buy-in and accountability to all strategic goals and implement check-in points to ensure everyone is on track.

Goal Setting is quintessential for Strategic Planning and Development

Of employees are disengaged and dissatisfied at work
$370 Billion
Is the annual cost for low employee engagement/ productivity in the US alone
Of employees will be more engaged when their individual goals are aligned with corporate goals

Employee engagement has been ranking as one of the top 5 organizational challenges for multiple years. Productivity is enhanced by well-defined, challenging goals and no other single factor has more impact on employee engagement than clearly defined goals. This is why goal setting is so important. The Poirier Group assists in the initial stage of Strategic Development by:

  1. Performing an initial assessment of current strategic direction and strategic maturity 
  2. Working with you to set objectives and measurable goals based on the required areas of improvement 
  3. Building improvement projects that are aligned with your goals; and
  4. Facilitating a strategy workshop where we work with your teams, departments and organization as a whole to ensure organizational alignment to the same strategy and vision

Strategy Execution

A clear and focused strategy is essential to set your company up for success, but this is only the first step of Strategic Planning. Consistent and aligned execution of your strategy will provide your company with the competitive edge it needs and ensures you will deliver on your Strategic Plan. 

After working with your team to establish the strategic direction, The Poirier Group’s dedicated and strategic team gets to work building out the plan and tools needed to execute your strategy. Optimized strategy execution will support the free flow of information throughout the organization and allow your team to address the root cause issues of poor performance by providing the tools to make decisions faster and empower accountability at all levels of the organization. This increased visibility and accountability ensures your company can stay on track and respond to business changes dynamically.  

Our Strategy Execution method has been carefully crafted to ensure your team will seamlessly adjust to changing business and market needs while increasing stakeholder engagement and buy-in.

The Poirier Group utilizes a variety of tools to support the implementation and execution of your company’s strategy. In collaboration with your team, we select and develop custom performance management tools to incorporate the appropriate building blocks to support strategy execution specific to your company. These custom tools may include:


In our experience, without the necessary execution mechanisms in place, companies are unable to capture the full benefits of their strategy and experience higher internal misalignment, decreased productivity and focus on the “wrong things”, higher costs and restricted increase to sales and profits. 

“Through TPG’s efforts we have been able to unlock our business potential and dramatically improve our ability to effectively scale the business.”
Rhonda Biddix, SVP & Chief Financial Officer
California Closets

Operational Planning

After your strategic goals have been set and measurement mechanisms have been put in place, we then help teams to operationalize their strategic plan by supporting the development of an actionable operational plan. This includes what you as an organization and within departments will be doing to achieve these strategies on a day-to-day basis. To support the day-to-day work, we work in collaboration with your team to build the tools and necessary alignment required to be successful. 

Now it is time to execute and experience the results of your strategic plan in action!

These exercises will enable and support the organization in implementing the broader strategic objectives of a project. Management and employees at all levels will not only feel, but demonstrate a greater commitment to teamwork, accountability and the achievement of results. Sustainable project success depends critically on shifting intention in the organization, starting in the C-Suite with management values of trust and accountability. Leaders often must shift the way they speak to and lead the organization to create wide-spread buy-in and motivation for individual employees

Benefits of Improved Strategic Direction