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In a drastically changing consumer marketplace, TPG’s approach to lean consulting helps organizations better understand their products, capabilities, and clients. With COVID-19 regulations imposing strict guidelines on workplace practices, it is more important than ever to streamline manufacturing processes with best-in-class tools and systems. The greatest inefficiency that most manufacturers face is inflexibility in the face of drastic change. Poor demand forecasting in uncertain times, capacity planning, supply chain bottlenecks, and inefficient or unsafe workplace processes can lead to resource wastage, longer production periods, low yields on production inputs, and lost revenue.

We devise, then execute plans to overhaul and optimize your manufacturing practices and deliver top-notch end products that fit your client base.

As the current situation unfolds, product customization, online shopping, and greater consumer preference for safe experiences remain hot topics in the industry.

Additionally, there is a continuing need to reduce operating expenses to remain competitive, all the while demand, safe manufacturing and warehousing practices remains high. Leveraging Lean Six Sigma techniques and other Lean consulting tools in the past have yielded impressive results, but most easy fixes have already been done. Now is the time to implement reform in your manufacturing environments for the flexibility to survive the current economic situation. Technical prowess aimed at quality improvements and advanced Six Sigma methodologies are in demand and are increasingly applicable to this industry.

Trends & Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Many companies are re-tooling their production lines to create PPE and ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Increased and changing consumer demand for specific products is leaving manufacturers unprepared to supply new demands (hand sanitizer, toilet paper, fresh produce, hair care. medications etc)
  • Physical distancing guidelines create a need for bottom up restructuring of manufacturing procedures.
  • A drastic slowdown of International trade means a heightened focus on local markets which can create huge opportunities for local manufacturers
  • Technical prowess aimed at quality improvements and advanced Lean Six Sigma methodologies are in demand and are increasingly applicable to this industry
  • Complex company structures, new markets emerging and an increase in global competition are challenging businesses’ capabilities. There is now a greater sense of urgency for manufacturing companies to deliver sustainable production and create more effective strategies to combat the current situation
  • Demographic shifts result in changing consumption patterns
  • As the digital age continues, product customization, online shopping, and greater consumer preference for experiences remain hot topics
  • Greater focus on corporate social responsibility leads to a call for process re-engineering to use more environmentally friendly materials
Why TPG?

The specific skill set present in our lean consulting base makes us ideal candidates for projects in the manufacturing and CPG industry. Due to questionable variations in Lean Six Sigma training programs, we ensure that all of our consultants have completed a rigorous training program before deployment to projects. Our experts will provide excellent advice, strategy, and solutions in both direct and remote settings. Our lean experts bring a wealth of experience performing comprehensive and detailed statistical analyses, simulations, choke point analyses, and variation reductions. We specialize in helping organizations go through major upheavals, our expertise will help your company navigate this COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to deliver only the most relevant expertise in lean consulting, that your business requires.

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