Design for Success in Industry 4.0 and Beyond

Whether the 2020’s will ultimately be deemed “Roaring” or “Turbulent”, experts agree that Industry 4.0 must adapt throughout the decade in response to ongoing disruption and technological improvements. Successful industrial change – where goods are produced with greater scale, speed, and quality – hinges on the rethinking of end-to-end systems design.

Today’s road to success in Manufacturing, Assembly, and Operations begins by accurately identifying your biggest obstacles

Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what industry leaders are saying:

Cost Management

“How do I cut the right costs in a timely fashion to ensure we are driving the denominator of the productivity equation down, ahead of a difficult economic outlook? And without sacrificing quality improvements?” 


“How do I accelerate the identification and prioritization of waste-points, and ensure they are addressed in a short time-to-completion?” 


“How do we keep up with constant information and technology capability changes? We’re faced with a paradox of choice and my IT department lacks the capacity to stay abreast of constant change.” 

Change Management

“We have a long list of things that need to get done throughout the organization, but we don’t have the capacity to address and sustain them. How do we move the needle while generating an investment return?” 

Staffing & Labor

“How do we ensure we’re getting and retaining the right people? How do we better organize recurring training to maximize our quality of work?”  

Measurable Results

“We have trouble measuring the impact of our initiatives. We have a directional strategy, but not a methodical process for continuously measuring and iterating our approach.” 

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At The Poirier Group, we apply a blended methodology to uncover hidden inefficiency and overhaul or optimize your existing systems

We put a relentless focus on building you a foundation for sustainable value generation in your Manufacturing, Assembly, and Operations function as we solve key challenges together. 

Our lean process improvement strategy includes a unique approach to Lean Six Sigma design, a dedication to client education, and expert Integrated Systems Engineering. This allows us to architect better models for Strategy, People, Process, and Technology, so you can perform with the scale, flexibility, and speed required to materialize reduced operating expenses. 

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Value comes from employing the right solutions
Together, we’ll materialize the impact of yours

A Challenging Outlook Brings Pressure to Reinvent

Our global consumer market is changing more rapidly than ever, attributable to ongoing digital innovation, shifting generational behaviors, and a myriad of unexpected world events such as the pandemic and geo-political conflicts. 

In the wake of these factors, the business of ‘producing’ goods has seen a steady stream of innovation and disruption. For example, the anticipation of economic headwinds has increased the short-term pressure to drive productivity for more sustainable production, as ‘price recovery’ will be less of an option to reach profit targets for many organizations. 

At The Poirier Group, we understand the value in developing lean systems and our team is continuously tracking emerging industry trends and their potential impact on our clients to remain prepared for change. Most recently, we are tracking:  

It is clear that successful manufacturing today requires rethinking existing systems to maximize flexibility and scalability. 

With rapid advancement in capabilities – such as the ability to move and store data, the emergence of advanced analytics to isolate moments in processing for detailed optimization, and more – there is greater opportunity than ever to do so. Leaders, however, will find that they are only enabled to leverage such advances if their systems across People, Process, and Technology are appropriately designed for it. 

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