Global Life Sciences Organization Creates $520M in Value Through Enterprise Shared Services

A global life sciences organization specializing in pharmaceutical lab services and clinical research

Cost Savings Through ERP Implementation
Increase in Sale Price Value


This organization experienced significant growth over several years through a series of acquisitions that moved them into unfamiliar markets. These mergers led to a complex mix of business management systems operating in silos, limiting their ability to grow and foster continuous improvement. Two of TPG’s senior leaders were brought in to consolidate these management systems and build a shared services business unit to support the long-term growth of the enterprise.  


Working closely with the client, we determined which functions would best support each individual business unit. Major improvement opportunities were identified to create visibility for a continuous improvement structure and a focused improvement plan. Our team led several initiatives to capitalize on existing competencies and to build growth for the short and long term. A few of the projects involved: 

  • Built continuous improvement competencyby training over 200 leaders in Lean Six Sigma methodologies 
  • Improved team performance – by establishing transparent measurement systems and scorecards with assigned accountabilities 
  • Developed the Shared Services Enterprise – by consolidating and optimizing processes and services with increased capacity, reduced duplication of effort, reduced overhead.  Realized economies of scale 
  • Increased efficiency – by transitioning to a new ERP system, ensuring all key features were being used properly 

Value Created

As a result of this transformation, this organization realized immediate and long-term financial and strategic benefits: 

  • $220M in cost savings realized over 2 years with transition to a new ERP system and optimizing features  
  • $300M increased value in sale price over a period of 1 year based on the implementation of a ‘best-in-class’ operational excellence program 
  • Reduced billing cycle from a median of 379 days to 45 days, leading to $10M in savings from unbilled receivables and 708K reduced labor costs 

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