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The Poirier Group’s award-winning team of industrial engineers and performance improvement experts specializes in driving results for retailers and grocers across North America. From reducing call-center wait times to improving stocking and replenishment processes in warehouses, to seamlessly integrating IT systems and more– we are the trusted partner you need. TPG doesn’t just design solutions – we leverage years of actual industry experience to implement them and set you up for long-term sustainable success. 

Years of Experience in the Retail and Grocery Sector

The retail and grocery industry, one of The Poirier Group’s (TPG) primary areas of expertise, continually presents new and unexpected challenges.  Major shifts that have been driven by the global pandemic have resulted in consumers changing the way they interact with retailers – placing heavy reliance on e-commerce. This has left retailers with minimal room for error as they pivot and look to navigate a new world. Circumstances such as these are where TPG’s retail consulting and e-commerce consulting services can make the most impact, as we are able to calmly guide retailers through this new world of retail disruption.

TPG has led various large-scale retailers and grocers across North America through significant industry shifts and continuous technological advancements.  We leverage our significant industry knowledge to provide retailers with the best approaches that fit the current landscapes and strategic goals. In the post-COVID-19 and social-distancing landscape, this includes pivoting your retail business to make up for the added costs associated with the necessary increases in sanitary precautions, the changes your business likely has to make to account for the digital disruption in retail, along with other key trends. These challenges are significant, but TPG’s retail consulting strategy, and our e-commerce consulting strategies that are crucial in this time, will re-orient your business and set it up for sustainable growth.

Our retail and supermarket consultants work virtually and seamlessly alongside our clients to implement workforce management and operating systems to deliver exceptional value through customized, pragmatic solutions. For grocery consulting services that seamlessly align with your business’ goals, talk to TP

Who Our Retail Consulting Services Are For

Are you struggling to adapt to the new business environment? The Poirier Group’s retail and grocery consultants specialize in helping existing mid-to-large businesses optimize their retail strategies. We take a holistic and modern approach to strengthen our clients’ organizations and operations – from optimizing store layouts to remedying supply chains. 

Sometimes the strategies you successfully used for years no longer apply. That’s where The Poirier Group steps in. Our consultants have years of experience navigating change in the retail industry and will help your organization achieve sustainable growth. 

Trends & Challenges within Retail and Grocery


Why TPG?

Our retail consulting experience is unparalleled, starting with our CEO’s extensive C-suite roles in major brand retail and grocery industries for more than 25 years. We have maintained strong relationships with our clients, some spanning more than 20 different projects. For most retailers, our retail and e-commerce consulting will help them pivot their strategies in times of market disruptions, sometimes that includes cutting costs, or changing portfolio focus areas to ensure sustainable and scalable results.  Ultimately, this is where we excel. We understand retail hierarchy, retail employees and employers, and we utilize our best in class retail practices and knowledge to improve organizations at all levels. TPG offers retail, e-commerce, and grocery consulting services you can trust. For example, TPG’s supermarket consultants re-engineered a client of ours’ — a national grocery retailer — processes and implemented cost reductions that saved them $95.7 million due to supply chain improvements alone.

Retail Strategy Consulting Tailored to Your Business

To achieve the best results for your business, The Poirier Group’s retail consulting group will conduct an exhaustive assessment of your current operations so we can accurately determine where your inefficiencies are hiding. Only then can we dive into crafting the retail consulting strategy that will optimize your retail business. 

The TPG team’s retail consulting approach has fostered long-term growth and profitability for our clients. Our experience includes utilizing Lean Six Sigma and process improvement methodologies to reduce defects and errors, improving warehouse efficiency, instilling project management fundamentals such as communication guidelines and readiness assessments to support retail launch strategies, creating custom intake mechanisms to prioritize quick wins, and that’s just scraping the surface of TPG’s retail strategy consulting. 

Simply put, we improve our clients’ retail operations through the eradication of underlying inefficiencies and timely strategic pivots. As one of the top retail and e-commerce consulting firms in Canada, your success is our success. 

TPG’s Experienced Grocery Consulting Team

TPG’s approach to retail consulting is simple. Our team works with grocery retailers to help them optimize their processes, overcome challenges, and reach their full potential. We work with our clients to optimize store labour processes, implement inventory replenishment improvements so as to maintain cost-effective inventory levels, re-engineer standard workflow and supply chain management, and so much more!

Our grocery consulting work has resulted in massive operating cost reductions, millions in inventory savings, and impressive gains in business process improvements. We’ve built our reputation as a top retail consulting firm through hard work and proven results. Any grocery retailers looking to increase their efficiencies and improve their overall growth will feel right at home with TPG’s top-flight retail industry consulting team. 

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