Retail & Grocery

Our understanding of the industry is unrivaled

The retail and grocery industry, one of TPG’s primary areas of expertise, continually presents new and unexpected challenges. Through recent major shifts in the industry and continuous technological advancements, TPG tackles ongoing retail consulting projects with various big-name retailers and grocers in North America.

TPG has experience with a diverse range of retailers in improving organizational performance while embedding their dedicated teams within the corporate culture. We work alongside our clients in real time to implement workforce management and other operating systems to deliver exceptional value through customized, pragmatic solutions.

Trends & Challenges
  • Industry must evolve to keep up with the rise of e-commerce and increasing online competitors
  • Retailers are finding new ways to integrate technology into the customer experience
  • A rising customer awareness of shopping choices
  • Increased preference for premium and organic products, environmentally sensitive packaging, and global sourcing implications
  • Many large grocery retailers are committing to take measurable action to prevent and reduce food waste in their own operations, and across the supply chain by 50 percent by 2025
  • Continuously important to find strategic alliances to adapt in an ever shifting retail landscape, and anticipate the needs of demanding customers
  • Consequences of the rise in minimum wage
  • Brands are empowering customers to be a part of the brand. Consumers are increasingly loyal to brands that offer them the opportunity to personalize products
Why TPG?

Our retail consulting experience is unparalleled, starting with our CEO’s C-suite roles in the retail and grocery industries for more than 25 years. One of our primary clients (a leading nationwide retailer) continues to contract TPG where we have already been engaged for 24 different projects. For most retailers, the primary focus is cutting costs and this is where we excel. We understand retail hierarchy, retail employees and employers, and we utilize our best in class retail practices and knowledge to improve organizations at all levels.