Application Development

We assist organizations in improving their processes with the help of IT. As the latest innovations in technology continue to revolutionize the business world, many organizations struggle to adapt. Implementing technological and IT changes into more mature business models can be difficult for many organizations, but that’s where we can help. Our IT consulting team keeps abreast of industry trends and changes and possesses comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

Software Implementation

We do extensive research into the best applications that can help your business operate better from an IT perspective.

Our software agnostic principle ensures that we will present only the best options for new strategies and products and proves that we’re prepared to meet any technological needs. With all our IT system implementation, we will work with you to implement the necessary infrastructure, and employee training to make the transition smooth and sustainable. 

We will also lead the physical integration of new hardware or software and train your associates in its use to alleviate any technical frustrations.

Custom Application Development

Companies have unique IT needs that often cannot be accomplished with one or more platform that currently exists. When there isn’t a tool or model on the market that will accomplish what you are looking for, our IT professionals and engineers will build out custom solutions using cloud-based platforms or customized Excel workbooks.

We will then integrate your custom tool into existing TIT and resource management systems and thoroughly train your team on how to update and maintain the document. 

Tools include inventory models, simulations models min/max models and other automated tools.

Benefits of integrating an IT Tool into your operations

Additional IT Application Offerings

Process Mining and AI

We use the latest data analysis software and AI tools to break down data, create insights, extract knowledge and discover facts to help make key business decisions. Our team of experienced IT consulting experts stays up to date on current industry trends to deliver high quality findings and integrate them with various organizational functions.

Interim Technology Solutions

We recognize that companies often have long-term initiatives in place but are looking for quick wins or bridging software in the interim. We create short-term solutions that will assist with the creation of new and sustainable solutions in the future.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Visualization

Transform your data into meaningful visuals, reports, or dashboards that provide context for analysts to make business decisions. A BI solution can improve data integration, data quality, scalability and monitoring business activity for companies seeking faster and more efficient operational processes. 

A BI solution requires the proper foundation on which to function. We work with you to ensure your company has the necessary technology foundation to support a BI system, and if not, our experienced IT engineers will implement the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to support performance.