Loyalty & CRM​

Your brand is more than your logo—it’s what people think of you. Customers don’t remember what you did, only what they felt after they left. Understanding and influencing how people inside your organization make meaning of, and thus deliver, your brand is the key to consistent delivery.

Loyalty Programs

As cost optimization remains top of mind for most retailers, marketing and loyalty executives break down how to quantify the value of your loyalty program and pinpoint exactly how much to invest. There is no one-size fits all to a loyalty success. Explore the questions below to optimize your loyalty investment strategies. 

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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about managing customer relationships and creating offers to change customer behaviour in a way that builds enterprise value. It will add a customer-centric focus to the way that companies look at profitability. After all, your customer is the most important factor in your organizational success. 

Although it can be managed tactfully by software or technology, CRM is ultimately a strategy composed of tactics, processes and behaviours. It is planned at the enterprise-wide level where benefits and costs transcend departments and affect the entire enterprise.

By organizing your data with a customer versus product centric focus, we will be able to help you:

The Poirier Group’s experiences retail consultants will identify, collect, and review strategic documents, current tools, related studies and operational assets. Then we will get to know key stakeholders on your team through interviews with Senior leadership, Operational Leaders, frontline employees and Customers to craft ideal experiences for your customers and contextualize you overall vision. Next, we map your current state customer experience to identify key pain points that can be mitigated and opportunities that can be optimized. Finally, we ensure your team is aligned through the entire process before we initiate and facilitate full implementation of the desired strategy

Our proven track-record in process redesign, aligned with Customer Experience (CX) best practices, streamlines your operational activities that are key to productivity and increasing your margins.

CRM is a business strategy, the success of which will involve the synchronization of the entire organization around the following 7 strategic components
  1. Product:   Optimal selection, effective merchandising, availability, relevance to customer.
  2. Technology:  Functional, enabling databases, hardware, software, etc.
  3. Infrastructure:  Customer-focused operational & organizational structure.
  4. Service:  Customer accessibility, customer-defined level & quality, integrated, seamless.
  5. Relationships/Loyalty:  Implement customer programs to foster, enhance & entrench relationships with customers.
  6. Customer:  Superior knowledge of customer behaviour, profitability & lifetime value.
  7. Touchpoint:  Convenient, functional & preferred channels through which the customer can choose to interact with the company (e.g. bricks & mortar, online, call centre, associates, direct mail, kiosks, statement, etc.).