ERP Analysis & Improvement

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps you manage main cross-functional business processes, often maintained by software and technology. This allows companies to automate many back-office functions relating to human resources, technology resource planning and services. We will analyse your current resource planning processes and, working with your organization, provide recommendations for areas of improvement or automation

Proper modeling of business process in an ERP unlocks many potential improvements by providing access to the information needed to optimize

Benefits of implementing an automated ERP

  • Configures accounting for functional area requirements
  • Accurate reporting aligned to business needs and scheduling minimizing manual tracking and ad hoc reporting
  • Training and support documents to ensure optimized and consistent use
  • Permissions aligned to functional area and role; accountability instilled to ensure compliance
  • ERP becomes single source of data truth vs. having many areas of data management 
  • Ensures standardized data across regions, and cross-functional areas
  • Allows for improved inventory management by:
    • Adjusting to production changes
    • Reducing obsolete or expired product
    • Controlling manufacturing cost
    • Allowing for customization cost forecasting
  • Alignment to business needs and strategic insight
  • Minimizes manual entry and use of Excel
  • Reduces complexity and effort to address requests 
  • Feeds data from software to populate inventory reporting requirements
  • Increases adaptability to changing regulatory requirements