Lean Six Sigma Workshops

When improvements are necessary to create efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize productivity – Lean Six Sigma is your solution.

The blend of Lean and Six Sigma provides the benefit of Lean thinking and Six Sigma statistical analysis to deliver more value for your customers, drive high-impact results for stakeholders, and create a better working environment. Our custom designed training ensures a successful learning experience that will translate into improved customer service, sustainable product quality, and better use of resources.

Training for your organization using a team simulation on the basics of “lean” thinking and methodology. Intensive training sessions and leadership development workshops are a fantastic way to share knowledge, engage your team, and demonstrate your commitment to their success!

The Workshop:

We offer hands-on training featuring simulations to replicate theoretical supply chain processes and manufacturing lines. 

The training allows participants to utilize lean tools and techniques in solving fictional problems that may arise in the business world. These sessions serve to build skills that can then be applied to any cross-functional group and promote leadership development. We deliver the expertise and instructional quality you require through an engaging and practical simulation experience. 

This workshop is conducted on-site, making it easily accessible for your participants. 

We also offer flexible training schedules that will work best for your organization

We believe an organization’s leadership development journey is never complete

We employ Lean Six Sigma black belts who have undergone rigorous training and who understand the change management and leadership skills needed to achieve excellence. They bring real-world experiences into training discussions to deliver the instructional quality you require 

Lean Six Sigma will help your organization deliver more value for your customers, drive high-impact results for stakeholders, and create a better work environment.  

Completing this course will allow your organization to use Six Sigma methodology to drive process improvement, increase tangible financial benefits, and gain in-depth understanding of the impact of process variation.


Along with the benefits of educating your workforce, the introduction of a Lean Six Sigma approach will help your organization realize sustainable financial results that you can count on.

Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Apply Lean Six Sigma Principles to create process improvements across your organization
  • Empower your team to identify opportunities to improve quality and performance
  • Recognize the impact of process variation and how it can be minimized
  • Understand Pull systems and Value-Add methodologies along the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycle
What to Expect

This is a full-day hands-on training program featuring simulations that replicate theoretical supply chain processes and manufacturing lines. Through practical exercises, participants will learn how to utilize Lean tools and Six Sigma techniques to solve realistic problems that will arise throughout the evolution of your business.

Lean can be applied in all industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Store Execution
  • Order Placement / Procurement
  • Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Administrative Functions
  • Business Services
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