Supply Chain Network Design

The Poirier Group’s (TPG) experienced team of supply chain consultants come with strong operational backgrounds in Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation and with specific expertise in:

  • Network Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Business Process Improvement, and 
  • Organizational Effectiveness.  

We have worked with companies of varying sizes to evaluate, improve, or design optimal network and supply chain solutions while addressing cost and service issues to improve profitability and market competitiveness. Our team has been called upon to understand the impact of COVID-19 on clients’ supply chains, quickly providing a successful solution to increase the slope of recovery to their “new normal.”

CHart of supply chain network design capabilities

Supply Chain Network Design is a specialty of The Poirier Group, as our consultants have years of experience optimizing our clients’ supply chains and our diligent consulting has been beneficial to all. Whatever your business needs are, be it SOP Building, Warehouse Optimization, Process Improvement, or more, our Supply Chain Network Design services are ideal for you.

How The Poirier Group Can Help


Optimal Networks

Plan for DC distribution and warehouse expansion based on geography, fleet capacity, and market needs.


Practical Insights

Get objective advice on capital investments that will lead to sustainable future state supply chain network success.
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Reduce Costs

Unearth extra cash flow, minimize fixed costs and increase profitability by finding and omitting inefficiencies.


Develop Infrastructure

Update stale technology systems and drive specific requirements connected to real market demand

Market Pressures on Supply Chain Network Design

In recent years, the supply chain, retail, warehousing, and distribution industries have been experiencing substantial changes and challenges:


Heavy reliance on e-commerce has put significant pressure on supply chains, coupled with reduced labour and increased complexity due to global supply shortages. 

Difficulty keeping branch networks profitably contributing to the bottom line due to changing customer purchasing patterns, high fixed costs, and downward pricing pressure.

To keep up with expectations of same-day and next-day delivery, online and direct to consumer orders, retailers must disperse distribution centers, expanding their facilities network to meet consumer demands.

TPG helps retailers link those developments in warehousing, whether robotic, AI or otherwise, and drive specific requirements connected to real market demand. TPG’s retail, supply-chain and eCommerce consulting services guide retailers through this disruption while providing the most practical insights for appropriate capital investments that will lead to sustainable future state supply chain network success.

Our Approach to Supply Chain Network Design

Whether you are expanding your facilities into new locations because of growth or closing and merging branches due to cost optimization, The Poirier Group will help you navigate this transition. We will support your supply chain network by advising on the number of facilities needed to support distribution, based on location, size, customer and many other factors.  Whatever your strategic supply chain network goals are, we will create a flexible and scalable network roadmap to sustainably achieve the future-state vision. 

Lean supply chain network design

Foundational to TPG is the use of Lean methodologies to increase productivity and quality of processes to optimize critical resources.  The Lean methodology is centred on continuous improvement through reduction of waste and improvement of productivity. TPG then applies agile principles to align upstream and downstream supply chain operations efficiently and effectively to your business strategy and objectives.

Your customers and their experience with your company are of the utmost importance to you – which makes them important to us. The Poirier Group has a team of experienced supply chain professionals who will work with you to align marketing messaging, merchandising standards and standard operating procedures to maintain consistency and optimize the customer experience.

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Lastly, our proven behavioural change management approach ensures solutions and processes are sustainable and embedded into your organization while improving customer satisfaction (both internally and externally).

Supply Chain Network Design Service Offerings

The Poirier Group’s expertise in Supply Chain consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas: