Supply Chain Network Design

In recent years, the supply chain, retail, warehousing, and distribution industries have been experiencing substantial change. Many companies have been experiencing difficulty keeping their branch network profitably contributing to their bottom line due to changing customer purchasing patterns, high fixed costs, and downward pricing pressure. On the other hand, to keep up with expectations of same day and next day delivery, online and direct to consumer retailers must disperse distribution centers, expanding their facilities network to meet consumer demands.

Supply Chain Network Design is a specialty of The Poirier Group, as our consultants have years of experience optimizing our clients’ supply chains and our diligent consulting has been beneficial to all. Whatever your business needs are, be it SOP Building, Warehouse Optimization, Process Improvement, or more, our Supply Chain Network Design services are ideal for you. 

Our Approach to Supply Chain Network Design

Whether you are expanding your facilities into new locations because of growth or closing and merging branches due to cost optimization, The Poirier Group will help you navigate this transition. We will support your supply chain network by advising on the number of facilities needed to support distribution, based on location, size, customer and many other factors.

You customers and their experience with your company are of the utmost importance to you – which makes them important to us. The Poirier Group has a team of experienced supply chain professionals who will work with you to align marketing messaging, merchandising standards and standard operating procedures to maintain consistency and optimize the customer experience.

Supply Chain Network Design Service Offerings

The Poirier Group’s expertise in Supply Chain consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas: