Meet the people behind the projects

Welcome to The Poirier Group – a collection of some of the best resources you will find to solve your biggest challenges. Our people are exceptional and are the reason for our success. We choose top talent and expertise that will serve our clients best, while also ensuring that new team members fit our unique culture and values. Our consultants create synergies and truly work as a team to deliver the consulting experience upon which we have built our reputation. Our group is our (not so) secret weapon!

  • Leadership and Shared Services
  • Consultants

Leadership & Shared Services

David Poirier
A Visionary Leader with Widespread Industry Expertise
Susan Greenwood
Finance & Admin
A Management Expert and the Backbone of TPG
Michael Taylor
Senior Partner
An Experienced Senior Executive and Dynamic Leader
Angie Hartt
Executive Assistant to David Poirier
Administrative Professional with a Positive Attitude
Scott Sink
Senior Advisor
A Thought Leader and Change Master
Jared Frederici
Sr. Consultant
A Skilled Industrial Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Kayla Brar
Human Resources
A Strategic, Team-Oriented Human Resources Professional
Maggie Bolt
A Creative Marketing and Communications professional
Sukanya Datta-Ray
MBA Marketing Intern
Marketing Professional with a Passion for Generating Impactful Brand Stories
Marwa Darwich
Office Coordinator
A Creative Problem-Solver & Customer Oriented Professional

Our Consulting Team

(Alphabetically by last name)

Monika Birdi
A Passionate, Results-Driven Customer Service Expert
Nisha Birdi
A Driven Project Management Professional
Tammy Boone
An Experienced Business Leader
Reza Boushehri
A Motivated Leader and Critical Thinker
Jon Carmona
A Change Management and Process Improvement Expert
Daniel Cierpka
A Calculated and Forward-Thinking Problem Solver
Thomas Corbett
A Curious Problem Solver, Leader, and Change Agent
Sarah Farahdel
Change Management and Continuous Improvement Leader
Tina Forth
A Talented Project Manager with 20+ Years in the Public Sector
Allison Gage
An Experienced Professional with a Track Record of Success
Dan Gantt
A Curious and Creative Professional
Alijha Greenwood
A Project Management Professional and Driven Learner
Ishan Gupta
Experienced Project Manager, Engineer and Problem Solver
Yussef Hafez
An Inspirational and Collaborative Leader
Moe Hammad
An Experienced Process Simplifier and Knowledge Synthesizer
Tinmy Ho
A Disciplined and Knowledge-Hungry Professional
Paul Howlett
An Experienced Process Improvement Specialist
Amir Ishaq
A Creative and Innovative IT Professional
Eric Li
An Enthusiast of Data Technologies
Neha Mahmood
An Inquisitive Engineer and Collaborative Team Player
Orysia Meouch
A Technology-Driven Thought and Change Leader
Peter Murphy
A Technical and Innovative Problem Solver
Randy Nanjad
A Seasoned Customer Experience Expert
Sam Nejatian
Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Professional
Patricia Nguyen
A Talented Project Manager and Supply Chain Specialist
Hani Omara
Operational Excellence Leader with +10 Years of Transformation Work
Anita Patel
A Keen Strategist and Performance Improvement Specialist
Jennifer Phan
A Highly Self-Motivated and Detailed-Oriented Consultant
Gail Rodwell-Simon
A Thoughtful Leader with Extensive Retail Experience
Taylor Sanders
A Results-Driven Supply Chain Professional
Brian Sholom
Experienced Strategy and Operations Consultant
Kanwar Singh
Experienced Process Improvement Consultant
Josh Smertz
Strategic Manager and Financial Analyst
Olubukola (Bukky) Sosanya
Innovative and Creative Individual with Manufacturing Experience
Shelley Tavener
Customer-Centric and Operational Excellence Executive
Stephanie Viehman
An Innovative Global Strategy Operations Leader
Jared Watson
An Experienced Professional with a Drive for Improvement
Lisa Xu
A Visionary Leader with Widespread Industry Expertise
Saifaldeen Zaghloul
A Motivated and Hardworking Professional

Furry Friends

As we have been working from home, our four-legged friends have kept us company and kept us grounded in this uncertain time. Whether sitting by our feet all day or making an appearance in a video call, they have become dedicated members of our team. Below are some of our honorary Chief Happiness Officers!

Interns at The Poirier Group

At TPG, we support educational experiences by creating opportunities for Consulting Interns, allowing our future best and brightest stars to begin their journey with real world experience. In order to apply, you must be available for a minimum 8-16 months for an internship and be apart of a qualifying co-operative education program.  

If you have exemplary educational performance, relevant practical experience, an innate drive and desire to make an impact at TPG, and personality to boot, then we’d love to hear from you!