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The current demand for leader capabilities has evolved, but the methods for building those skills has not. When building capacity for growth, organizations must ensure they have the tools to measure leadership competency, skills and identify critical gaps. Once known, there are several options to close the gaps through accelerated learning and coaching, your business can achieve results, build resilience and a culture of performance.


Developing the leadership skills to succeed in the modern business environment is a lifelong process, and the tools required to unlock the potential of an organization’s people are constantly evolving. According to Gartner research, employees reporting to managers who are at risk of failure are 91% less likely to be high performers themselves.  This demonstrates the need to develop high-performing leaders.  

Today too many training programs are disconnected from the work that’s required – leading to employees not seeing the value. A just-in-time training approach that tackles real problems businesses are facing will drive home the value of leadership development and give teams the tools to improve performance. Our customized approach guides leaders to succeed and grow.

Building the capability for growth, change, and leadership effectiveness is a sustainable way to ensure long term success. When leaders are facing real challenges, we provide the right tools to face them head-on, with the confidence to manage and contribute to your organization’s success.


Despite widespread interest in training from employees, 57% of them are pursuing training outside of work because their company doesn’t provide the training they want. When the training provided doesn’t inspire your team, they will disengage, meaning your business won’t see the benefits of this investment. Providing compelling training that relates to the challenges your team is facing will help solidify its importance.  By making it relevant, timely and pragmatic you are more likely to see adoption of new methods, practises and how problems are solved, leading to individuals experiencing success and being open to continuous learning.

In a world of constant change, employees need to be able to respond, adapt and believe that they can grow and develop their skills. Despite this need, experience has shown that many have a “fixed mindset” because people don’t believe it is impossible to develop skills or that they have opportunities to grow within their current organization. Coaching teams to cultivate a growth mindset and believe that they can adapt to new challenges will improve the potential of your human capital.  We help businesses tap into their existing workforce to grow their leaders of the future.

When rolling out training and development programs, a common excuse is “I don’t have time for this along with my day-to-day responsibilities”. 

According to Gartner research, the average manager has increased their number of direct reports by 2.8 times over the last 6 years.  With this increase in responsibility and performance, if they don’t see the value of training, they will resist it. It is imperative that your business  provides customized programs that develop practical skills specific to roles and teams in order for them to buy into the training and employ what they have learned.  

Understanding current and future needs, skills gaps and objectives, will define priorities and tailor training to encourage learning and adoption.  Business today has an opportunity to develop a network of change champions by employing the right training to meet individual and organizational needs.

One frequent challenge in developing leaders is when senior leadership doesn’t see the value of development programs. Without top-down support, these programs tend to be underfunded and ineffective. Tying training to the objectives of the business and measuring the results can show even the most skeptical leaders the value of training leaders. Programs with a clear, measurable ROI help leaders see the value of leadership training and development and will drive employee growth.


When looking to unlock the potential of your people through training, remember you can not motivate them learn. Training programs that expect employees to passively watch an instructor, often lead to a wasted investment of time and money.  Our accelerated learning labs provide just-in-time feedback for employees, targeted to real challenges that your business is facing. These interactive sessions help them internalize relevant material – and practice skills in a low-risk environment. Tying these learnings to results ensures that your investment in training pays off through more effective leaders, connected teams, and operational efficiency.

We offer the following learning engagements:

  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Values and Operating Principles Workshops
  • Lean Six Sigma Experiential Training
  • Navigating Change Workshops

As a leader, it is critical to gain an outside perspective when having to make difficult decisions or working through challenges. Getting help from an expert will improve individual leadership accountability and improve the effectiveness of their team’s performance.  

Our executive and leadership coaching programs offer one-on-one support from seasoned executives, who  help your leaders make tough decisions, navigate organizational politics, and manage challenges within their area of responsibility. 

These coaching programs help leaders understand the vision of your organization, how they support that vision and how they can close gaps in their skills and behaviours to meet the needs of their staff. With effective coaching, leaders and executives can continuously improve their leadership competencies and more effectively inspire performance within their teams and across your organization.

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