Warehouse Optimization

Your warehouse is often the starting point in your supply chain. Inefficiencies in your warehouse can have a domino effect on the rest of the supply chain which ultimately affects your customers and their experience with your company.

We help organizations tackle supply chain, logistics and warehousing challenges.  We combine deep operational experience in warehousing, with acclaimed methods of training and advanced analytics to support both complex and simple supply chains warehouses. Simply put, our Warehouse Optimization services have improved the bottom line of many of our clients across a wide range of industries, so you can trust TPG to get your warehouses in order and profitable

Our Approach to Warehouse Optimization

There are so many moving parts that make up a warehouse, so The Poirier Group takes a holistic approach to warehouse optimization. We examine and exhaust all possible optimization options, including warehouse layout optimization, slotting optimization, warehouse space optimization, warehouse network solutions, warehouse capacity optimization, and many more.  We understand the daily obstacles and challenges warehouse operators face, and bring into your organization years of expertise in warehouse functions, labour standards and leadership practices. 

Warehouse optimization is key in helping create lean supply chain management systems that save you time, space, and resources while reducing errors and improving flexibility, communication, management, customer satisfaction and ensuring greater competitiveness. We design and implement overall warehouse improvement strategies which optimizes warehouse flow, enhances resource allocation, and reduces warehouse waste.

We work with everyone from your leadership in the back office to employees on the shop floor, making sure that the warehouse optimization solutions we implement are aligned across all departments.

Operational Expertise

We employ operators who have picked orders and ran distribution operations in Union and non-Union environments

Technology Execution

We have systems knowledge, and experience implementing multiple WMS platforms

Train the Trainer

We train key employees on SOPs and new processes to ensure sustainability and buy-in after we leave.

Dashboards and Automated Reporting

We create measurement dashboards to keep track of progress, goals and KPIs

The Poirier Group’s approach to warehouse optimization is disciplined, direct and process-oriented.  We are operators at heart and work well with order selectors, forklift drivers, loaders, shippers, transport and routing, supervisors and management.  By integrating well with those employees directly connected to the value of the organization, we enjoy a high level of trust with our clients and see projects sustained over many years. 

Warehouse Optimization Offerings

The Poirier Group’s procurement expertise includes work in the following strategic and operational areas

As organizational supply chains face dramatic increases in cost competitiveness internally and, externally, COVID-driven global supply chain issues (lead time and availability) continue to worsen. Warehouse leaders (particularly within small to mid-size DC’s) are struggling to find transparency on how their site is actually performing. Where is the opportunity? How are we doing against our peers?

We have a solution for that.

TPG’s supply chain consulting practice has developed a lightning-fast, affordable diagnostic solution that uses exclusive, comprehensive and niche industry benchmarks to identify the gaps to world-class performance. Learn More 

When you recognize a challenge or problem in your warehouse, but don’t know where the root of the problem lies, we will come into your warehouse to conduct a full warehouse study  to improve warehouse performance, labor efficiency, quality, culture, safety, and other key elements of the business.

Conducting a thorough assessment of your business is a key part of TPG’s Warehouse Optimization service, as this allows us to really drill down into your warehouse’s problem areas and rectify them. 

Maintaining quality standards and employee satisfaction within your warehouse and facility environments along the supply chain is essential for organizational success and effective supply chain management. When problems arise, our team quickly identifies pain points and works with various departments to address, put a plan of action in place and deliver practical solutions.

We will coordinate with human resources to improve efficiency of warehouse and supply chain employees and retain talent in your organization.

  • Reduce headcount and payroll, decrease total hours and OT, while increasing throughput
  • Decrease warehouse time lost per person through injury by standardizing processes
  • Increase in productivity, reduction in manual work arounds from the system, saving labor hours
  • Align labour scheduling with the needs of the warehouse to reduce delays and reduce downtime

Unnecessary steps in and travel time in your pick/pack/shipping processes creates inefficiencies that cost valuable time and money when added up over months and years and across multiple locations. We will work with your warehouse to review pick paths and shipping procedures to determine optimal slot utilization to increase Throughput and Cases Per Hour. We then perform time studies after pick line is implemented in order to obtain a baseline for productivity which can be used to decide on work standards and drive the picking rates as the project progresses.

Proper load sequencing will allow the orders to be taken off the trailer by stop need; direct put-aways will result in less travel time for forklifts increasing throughput; and proper packing standards will ensure products are secured in such a way to prevent damage during shipping. All of these, when added up will lead to increased efficiency and productivity and a decrease in damaged products and wasteful steps.

We identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization across unloading, loading, sorting and stocking. We work to Understand if your processes between Dock (Distribution Centre) to Stock (Stores) are as lean and effective as possible (DTS). 

The Poirier Group (TPG) identifies and prioritizes areas with opportunities for improvement by focusing on minimizing rework, reducing process time and improving cross-functional interactions (specifically Distribution Centre (DC) planning, store DTS planning and corporate buying processes).  TPG will then examine many permutations of DTS interactions and methodologies to best suit your needs and maximize your cases per hour (CPH). 

We then create standard procedures across all fronts to eliminate time waste, broken products and other forms of waste. We will examine the deployment of this new standard (or standards) in select pilot stores to examine sustainability and craft a network wide business case and implementation plan.

This leads to increased loading speed, increased visibility of products, standardize processes, decrease in shipment delays, reduction in re-handling and reduction in overtime hours – all of which will save you money

Pickers rely on their experience and knowledge of products to decide what products should go on what pallet. When a product does not appear to be stored in a standardized manner it may lead to challenges when picking and building pallets and hence impact productivity.

We will determine commodity turns, shelf-life and any specific storage requirements and re-slot product to ensure effective pallet assembly.

When your warehouse management becomes too complex to manage manually, a warehouse management system (WMS) can help you set levels, automate tasks, manage orders and much more to save you time and money

Creating a stellar Warehouse Management System is essential to executing a proper Warehouse Optimization. Warehouse management consulting services from TPG are the perfect way to begin building an advanced warehouse management system.

After analyzing your pallet utilization, we will work with your warehouse staff to eliminate partial pallets being shipped, increase amount of full pallets being shipped, decrease manual stacking of products and decrease re-handling for forklift drivers. By improving these processes and maximizing the capacity of each pallet, we will work to improve throughput and maximize productivity.

Process orders faster to lower carrying costs and increase customer satisfaction with your products. We can help you improve your lead time through choosing local vendors, consolidating your suppliers, increasing order frequency, creating more accurate forecasting, increasing visibility between departments or silos and much more. Ultimately, we want to help you keep your customers happy.

Trust The Poirier Group to optimize your warehouse and ensure your supply chain runs smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective on an old problem. Contact us today to get started.