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In today’s fast-paced business environment, adapting quickly to change is vital. Yet, despite hefty investments in change management, a startling 70% of initiatives continue to fail. It’s clear – it’s time to rethink our approach to change. Companies that involve and equip their leaders and teams early in the process not only execute more effectively but also sustain the change over the long-term. The key to change success? Getting it right from the start.


Empower your team to lead and embrace change

Today’s business environment presents several influences requiring change due to digital transformation, the rise of remote work, and economic uncertainty.  This means that organizations need to get creative in developing their teams to accept and embrace change in order to remain competitive. Our change management consulting services help equip leaders and teams with the skills and mindset to navigate uncertainty and build resilient businesses that are ready and willing to embrace change in order to grow and thrive. Some of the key challenges that we solve are:

Leaders cannot agree on the organization’s values and direction, leading to divisions and slow decision-making.

Adoption of change drops when the initial momentum is lost, meaning businesses don’t achieve sustainable results.

Employees who experience excessive workloads don’t feel that the organization values their development, leading to turnover and lost productivity.

When departments look out for their own interests, they don’t contribute to a shared goal.  This drives internal competition and creates conflicting priorities.

Employees don’t believe that they can grow, leading to low adoption of change and stagnated development of leaders and teams.


We enhance organizational performance, by unlocking the capability of your people which will help drive profitable growth by:

  • Better defining roles and accountabilities to eliminate rework and confusion and improve communication across different parts of the organization.
  • Redesigning your organizational structure to promote accountability allowing your people to become more responsive to customer needs and changing business requirements.
  • Planning for resource capacity to create a right-sized team that’s responsive to changes in customer behaviour while still maintaining high quality standards.
  • Assessing your talent to determine whether the team you have in place can execute on the business’ vision and what skill gaps exist and training that is required.

Our Leadership and Development services help develop leadership capabilities that give leaders and teams the tools they need to succeed by:

  • Providing one-on-one coaching to key leaders to help them make better decisions, grow their skills, and effectively lead their teams.
  • Creating dynamic training sessions that address real problems leaders experience in their day-to-day work and give them the tools to drive performance.
  • Facilitating leadership development programs that give employees a chance to lead a project  and give them the structure to achieve results.
  • Inspiring mindset shifts within teams to help them become oriented toward growth and see change as a positive process, creating organizational readiness for change.

We help teams achieve successful organizational change and get results that stick by:

  • Assessing the level of change risk present in your organization and developing mitigation strategies that will make change a smoother process.
  • Evaluating your business’ culture and values to identify and mitigate cultural barriers that will impede growth.
  • Preparing your leaders for change to ensure that changes have strong, committed sponsorship for successful implementation.
  • Implementing change using our ‘change blueprint’ approach to give teams a clear, practical path to change success.
  • Measuring adoption of change using custom KPIs to ensure that changes are sustainable after implementation.


Our team has operations experience and have all seen change initiatives fade away after the initial momentum is lost – leading to organizations not getting the desired results. Our approach to enabling growth in teams and creating structures for sustaining change, will lead to changes that stick, and help businesses create enhanced organizational performance that lasts.

Planning for Sustainment & Reinforcement

Measuring the Results of Change

Inspiring Strong Sponsorship from Leaders

Leading Mindset & Culture Shifts

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Higher Capacity for Growth

Improved Employee Engagement

More Effective Leaders

Faster Decision-Making & Benefits Realization

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Joe Rollins, Store OperationsBig Lots
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“Your excellent communication and overall leadership was appreciated. I felt like our two groups were true partners on this project and achieved success together.”
Sari Connell, HR ManagerThe Miller Group
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"[Karen] challenged me by asking curious questions regarding my reactions to people and situations. She encouraged me to reframe my thoughts to enhance my confidence and respond accordingly. We connected immediately and I always felt she genuinely cared."
Kevin R. Greene, Chairman & CEOTassat Group
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"Tassat had a very talented team but was in need of a new culture and better internal processes. The Poirier Group was indispensable in addressing both of those needs."
Michelle Crowley, Associate DirectorWayfair
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"[Karen] has helped me through an industry transition, promotion and scope growth. She knows how to challenge me appropriately, hold me accountable and encourages me to believe in myself. She is honest, trustworthy, transparent and reliable."
Alan Torrie, President & CEOMorneau Shepell
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"I have found all the people at The Poirier team to be of the highest caliber with respect to their particular area of expertise, but even more importantly, their interpersonal skills have created willing followers internally which has resulted in sustainability of continuous improvement over the long term."
Stacey Kurk, Vice PresidentFirst Service Residential
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"[Karen] has helped me through an industry transition, promotion and scope growth. She knows how to challenge me appropriately, hold me accountable and encourages me to believe in myself. She is honest, trustworthy, transparent and reliable."