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The Health & Life Sciences industry is finding its footing post-pandemic as it stabilizes operations and continues advancing the practice of care. As such, the focus has shifted towards operational excellence to create more capacity & flexibility for the future as consumer demand grows for higher-value care and governments and insurers are stretched to support this. For today’s healthcare leaders, the challenge is how to best architect their systems to integrate people, processes and technology leading to reduced costs, improved quality & safety of operations, and to secure better patient outcomes. 

At TPG, our team of Integrated Systems Engineers works hand-in-hand with industry leaders to redesign operational areas to reduce critical waste, optimize process flows and drive the necessary changes that will lead to tangible improvements and better care. 


Today’s road to success in Health & Life Sciences begins with accurately identifying your most imperative opportunities by removing the obstacles that inhibit them

Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what industry leaders are saying:

Design for the “New Normal”

“Given what we’ve been through and understanding that it could happen again, how do we solidify all of our learnings and design our future systems for even more resilience? We must be better prepared next time.”  

Operating Models

“It’s becoming increasingly complex to align our business strategy with proper integration of people, process, and new technologies. How do we establish the best management system and processes to cope with this?” 

People Methodologies

“Maintaining our process methodologies while balancing financial objectives, operating standards, and patient satisfaction requirements is increasingly difficult. We’ve heard Tiered Huddles can help manage teams through dynamic, complex environments. How do we stand up a system like that quickly and effectively?”

Initiative Prioritization

“Deciding on the right initiatives to create the most impact for us is challenging, and we have not had the level of success we would expect. How can we come up with a better system for focus and prioritization of the right things, while ensuring we’re measuring the appropriate impacts?”  

Digital Transformation

“Ongoing digital transformation has us on our heels. In some areas we’re at the forefront, and in others we’re reactionary. Especially in our data & analytics solutions, we find that we are data rich and information poor. How do we extricate ourselves from this situation sooner rather than later?”


There are so many new models for virtual wellness, homeopathy, preventative practices, and more that challenge well established paradigms for healthcare delivery. As Healthcare 4.0 rapidly evolves into 5.0, how do we stay ahead and sort the hype from pragmatic innovation?”

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At TPG, we apply a blended methodology to build integrated solutions that drive waste and cost reduction, increase efficiency and lead to improved patient satisfaction

Our process improvement consulting places a relentless focus on building a foundation for sustainable operational excellence in your Health & Life Sciences practices as we work together to solve key challenges. 

Our blended methodology includes a unique approach to Lean Six Sigma design, a dedication to client education, and expert Integrated Systems Engineering. This allows us to architect better models for Strategy, People, Process, and Technology, so you can materialize significant cost savings, improve operational efficiency, and deliver better care. 

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Finding Optimization Opportunity in the Wake of Crisis

The global pandemic pushed the Health & Life Sciences past its limit, and brought up some of the most important breakthroughs and accomplishments in recent history for humanity. However, such a crisis does not come without monumental challenges. Shortage of supplies and equipment, increased patient loads, stresses and shortages of skilled personnel, capacity constraints, excessive wait times, and continued patient health concerns still persist. 

A quick adaptation to these challenges inevitably lead to suboptimal operations, leaving the industry with an immense opportunity to re-evaluate. 

Operations process improvement is vital to the Health & Life Sciences industry. At TPG, we continuously track emerging industry trends and their potential impact on our clients to remain prepared for change. Most recently, we are tracking: 

Today, the industry has learned firsthand how critical operational excellence is. For both day-to-day operations and in the event of another healthcare crises, leaving a margin of error in capacity planning is critical maintaining healthcare service levels.  Evolving the practice of operational excellence will increase your capacity to employ continuous improvement measures in the knowledge and application of treatments, and overall standard of care.