IT Strategy Development

As the latest innovations in technology continue to revolutionize the business world, many organizations struggle to adapt. Recent events have created an increase in remote working, and conducting business digitally, which also creates an increased threat of cyberattacks and the need to collect and analyze real-time data to manage a rapidly changing environment. These innovations are redefining the role technology has in your organization. Implementing technological and IT strategies into more mature business models can be difficult for many organizations, but that’s where we can help.

IT has become an essential part of every organization that is integrated across departments and across industries, yet, many businesses are lacking a comprehensive strategy that integrates IT systems, processes and strategy into the overall business strategy.

Leveraging the latest technology trends and identifying the ideal solutions that will fit with your business needs helps us bring you through your ideal state of technology and rise above the competition.

Investigate and Align

We start by reviewing what the mission, vision and goals of the business are to determine how IT will support this strategy and create value. We then determine what your IT competencies are and how best to improve them to align to the business goals

Current State Analysis

We work closely with you to determine what your IT capabilities are, if there is an effective IT strategy in place and how best to improve upon them

Identify Ideal Future State

We then work with you to determine your desired future state of IT, and where you want your IT strategy to be at the end of the project

Create IT Strategy Roadmap

Once the strategy has been developed and goals have been set, we create a roadmap and implement applicable projects to help you get there. We take things a step further with goal-setting and put systems into place to help organizations reach these goals through IT consulting.

The Poirier Group recognizes that IT strategy is not a one-off exercise, but something that needs to be integrated and aligned across the organization. With the rapid changes in technology it can seem impossible to predict what is happening next to get your organization prepared for it. 

Our team of experts in technology process improvement and IT applications will help ensure your business needs are met through a new or improved IT strategy. 

We then help build out or implement the required IT infrastructure, organizational processes and management best practices to support the success of your new strategy.

Additional Business Services That Will Help Inform & Sustain Your IT Strategy Development

After determining what your mission and vision and goals are for your business strategy, we will integrate and align your IT strategy with your overall business goals and execute on the strategy with tailored and targeted projects that support it.

After optimizing and streamlining your IT strategies, we will guide you through the change management process to align your IT and affected departments to the new strategy

As your business grows, existing processes may not be sufficient and monitoring them becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. The step-by-step document of an SOP will provide a standard and consistent set of instructions to carry out IT processes.