Warehouse Benchmarking & Diagnostics

As organizational supply chains face dramatic increases in cost competitiveness internally and, externally, global supply chain issues (lead time and availability) continue to worsen. Warehouse leaders (particularly within small to mid-size DC’s) are struggling to find transparency on how their site is actually performing. Where is the opportunity? How are we doing against our peers? We have a solution for that. TPG’s supply chain consulting practice has developed a lightning-fast, affordable diagnostic solution that uses exclusive, comprehensive and niche industry benchmarks to identify the gaps to world-class performance. 


We understand the key challenges logistics providers and warehouses face and work with you to create both efficiency and optimization in your supply chain processes

Our customizable benchmarking tool helps DCs mitigate common challenges within the 4 walls, and gives you access to tactical KPIs such as: 

  • Pick path
  • Lines per hour 
  • Overtime allocation
  • Supervisor to hourly worker ratio 
  • and more

This tool helps support you in finding new opportunities at your site that save you money and maintain a step up over your competitors. 

When timing is critical and scarce resources are working on multiple improvement projects, we must capture key opportunities to rise above the rest!

Get in touch with our industry experts to see how you can optimize your supply chain management for success.


The Poirier Group is a team of operational experts who specialize in performance improvement. Our services create more aligned and motivated teams, who we have helped to improve warehouse operations that now generate millions of dollars through process and flow design improvements.

Warehouses and Supply Chain networks attempting to benchmark their performance often rely on reports and case studies that are not relevant to their industry or are out of date. Over the course of our 16 years of experience in warehouse and supply chain network assessments, we’ve gathered very detailed and difficult-to-obtain tactical metrics and over 120 KPIs you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

We use these benchmarks to identify potential opportunities for you, and build a solid business case on how much you could save by implementing relevant solutions.

Our diagnostic is completed in 3 weeks (on average), as opposed to the norm of 6-12 weeks or longer studies, and we do this at a fraction of the cost. [See FAQs to learn more about how we’re able to do this]. This means we’re able to move to implementation faster, and rack up ‘quick wins’ that will set you up for long-term success.

Note that this diagnostic service can include a warehouse slotting/profiling analysis to rapidly examine pick paths for order selection, putaway and make layout recommendations. Most efforts of a similar magnitude can take months. 

Our report is not just based on a set of numbers. TPG talks to your people, listens to your business needs and applies anecdotal and evidence based analysis to the report in addition to benchmarking KPIs.

Our diagnostic naturally provides compelling business cases for future improvement opportunities, but our team ensures that you know how to actually get these savings— which projects to consider and prioritize, and a high-level roadmap to actually get there. 

Supply Chain Management Warehouse Diagnostics Consulting at The Poirier Group



Sign up with us for a free consultation and demo with one of our subject matter experts, who will guide you through the end-to-end process. If you’d like a diagnostic of your warehouses, see next steps.


Our experts may travel to your warehouse to analyze key areas in your warehouse OR we can conduct this virtually. Our simulation benchmarks your organization against highly-specific, tactical KPIs for your industry segment.


We provide a report of your warehouse findings, and provide recommendations for what areas to improve, prioritized by size of opportunity and the size of value-add. 


We then help you understand how to get these savings and a high-level roadmap to get there. Then, we begin to implement those high ROI initiatives to get you one step closer to world class for your industry.


Customized Report

Identify how you perform against top organizations in your specific industry segment (both warehouse and, people- centric KPIs). 

Profiling Analysis

You may choose to have our team conduct a rapid warehouse slotting/profiling analysis to quickly examine pick path and layout changes for more optimal order selection and putaway.

Tactical Recommendations

These are not canned, off-the-shelf, high-level supply chain KPIs that you can find with a Google Search. They are specific to your operation and needs.

Next Steps

We help you understand this report and provide insights into next steps. Should you wish further support, TPG can implement solutions that yield the most return.

Supply Chain Management Warehouse Diagnostics Consulting at The Poirier Group


Our benchmarking tool gives us the ability to reduce  an eight+ week detailed analysis on a warehouse to ~three weeks. Within that time frame, we’re able to inbound the data and metrics you have (and some you may not), and use our tool to measure them against over 120 industry-specific curated benchmarks. At the end of our engagement, we provide a report that identifies opportunities for improvement as well as a timeline and implementation roadmap with estimates for ROI.

TPG has built a custom tool that allows for a detailed report (40-50 pages) to be automatically created based on the input of existing KPI’s we receive from your warehouse. Your KPI’s are compared against our data set, then, based on the features of your DC, it can automatically detect potential opportunities and calculate business case ranges based on what similar organizations are able to achieve.

We’ll need to factor in the availability of your data, quality of data, location and number of sites, in order to quickly give you an estimate.  Please contact us to provide a quote and for more information about payment. 

On average, dependent on the size of your operation, our benchmarking report can usually lay out a multi-million dollar business case for improvements. While each client has unique circumstances, we typically find 10-12% improvement in throughput, 5-7% in cost per case and a variety of other direct and indirect savings.

Depending on the scope, size and data structure, you can expect 1-4 internal resources along with an average of 2 TPG consultants.

This is a proprietary tool that requires specialized expertise from our trained consultants to run and understand. As such, it is not an online software that users can run on their computer. Our team will either travel to your warehouse or conduct an analysis virtually to assess key areas in your warehouse and input them into the tool to generate a report.


1.2M Realized Direct Annual Savings Through Operational Improvement

2.7M EBITDA Created Through Warehouse Optimization

2M Annualized Savings Found in Perishable Distribution Centre

Warehouse Optimization for Canadian Cold-Chain Company


Our consulting practice is focused on strategy execution, with specialties in process improvement, cost optimization and operational efficiency. We differentiate by being operational experts, meaning we don’t just figure out what to do, but guide you through how to do it for long term sustainability.

Download free resources from our supply chain SMEs to learn more about common inefficiencies in warehouses, ‘quick wins’ you can implement and long-term strategies for sustainable growth.