Benchmarking Warehouse Performance

Warehouse leaders, especially those overseeing small to mid-size distribution centers grapple with a host of daily challenges, leaving them little bandwidth to explore and evaluate their warehouse performance metrics comparative to industry peers. Our supply chain consulting experts will offer you invaluable insights identified from our warehouse benchmarking performance diagnostic service. 


We understand the key challenges and questions that come from warehouse performance issues and we will collaborate closely with you to address them. 

Have you ever wondered how your warehouse performance measures up against comparable operations in areas such as: 

  • Units picked/packed per hour 
  • Cases received per hour 
  • Supervisor to worker ratios 
  • Overtime usage %
  • And more 

Empowered by our warehouse benchmarking and diagnostic tool, our supply chain experts not only provide the answers but also identify cost-saving opportunities within your facility, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge over your industry counterparts. Check out our benchmarking diagnostic tool.


Free Consultation & Demo

Sign up with us for a free consultation and demo. We will guide you through the end-to-end process and help you determine if our warehouse performance benchmarking and diagnostic service is the right solution for you.  


Our supply chain experts will work with you to collect warehouse data and may visit your site to assess key areas of your warehouse. Our simulation will benchmark your organization against highly specific, tactical KPIs for your industry segment. 


We provide a report of your warehouse findings, and recommendations for what areas to improve, prioritized by size of opportunity and the value add. 


We will help you understand how to achieve these savings through a high-level roadmap. We can also work with you to determine the level of support needed to implement those high ROI initiatives getting you one step closer to world class warehouse performance for your industry.


The Poirier Group is comprised of a team of operational experts who have warehouse experience across many industriesThey specialize in performance improvement and solving problems that lead to better warehouse functioning and improved productivity. Our approach involves solving problems with your key stakeholders and this method creates more aligned and motivated teams who are engaged and involved in improving your warehouse operations together through process and flow design improvements. 

Warehouses and Supply Chain networks attempting to benchmark their performance often rely on reports and case studies that are not relevant to their industry or are out of date. Over the course of our 18 years of experience in warehouse and supply chain network assessments, we’ve gathered very detailed and difficult-to-obtain tactical metrics and over 120 KPIs you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. 

 We use these warehouse benchmarks to identify potential opportunities and build a solid business case on the ROI you can achieve by implementing relevant solutions. 

Our warehouse performance diagnostic is completed in 3 weeks (on average), as opposed to the norm of 6-12 weeks or longer studies, and we do this at a fraction of the cost. [See FAQs to learn more about how we’re able to do this]. This means we’re able to move to implementation faster, and achieve ‘quick wins’ that will set you up for long-term success. 

This diagnostic service can include a warehouse slotting/profiling analysis to rapidly examine your order fulfillment and put away pick paths, enabling layout adjustment recommendations. Most efforts of a similar magnitude can take months. 

Our report is not just based on a set of numbers. We work with your people, listen to your business needs and apply anecdotal and evidence-based analysis, which is included in our report on benchmarking KPIs. 

Our warehouse performance diagnostic naturally provides compelling business cases for future improvement opportunities, but our team ensures that you know how to achieve these savings which projects to consider and prioritize, and a high-level roadmap to actually get there. 



Customized Report 

Identifies how you perform against top organizations in your specific industry segment across (both warehouse and people- centric KPIs) 

Tactical Recommendations 

These are not canned, off-the-shelf, high-level supply chain KPIs that you can find with a Google Search. They are specific to your operation and needs. 

Next Steps 

We help you understand the benchmarking and diagnostic report and provide insights into the next steps for the recommendations we provide.  

Should you wish further support, The Poirier Group can implement those solutions that will yield the most return to expedite your performance improvements. 


Our benchmarking tool gives us the ability to reduce  an eight+ week detailed analysis on a warehouse to ~three weeks. Within that time frame, we’re able to inbound the data and metrics you have (and some you may not), and use our tool to measure them against over 120 industry-specific curated benchmarks. At the end of our engagement, we provide a report that identifies opportunities for improvement as well as a timeline and implementation roadmap with estimates for ROI.

The Poirier Group has built a custom tool that allows for a detailed report (40-50 pages) to be automatically created based on the input of existing KPI’s we receive from your warehouse. Your KPI’s are compared against our data set, then, based on the features of your DC, it can automatically detect potential opportunities and calculate business case ranges based on what similar organizations are able to achieve.

We’ll need to factor in the availability of your data, quality of data, location and number of sites, in order to quickly give you an estimate.  Please contact us to provide a quote and for more information about payment. 

On average, dependent on the size of your operation, our benchmarking report can usually lay out a multi-million dollar business case for improvements. While each client has unique circumstances, we typically find 10-12% improvement in throughput, 5-7% in cost per case and a variety of other direct and indirect savings.

Depending on the scope, size and data structure, you can expect 1-4 internal resources along with an average of 2 The Poirier Group consultants.

This is a proprietary tool that requires specialized expertise from our trained consultants to run and understand. As such, it is not an online software that users can run on their computer. Our team will either travel to your warehouse or conduct an analysis virtually to assess key areas in your warehouse and input them into the tool to generate a report.

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