Catapult to the Speed of Modern Data

Whether you are an IT service provider or a CIO accountable for optimizing your company’s technology infrastructure, today’s environment demands the same blueprint for success. Operators must continuously advance their understanding of the latest infrastructure technologies, maintain operations at the speed of modern data, and enable their people to work free of bottlenecks. Moving towards real-time enablement will become the basis for a competitive advantage. 


Today’s road to success in IT & Business Services begins with accurately identifying your biggest obstacles and bottlenecks

Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what industry leaders are saying:

Capacity & Expectations

“Our stakeholders have expectations that we’re struggling to meet. We’re behind in keeping up with the volume of requests, which forces us to be very reactionary, versus strategic – as that is all we can do with our current time and resources. How do we break the cycle and get ahead?” 

Integrated Systems

“Our legacy systems are falling behind, we have talent issues, and competency gaps. We have struggled to identify the primary causes or bottlenecks preventing forward progress – or rather – which causes are a priority so we can address them and advance forward.” 

Technology Choices

“System integration is our biggest challenge. The components in our IT system are evolving rapidly, and it’s a challenge to keep up. How do we balance investing in system migration with the pace of innovation? We can’t keep installing system overhauls when they have a shorter and shorter lifespan.” 

Organizational Alignment

“We don’t have consistently great alignment between the business units we serve and our function. It feels like we’re in a silo, requests come in, we work on them, something goes out and we hope it helps and works. How do we stimulate more communication and coordination between our partners?” 

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Our IT project management services utilizes a blended approach to help you architect Integrated System Solutions to maximize the value of your technology investments

At The Poirier Group, we are technology agnostic, putting the highest good of your organizational goals ahead of convenient or preferred IT solutions. We put a relentless focus on building you a foundation for sustainable optimization and value generation advancing your IT, Technology, and Business Service functions as we solve key challenges together. 

We apply Integrated Systems Engineering to ensure that Strategy, People, Process and Technology are appropriately integrated to optimize value in your organization. Whether your goal is advancing existing systems or creating cost-effective migration overhauls, gain the latest insights and applications to further your strategic objectives. Our blended methodology includes a unique approach to Lean Six Sigma design, a dedication to client education, and expert Integrated Systems Engineering. This allows us to build better models aligning your Strategy, People, Processes, and Technology, so you can materialize significant improvements in your data & technology. 

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Value comes from employing the right solutions
Together, we’ll materialize the impact of yours

Tackling Old and Emerging Backend Challenges

IT & Shared Service applications face continued challenges, such as setting up IT stacks which result in positive ROI or ensuring the technologies selected are appropriately aligned with the true business needs – in addition to new difficulties & bottlenecks emerging from a shift towards hybrid work. 

The rate at which technology has advanced relative to our ability to derive value, is one of the root causes of modern challenges. At The Poirier Group, our IT consulting services employs strategic planning as we continue to follow evolving trends with our clients to stay at the forefront of impacting factors to your industry, and we identify the most optimal solutions to allow you to navigate in today’s environment. 

Integrated Systems Engineers understand how to design & develop organizational systems around your technology to tap into the full potential of the right applications for your business. Consistently, we have seen that an appropriate blending of these components is the secret to success. 

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