Operational Value Creation

How TPG Helps Create Operational Value


Successfully Transition Management

Aligning a company with its new management is imperative to sustainable success. TPG has years of experience bridging the gap between new and old management and has executed countless transition plans.


Increase Value

Increase capacity and remove waste with a custom strategic blueprint for your acquired companies.

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Reduce Capital Expenditure

Deliver rapid returns and provide your shareholders with the value they need by taking our strategic approach to process improvements and cost savings that will increase the value of your investments.


Deliver Rapid Returns

Free up the cash, reduce on-hand inventory, tighten up AR/AP processes, and more when your business implements TPG’s process improvements.

We ensure that transitional periods are as smooth as possible for you. Portfolio value creation has moved beyond financial performance to operational performance and strategic direction.  The Poirier Group’s private equity consulting services support you in developing the strategic blueprints for acquired companies to identify areas of revenue enhancement & cost reduction initiatives. 

We work to help increase value in your assets by increasing capacity and removing waste. We then implement process improvement initiatives to shorten cycle times, tighten up AR/AP processes, reduce on-hand inventory, and create solutions necessary to reduce capital expenditure and free up cash.

We are operational, first, and foremost, taking a strategic approach to process improvement and cost-saving to increase the value of your investments. We act as a support system to make informed decisions are strategic direction, human capital and operational improvements in the post-acquisition environment with the aim of preserving shareholder value and delivering rapid returns – two key aspects of portfolio value creation. 

Why is Portfolio Value Creation Important?

Our Approach to Portfolio Value Creation

Let us get to know your business, your people & your processes

Through an open and collaborative process with management and employees, we will be your support system through determining your strategic objectives, conducting an in-depth data gathering and analysis and implementing the realizable benefits while juggling competing priorities. The Poirier Group’s operational value creation requires a hands-on and in-depth approach that hits your business’ identified targets. TPG will help your portfolio realize its value. 

Strategic Planning

The early-stage post-acquisition is critical to set strategic objectives for the company which acts as a guideline for extracting the value from the organization and navigating through roadblocks. You may have developed a theoretical day 1 readiness plan and 100-day plan pre-acquisition closure, but now it is time to put the plan into action, which starts with a reminder of the overarching objectives and timeline.  

When it comes to executing the integration plan there is no one size fits all as every company has a unique history and culture. Management approaches can vary from a strong push to implement changes upfront to get through the shock effect at the beginning, then move into stabilization mode with a solid foundation; whereas other firms require a gradual ease into the transition which target the “low hanging fruit” first.

Once an approach is determined, a strong communication plan to all employees is key to ensure alignment between the firms and set the tone for the months to come.  

Process Improvement

We take the time to understand how the organization works from a day-to-day manner to provide you with visibility into your investment to understand the gap between where the firm is operationally today and the optimal future state.

Employee engagement is key to transforming processes. They are the best source of information to understand critical tasks. Instead of making tweaks to existing processes, we focus on creating a new more effective process aimed at reducing waste, improving efficiency and eliminating variability. By taking a hands-on approach, it better equips us to identify risks and preempt problems that could arise at a later stage. By understanding how your company functions, we can highlight what upfront systems and people investments are required to realize true portfolio value creation.

Human Capital

It all starts with people – aligning employees with a new management team and a new strategic vision can be challenging. Too often, management underestimates the impact employees have on the success of an acquisition. To operate at full potential, people must feel connected with your vision and be committed to achieving goals that align with your strategic objectives.

Our goal is to build a foundation of trust. Through an open and collaborative process, we support management in developing a solid communication strategy with employees, and we support employees by taking the time to understand their concerns and act as positive champions for change.