Portfolio Value Creation

Employing our expertise and years of experience to find alpha for your organization.

During the ownership phase, we develop the strategic blueprints for acquired companies and support revenue enhancement & cost reduction initiatives. We are operational, first, and foremost, taking a strategic approach to process improvement and cost saving to increase the value of your investments. We act as a support system for companies that are restructuring and those in turnarounds with the aim of preserving shareholder value and delivering rapid returns.

Value in a portfolio companies has moved beyond financial performance to operational performance and strategic direction. We will go into the companies under your portfolio to conduct analysis on operations within the company and identify areas to implement process improvements. Then we work with key personnel and stakeholders to ensure the leadership is aligned and committed to the strategic direction of the company.

The Poirier Group can support your PE company through all stages of the M&A Process including Deal Generation, Due Diligence, Portfolio Value Creation and Exit planning.