IT Assessment & Improvements

The first step towards your company’s digital transformation is an IT assessment tailored to unlock the full potential of your business in this digital age. Discover how our cutting-edge IT business consulting strategies and solutions can revolutionize your operations, enhance productivity, and drive unparalleled growth.  


The challenges confronting IT teams today are highly influenced by new technologies, remote work, the threat of cybersecurity, the need for legacy system modernization, and the ongoing concern for data privacy. These are but a few of the catalogue of risks and considerations which continue to evolve.  

Additionally, there is constant pressure to provide cost-effective solutions while ensuring that the technological infrastructure aligns and continues to meet the business’s strategic goals. This challenging environment requires agility, expertise, and forward-thinking IT professionals. Your IT team has the formidable task of balancing an array of pressing priorities required to support your organization such as: 

  • IT Strategy Development 
  • New Technology Adoption 
  • System Upgrade Coordination 
  • Security & Risk Mitigation 
  • Asset Management 
  • Budget & Cost Management 
  • Change Management 
  • Employee Training & Support 

The responsibilities of this multifaceted and essential role often border on the impossible, underscoring the need for specialized IT consulting support and strategic guidance.  


It’s imperative for your IT teams to have a comprehensive understanding of the IT landscape and steadfastly commit to continuous improvement. Organizations that empower their IT teams to shape technology’s future within their operational spheres strategically are best equipped to compete in today’s digital age. Are there key areas where external consulting or implementation support can best yield significant benefits for your IT infrastructure and strategy? Key considerations:

  • Organizational Alignment: Is your leadership unified on critical IT priorities and the roadmap to success? 
  • Project Management Capacity: Does your IT team possess the necessary bandwidth to successfully usher essential projects to completion? 
  • Maximizing IT Investments: Are you certain that your IT investments are reaching their full potential? 
  • Systems Inefficiencies: Are you aware of inefficiencies arising from the intricate interplay of your systems? 
  • SWOT Understanding: Do you possess a comprehensive understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with your IT infrastructure? 


Our IT consulting services offer tailored solutions drawing from operational experience and an empathetic understanding of your team’s pain points and challenges. We ensure that our technology strategies are both theoretically sound and will deeply resonate with the practical realities of your operations.  

A collaborative partnership lies at the core of our methodology. We work side by side with your team to co-create solutions that align to your organizational goals. Our commitment to earning your trust is paramount—which we build through transparent communication and fostering an environment where your team feels heard and supported throughout their transformative journey.  

We examine how people and processes contribute to your overall IT environment, ensuring a holistic understanding that leads to sustainable and impactful improvements. With our IT consulting services team by your side, you gain the right expertise and a collaborative ally invested in the success of your IT initiatives. 

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Angelo Farneti, DirectorAcklands Grainger
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“While I have rarely been a proponent of consultants, The Poirier Group and their supportive approach have positively changed my view to the immense value that the right consulting organization can bring.”
Joe Rollins, Store OperationsBig Lots
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“Your excellent communication and overall leadership was appreciated. I felt like our two groups were true partners on this project and achieved success together. Thanks again for you and your team.”
Doris Citric, DirectorHolt Renfrew
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“Overall, I would give The Poirier Group an A+ in solution generation, service delivery and providing with a highly talented team to work with. Great work”
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"Just want to acknowledge the excellent presentation yesterday. It was thorough, comprehensive and well received not only by the Steering Committee but even more importantly by owners. The presentation inspired their confidence in The Poirier Group and in the direction we are moving in this comprehensive process. Great job."
Randy Berry, SVP Operations ExcellenceGovPlanet
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“Looking back on our time with The Poirier Group, we would not have been able to achieve our inventory management and overall business objectives without their services. If you are considering an engagement with The Poirier Group, I highly recommend them.”