Strategy Development & Execution

Strategic Planning & Performance Management

Working with you to formulate strategies, allocate resources and develop a competitive advantage

Strategic planning and performance management enable organizations to analyze internal and external factors that affect their business to formulate strategies, allocate resources and develop a competitive advantage.

Creating a culture of high performance and growth means that companies cannot just tread water to stay afloat. They must create and implement strategic goals to stretch and accelerate their strategic vision beyond what they thought was possible. To overcome the competition, it is important to stay one step ahead.  

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

The Poirier Group (TPG) has spearheaded leading strategy visioning, priority identification and transformational change initiatives for governments, NGOs, major universities, healthcare organizations and many multi-national corporations. Our differentiator is in our approach and within our methodologies that have a single-minded focus on achieving the end game through several causal stages—executing workshops, training, bootcamps, etc. 

TPG can not only lead in strategy development inclusive of aspirational objectives but our core competency is bringing those objectives into a sustainable reality. TPG’s ability to deliver on client expectations, has given the company a 100% referral rate from our clients since our inception 14 years ago.

We help create new capabilities in people, process and technology; while most importantly measuring, analyzing and evaluating results for sustainability and course correct where necessary.  This entire approach is built from an open, honest and direct dialogue and through complete collaboration with the customer. The roadmap is well crafted with the focus on optimizing the value exchange with all the key stakeholders in an organization. Our cross-functional team brings expertise from C-Suite, Strategy, Finance, Systems & Data management, and Reporting that spans industries, geographies, and within both the private and public sector. 

We use a tailored approach to help develop your strategy depending on what your needs are and your current strategic situation. We work with you to get to know the people within your business and current business structures as well as your goals for where you want to business to be over the short, medium and long term. Then, we work with you to define your business strategy and strategic direction to achieve your short and long-term goals.

We have unique expertise to bring your company to an improved strategic direction using a 3-step approach: 

  1. Develop Strategic plan
  2. Build the tools to Execute Strategy
  3. Assist in operationalizing the day-to-day management of the strategy 

Performance Measurement improves the management and delivery of products and services. It is focused on achieving a balanced framework that addresses poor management, learning and change; long-term goals over short-term goals; and asset creation and growth. The Poirier Group’s strategic planning team utilizes a number of tools to help your organization determine what the business must to as it moves into the future.

We implement a number of performance management tools to aid and accelerate your company’s strategy direction and create a standard to track and measure progress. 

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • OKRs
  • Goal Setting
  • KPIs
  • Responsibility/ Accountability Matrix
  • Master Calendar
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