Physiotherapy Clinics Define Millions in Cost Savings and Strategic Roadmap to Optimize Operations for Growth 

One of Canada’s most trusted physiotherapy clinics with over 230 physiotherapy and rehabilitation locations across Canada

Annualized Cost Savings
Head Office Relocation Savings


As the demand for Canadian health and rehabilitation services grew, processes within head office and across the organization’s clinics had become inconsistent and inefficient, resulting in increased operational costs. Our client needed to reduce overhead costs and improve operational functions to support growth objectives.


TPG was brought in for an accelerated 4-week assessment to produce a strategic plan that would optimize operations by identifying efficiencies and standardization opportunities across Head Office, the Call Centre and 230 Clinics. By mapping the organization’s current processes, we defined areas to improve cycle time, reduce costs, and resolve outstanding operational issues.

Our team identified 10 initiatives that could be executed over an accelerated 4-month roadmap. Listed below are 5 of the 10 initiatives that would drive operational excellence and create sustainability:

  • Roles and Responsibilities – Role clarity, standardization and accountability to minimize time constraints, duplication of effort and gaps in hand-offs between departments impacting services; necessary training and support functions to realize growth objectives
  • Payroll/Billing Process Optimization​ – Implementation of a CRM to reduce manual rework and intake errors; standardization of direct billing, payment timelines and alignment to the new approval process
  • Inventory Management – Implementation of an inventory management system (IMS) to resolve tracking issues, excessive fee codes, and redundant entries
  • Systems Analysis – Automation of repetitive manual tasks through system integration solutions
  • Head Office Relocation – Analysis of current head office expenses against alternatives to realize significant cost savings through relocation

Value Created

As a result of this cross-functional assessment, our client gained a strategic roadmap sequenced to achieve the growth objectives and reap the financial benefits defined in the business case.

  • $1.2M in annual recurring cost savings
  • $2.6M in savings from our proposed Head Office Relocation

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