Retail Giant Creates a Transformation Office and Develops Aggressive 3-year Transformation Plan

A North American retailer of general merchandise, home appliances, and clothing

in Total Direct Benefits
Reduction in Marketing Expenses


The Canadian entity found itself in a spiral of declining sales for 5 consecutive years.  A new CEO was hired to turn this around engaging The Poirier Group to establish a Transformation Office.  This transformation faced enormous challenges beyond the competitive marketplace, and many were associated with legacy ‘systems, antiquated processes and internal capabilities. 


TPG introduced a Strategic Transformation Planning Process that leveraged the Enterprise Strategic Plan built by the CEO and the Board. The Strategic Plan was translated into functional and cross-functional strategies and actions were aimed at driving adjustments to optimize performance. These included: 

  •  Launching and progressing the dials on a TPG-designed Enterprise Balance Scorecard to executive a faster launch of the Strategic Plans execution 
  • Implemented a high-level Migration Plan that integrated Functional Planning with Transformation Planning and Operational/Financial Plans per the image below
  • Huddles established for tiered functional and cross functional Progress and Performance alignment, communication and coordination, accountability, and discipline   
  • Deployed TPG Associates and Business Process Improvement Specialists into the Merchandising, Marketing, Pricing, BPI, Strategy, IT, HR, Supply Chain, and Store Operations teams as integral members to drive and support execution 

Value Created

As a result of this transformation, this organization realized immediate and long-term financial and strategic benefits: 

  • Rigor established through a Transformation and Program Management Office and a BPI team 
  • Restructure of the Retail Support Centre 
  • A 5-year strategic roadmap to reengineer IT Enablement  
  • Retail Process Re-engineering of 500 associates – repositioned, managed, trained, and measured 
  • Implementation of an Integrated Corporate Master Calendar to enable Business Operations, transformation planning and execution monitoring
  • Re-engineered Business Reporting, Enterprise Scorecards and Dashboards to support timely decisions/actions
  • Delivered on the Customer Promise and Expectations Mandate addressing major paradigm shifts with marketing and in-store adjustments 
  • Increased capability to measure meaningful priorities directing focus on the right levers
  • Created culture shift from reactive to proactive building alignment and momentum for change 

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