Shift from Optimization to Optionality

Success in Supply Chain Management will have different requirements over the next decade as the focus shifts from static optimization to dynamic optionality. In a world where markets are prone to change quickly – driven by technological improvements, and impactful world events – having the ability to quickly adapt to various scenarios will be the new basis for a competitive advantage. While the shift in thinking is clear, the roadmap forward can be difficult to predict. 


Today’s road to success in Supply Chain Management begins by accurately identifying your biggest obstacles and opportunities

Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what industry leaders are saying:


“How do I dynamically level my buffers across the entire end-to-end value stream for order fulfillment? Can I control and monitor the process from Vendor to Customer?” 


“We’ve been hearing more about the concepts of ‘Digital Control Tower’ and ‘Physical Internet’ in terms of managing the flow of units in a supply chain. Are these proven to have a positive impact, and how feasible is their implementation?” 

Channel Mix

“How do we better plan for our new blend of e-commerce and traditional sales channels? How do we manage efficient fulfillment for demand given the logistical differences between channels?” 

Vendor Management

“How do we ensure we have the right vendors in place? And, once determined, how do we optimize our vendors’ performance without having direct control over their operations?” 

Staffing & Labor

“How do I manage a workforce that is getting more expensive, more diverse, and more complex in its requirements and expectations for the workplace?” 

Measurement & Analytics

“Our WMS and LMS are not optimized, and we are struggling to sustain effective integration of our people, process, and technology. How can we apply Value Stream Analytics to help us address our balancing issues?”  

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Our supply chain consultants apply a blended methodology to build tangible improvements within your existing Supply Chain operations

Today’s leaders are challenged with designing their systems for complex, multivariate factors including vast supplier networks, variable lead times, mixed transportation methods, and much more. We put a relentless focus on building you a foundation for sustainable and resilient Supply Chain operations and we solve key challenges together through pragmatic solutions.

More than ever, it is essential that our blended methodology includes decades of proven Lean Six Sigma experience, dedication to client education and expert Integrated Systems Engineering. This allows us to architect better models for Strategy, People, Process, and Technology, so you can extract superior profitability and competitiveness from your Supply Chain activities. Today’s Supply Chain practice must simplify complex challenges in order to arrive at actionable answers. Our Supply Chain Management experts will help you find the right solutions that lead to impactful change. 

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The Fight to Maintain Profits Through Deteriorating Conditions

Supply chain leaders may be facing the start of one of the most difficult operating environments of the 21st century. 

On the surface, Supply Chain Management is a simple equation to ensure that units are in the right place at the right time. In reality, however, today’s operating environment is far from simple. In response, VUCA principles have been introduced – Volatility (dynamics & variation), Uncertainty (risk), Complexity (multivariate & unpredictability), and Ambiguity (unknowns) – and have fundamentally shifted the practice’s design thinking. 

As a result of these factors, supply chains are currently in a vulnerable and evolving state. This has placed operational leaders in a difficult position – where the market expectations to deliver value remain high, despite anticipation of the next significant operating headwind. 

Our supply chain consulting team continuously tracks emerging industry trends and their potential impact on our clients to remain prepared for change. Most recently, we are tracking: 

We are now in an environment that demands a total reimagining of how we design operations from labor to logistics & processes, to technology in order to reduce organizational costs, maintain profitability, customer satisfaction and competitiveness for a prosperous future.  

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