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With our stacked team of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, The Poirier Group (TPG) rapidly identifies areas for process improvement and quick wins in your supply chain processes to save you time and money, as soon as possible. End-to-end supply chain configuration is not straightforward – it is compounded by multiple suppliers and vendors, manufacturing lead times, multiple transportation methods, maintaining inventory levels and fulfilling orders. Supply chain management and wholesale practices continue to present companies with complex challenges. TPG is a Toronto supply chain management consulting firm with years of experience managing supply chains.

TPG is a leading supply chain management consulting firm based in Toronto, and we have worked with companies of varying sizes to evaluate, improve, and design optimal supply chain logistic solutions, allowing them to address cost and service issues to improve profitability and market competitiveness.

Further, our logistics and supply chain consultants clearly understand the impact of COVID-19 on your business and can quickly provide the support you require to increase the slope of your recovery to the ‘new normal.’ COVID-19 has ensured that some traditional operational strategies for managing supply chain operations are no longer as effective as they once were, but TPG’s forward-thinking team has ensured our clients’ supply chains have continued to run smoothly despite the global pandemic. As one of the top supply chain consulting firms in Canada, you can rest assured knowing we will provide just the right support and optimization for your business needs.

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Why TPG? We’re One of the Top Supply Chain Consulting Firms in Canada

Our team of supply chain management specialists are incredibly well versed in the supply chain industry and all are Lean Six Sigma certified. We have worked in supply chain networks at all different stages, and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of the complex processes and procedures involved in these extensive systems. Our team can assist with process improvements to key performance indicators (KPIs), overall cost improvements, productivity improvements, and health & safety process implementation

The Poirier Group also excels in crafting operational strategies for managing supply chain disruptions, an approach that has significantly grown in importance due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain management across Canada and the globe is more perilous now than ever before, and our all-star team of supply chain consultants is the right choice to steer your company through these troubled times. You can trust us to set your company up with the distribution strategy that works for you and to accurately assess your supply chain risk management. 

We excel in reducing inventory wait times, excess inventory, FIFO failures, while also ensuring regulatory safety compliance. As an inventory control consulting company, we understand our clients need to move their products quickly through their facilities and this aids in our ability to drive effective change to meet their customer demands.

The Poirier Group’s innovative supply chain consultants have successfully optimized supply chain management across a variety of industries, including retail food chains, HVAC systems, grocery wholesale supply chains, and much more. Our diverse set of skills has allowed us to become one of the best supply chain consulting firms based in Toronto, and our expertise has helped companies across the world alleviate their supply chain disruptions and ensure smooth operations going forward.

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