Values & Operating Principles Workshop

A compelling working environment is created with the help of the individual

TPG utilizes a proven methodology to align organizations, delivering sustainable performance improvement and leadership development. We understand the human dynamic and how it affects every aspect of how your business functions – positively and negatively. Sustainable project success depends critically on shifting intention in the organization, starting in the C-Suite with management values of trust and accountability. Many organizations must therefore change the way they speak to and lead the organization. 

This often includes: 

  • Holding a strategic planning and culture workshop to help create and embed the company’s mission, vision, values and ground rules
  • Adopting and integrating a practice of active feedback and accountability — both top-down and bottom-up
  • Preparing training material for and delivering workshops for strategic planning. These are used to change how objectives are set, results managed and accountabilities implemented
  • Creating change management roadmaps and Identifying change sponsors for all key organizational projects.

After these workshops, in conjunction with the implementation of supporting project, management and employees at all levels often feel and demonstrate a greater commitment to teamwork, accountability and the achievement of results.

We have the coaching, support and tools needed to create or return your organization to a high-performance culture. Additionally, we offer executive coaching, conflict resolution/alignment, and leadership development.