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Why Choose The Poirier Group?

A Consulting Experience Unlike the Rest

The Poirier Group (TPG) is a Toronto-based boutique management consulting firm focused on strategy execution, with specialties in process improvement, cost optimization and operational performance improvement. 

We partner with clients across diverse industries who are motivated to transform their business, with an ambition to become the best version of themselves. Then, we work collaboratively with their team while involving your people, building momentum and the necessary adoption for change.

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How We Engage

Common Business Scenarios

Discover Opportunities

We rapidly identify the best opportunities for your organization, increasing company value and driving performance improvement.

Initiative-Specific Improvement

We implement new and accelerate existing initiatives, working directly with your people to deliver better results faster.

Strategy Implementation

We offer a rigorous approach to resolving both short-term issues and re-establishing long-term strategic actualization.

Transitional Management

We provide skilled, experienced professionals to work in leadership roles during transition periods. They quickly fill these roles and assist you when recruiting permanent stakeholders.

Organizational Development

We coach and train your team and stakeholders and build competencies to sustain and improve operations.

Goal-Driven Transformation

We turn your organization’s goals into accomplished strategies and actions, robust operating models, and effective business processes that drive growth.

How Can We Help?

Our Services
At TPG, we offer specific business consulting services that can be applied to any business practice or industry.
Don't Just Take Our Word For it
Client Testimonials
“When organizations put their trust in us, it’s an enormous responsibility. Our values drive every business engagement we have, guaranteeing you success and creating authentic, meaningful relationships along the way. For us, performance improvement is only the beginning.”
How can we help?

Broad Industry Experience

A Sampling of our Trusted Clients

Our Core Values

Ideals we work and live by

TPG is a values-based organization that brings balance to all engagements through human alignment – effectively creating dramatic change. While leadership sets the culture and values, each employee is trusted to uphold them and hold others accountable to them. We are proud of our track record of 15+ years exceeding client expectations!


Everything we do is for the highest good of our client; our greatest goal is to see you experience sustainable success.


We are truly committed to delivering value and providing exceptional results. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


We seek to be worthy of your trust, which we earn through open, honest, and direct communication. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We continually stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices, to benefit your organization and ours.

Our Team

Learn more about us

We’ve developed a powerful team of business management consultants who are also seasoned industry specialists that understand your business. They bring a wealth of real-world experience in executive and operational roles, diagnosing and resolving any business problem that they encounter. Additionally, the partnerships we curate supplement our existing expertise. We draw from some of the best minds in business today to meet your specific business needs.