E-Commerce and Fulfillment

The world of e-commerce and OMNI channel is continuing to advance at a dizzying speed where the interaction between consumer and retailer must evolve to meet continuously complex demands. Retailers have always been dedicated to achieving a seamless customer experience. In the past, this has taken the form of employee customer service training, improving category management or changing store planograms. However, in recent years, retailers have had to step it up to meet increasing consumer demands by implementing more sophisticated innovations such as in-store augmented reality, mobile apps, customer kiosks, and self-checkout.

In order to do this, retailers must understand the wants, needs and desires of the modern consumer as well as how they interact with retail brands across multiple channels. 

E-commerce and OMNI Channel are fairly new and prevalent segments within supply chain management. This approach to reach consumers and grow markets has escalated significantly in recent years, but companies are struggling to keep up. Our team brings extensive knowledge in this field and utilizes the latest technologies to bring your business up to date and increase customer reach, whether through online, mobile, telephone, or traditional methods.

We will conduct cross-functional assessments of your e-commerce and omni-channel operations and create a custom plan that ensures a profitable outcome that meets customer service expectations.

Trends in E-commerce, OMNI Channel and Fulfillment:

  • Increase in willingness and participation of ordering groceries online (Largely driven by Millennials and Gen Z)
  • Growing willingness to use digital retailing options in the future
  • E-Commerce is well-suited for stock-up and specialty needs retailing because it can offer deeper product selections than brick-and-mortar
  • Increased demand for same day or next day delivery and free shipping
  • In-store digital engagement includes mobile coupons and mobiles shopping lists
  • Smaller brick-and-mortar stores are gaining popularity, with majority of inventory available online
  • Shopping online allows for immediate personal recommendations based on shopping choices and increased visibility into company inventory

OMNI Channel

The distinction between online and brick-and-mortar selling is finally dead. There is only one channel now, whichever the customer prefers. Customers today are making it clear they want to be the focus. They expect to buy anywhere, get a delivery anywhere, and — if they don’t like it — they want to return it anywhere. 

Consumers are no longer shopping entirely online or offline; rather, they’re taking a blended approach, using whatever channel best suits their needs. The most successful retailers and manufacturers will be at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds. OMNI Channel retail strategy provides customers with an integrated shopping experience from brick-and-mortar to online shopping and anything in between

This trend can alter the way retailers manage inventory, supply chain and vendors, and can impact their market and business strategy. Some common OMNI Channel services include:

  • BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up in store)
  • SFS (Ship from Store)
  • ISF (In-store-fulfillment)


Our retail and IT experts offer advice and custom solutions to optimize the steps in your order fulfillment processes. This creates efficiencies between your warehouse receiving an order, to the goods being prepared for shipping and placing the order in the customer’s hands. You need a way to promptly fulfil and ship your orders to your customers while keeping them updated with the status of their order. Optimizing this process ensures your customers are satisfied every time.

Common Fulfillment services:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Outsourcing Strategy
  • Third Party Logisitics
  • POS / Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Returns
  • Call Centre services