Personal Care Giant Develops Manufacturing/Fulfillment Partner & Process Producing 21% Stock Price Increase

A personal care and cosmetics juggernaut focused on hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, and perfume

In-Year increase in Stock Prices
Stock Price increase over 3 years


This organization realized a strong market opportunity for hair colour “kits. Given the market potential and lack of in-house competency, the client engaged TPG to support the e-commerce supply chain and fulfillment end for deployment to this market. 


This client required a premiere full-service manufacturer with decades of experience producing a wide range of cutting-edge health, beauty, and personal care products. TPG identified and engaged the client and the preferred manufacturer to create and support the supply chain and fulfillment arm for their new customer base. The following initiatives were implemented: 

  • Defined operational processes for all phases of the order cycle and applied this to fulfillment timelines; 
  • Engineered the fulfillment line performance (pick, pack, and ship) with the manufacturing partner using 3D modelling; 
  • Developed labour standards supported by time and motion studies; 
  • Enabled IT interface to operate seamlessly with production and order processing utilizing barcode scanning. 

Value Created

As a result of our engagement, our client contracted its preferred manufacturer and was ready to set up operations at scale. This organization realized immediate and long-term financial benefits: 

  • 21% in-year stock price increase 
  • 64% stock price increase over 3 subsequent years 

Optimize your Manufacturing & Fulfilment Processes to accelerate market growth