Purpose Beyond Profit

Putting our Values into Action
Purpose Beyond Profit is a not-for-profit initiative that TPG started in 2018 that works to leverage our unique business and operational skill sets to support our community in a sustainable way. Each year, TPG donates a portion of consultant hours to not-for-profit organizations that support marginalized and vulnerable groups. We provide these organizations in-kind service expertise that dramatically impacts their operations and ability to serve those who depend on them. This initiative speaks to the values of the TPG team because we are dedicated to supporting causes that are close to our hearts, giving back to the larger community, and using our skills to expand social initiatives. To learn more, email us at purposebeyondprofit@thepoiriergroup.com
Putting Values into Action:
If you are a charity and want to learn more about this program, please fill out the form below.
Previous In-Kind Client Work
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[Press Release] The Poirier Group Commits to Support Vulnerable Communities in Collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has today announced its members are working together on actions to support vulnerable communities, part of a coordinated, global response to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. The move, involving 45 CGF members from around the world, including some of the world’s biggest retailers and manufacturers, is a response to a CEO-led call to action for members to step up and act locally to help alleviate the health and economic burdens now being experienced by people globally.

The TPG team participating in the Home for Dinner Program at RMHC
Children with a care package donated to Sleeping Children Around the World
Holiday Goodwill Initiative

We are truly fortunate in many ways with careers, friendship, security and family because there are many others who do not have such. As a part of our Purpose Beyond Profit, this holiday season, each TPG employee was given some money to “Pay it forward” and help those who are less fortunate by supporting a cause or organization of their choice. Check out how each TPG member decided to use their money!

Care packages created by employees to distribute to the homeless around Downtown Toronto

Our Values in Action

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