Industry Leading Property Management Firm Saves $1.8M Annually by Restructuring Back Office Finance

One of North America’s leading property management companies provides essential services to a wide range of residential and commercial clients

Annual Cost Savings
Return on Investment


Our client had grown significantly through multiple acquisitions over the past 18 months, increasing the size of their team by 30% with a relatively linear cost structure. These acquisitions were not integrated effectively, with misalignment of people, process, and technology contributing to quality issues and damaging the organization’s reputation for new and existing customers. Our client sought to leverage scale and simplify the organization, while servicing internal and external stakeholders more efficiently and effectively. 


Centered on creating organizational clarity, best-in-class reporting, and simplified processes across the Client Accounting division, The Poirier Group implemented a roadmap with eight workstreams in collaboration with the client’s leadership team. Our team benchmarked best practices to determine gaps and developed a comprehensive set of solutions to create efficiencies, enhance output, and ultimately save costs. These included: 

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities – the accounting department was restructured with defined roles and accountabilities, leaders were supported to implement service level agreements for key dependencies and handoffs. 
  • Enhancing internal communication channels – Zendesk ticketing software was implemented (over 200 users) to streamline and measure inbound requests, enhancing accountability and performance. 
  • Managing staff capacity – We developed a tool to evaluate work volume and complexity in order to balance portfolios and recommend reallocations where necessary. 
  • Strengthening quality checks – an application with embedded quality control workflows was created to ultimately capture and eliminate reporting errors. 
  • Refining processes and elevating the employee experience – an employee portal was developed in SharePoint to simplify the onboarding process and centralize key knowledge and documentation. 
  • Improving customer satisfaction – monthly client reporting was enhanced by proactively providing answers to frequently asked questions.  

Value Created

Our client realized immediate financial benefits including: 

  • $1.8M in annual savings based on an increase in client retention and a decrease in labour costs to perform transactional services   
  • A defined organizational structure that will allow for centralized shared service functions 

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