Transportation & Logistics

Transportations and logistics play an important role in the supply chain by getting products from the manufacturer to the distribution centre, and from the distribution centre to the retailer. Optimizing the interrelated processes of your transportation is critical in meeting ever-evolving customer demands, maintaining production efficiency and improving processing costs. 

From improving pallet utilization to maximize space in the shipping container; to decreasing the weight and packaging of materials to decrease fuel costs; and problem-solving operating issues that hinder productivity, The Poirier Group is the selected choice for managing your transportation and logistics optimization

Our Approach

Over the years working in supply chain and transportation, we have developed, documented and instilled into our approach a set of timeless supply chain planning principles which guide our thinking as we co-design future state processes with our clients. These principles form the basis of an education-focused design approach in which employees not only internalize the principles, but also see them in action and how they can be applied in their organization. This is how we make your change sustainable.

We can help optimize your transportation and logistics on a number of fronts:

More than anything, we understand that new processes and capabilities can only be enabled by people. As such, over our industry and consulting projects, we’ve developed an approach that’s focused on helping change and instill new behaviours and ways of working. We will coach your employees from your back-office leadership to the shop floor and drivers on the road, training your team on the new processes and managing the change along the way.