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The pace of technological change is staggering and it continues to shape our businesses in profound ways. This begs the question – ‘Are you leveraging the latest advances in technology’? In an era where ‘data is king’ and customer expectations are ever-evolving, businesses that undergo IT transformation position themselves to operate more efficiently, innovate dynamically and respond with agility to market shifts. Discover the possibilities for a competitive advantage through our expert IT consulting services.


Discover opportunities to leverage technology as a catalyst for success

As the latest innovations in technology continue to revolutionize the business world, many organizations struggle to adapt. Add to that the past few years of unprecedented challenges from an increase in remote working and conducting business digitally, to the threat of cyberattacks and the need to collect and analyze real-time data in a rapidly changing environment. 

These innovations are redefining the role technology has in your organization. Implementing technological and IT strategies into more mature business models can be difficult for many organizations, but that’s where we can help. We offer a wide range of technology consulting services from IT strategy development to technology assessments, AI, RPA and ML, automation, application development and ERP implementation. Our IT consulting services align technology with people, processes and strategy in order to optimize the ROI and sustainability of any solution. We help to demystify AI and work to align your team on the digital transformation that is necessary. Through our collaborative approach, we ensure early adoption, transition and benefit realization of new technologies that will propel your business forward. 

We partner with you to structure your data in a single-source-of-truth environment, ensuring your team shares access to accurate and validated information. Backed by a unique mix of integrated engineering and systems implementation experience, our IT Consulting Professionals are well equipped to properly configure your digital execution architecture and transformation.

If you are faced with any of the following challenges, act now to ensure your business leverages technology to advance quickly and remain competitive for the future.

Are you still wondering how best to harness AI to optimize resources and be more effective, innovative and transformative?

Are the major tech risks to your business fully understood and mitigation plans in place to address natural disasters, geopolitical events, or supplier bankruptcies?

Are your legacy systems causing inefficiencies, integration issues, work arounds, lack of visibility and inaccurate reporting?

With so many new technologies out there, how can you be sure you are making the right choice to advance your business, integrate with existing systems and provide the visibility and reporting to meet your strategic objectives?

Are tech business decisions currently made in isolation of the end users and without a value proposition aligned to your strategy?

Do you struggle with the lag time between insights and cohesive action as a result of inefficient data processing?

Are you ensuring a seamless transition between your current and future technology systems?

Are there IT resource skill gaps within your organization that are holding you back from advancing and making the proper investments to scale?

Our information technology consulting and IT project management services bridge the gap between strategy, objectives and performance by developing IT solutions to transform your organization for increased operational efficiency and predictability. We excel at finding practical, cost-effective and rapid ways to leverage advanced technologies and AI in your small to medium size enterprise.


Data isn’t just numbers; it’s the story of your business. ‘Data Is King’, especially in times of uncertainty as it can be used to inspire commitment from key decision-makers who might otherwise argue against necessary investments in technology.

By harnessing the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence, we help uncover hidden insights, forecast trends and chart a digital roadmap that’s tailored to your success.

We start by reviewing what the mission, vision and goals of your business are to determine how IT will support this strategy and create value. We then determine what your IT competencies are and how best to improve them to align to the business goals.  We then work with you to determine your desired future state of IT, and where you want your IT strategy to be at the end of the project.  We then help implement the required IT infrastructure, organizational processes and management best practices to support the success of your strategic objectives.

Ensure your technology investments support your business’ ability to scale and adapt to market changes.  As customer expectations evolve, businesses that seamlessly integrate technology into their service offerings not only remain competitive but also set industry standards.

  • IT Assessments

An IT Assessment is a comprehensive current state evaluation of your organization’s technology-related strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is crucial for multiple reasons. We ensure that your IT infrastructure aligns with your company’s strategic business goals by enhancing efficiency and a competitive edge. Our IT Professional Consultants identify potential security vulnerabilities in order to safeguard your organization from costly breaches. We gain an understanding of the current gaps to develop IT solutions and a clear roadmap ensuring your resources are allocated where they offer the highest ROI. In an era where technology is integral to virtually every facet of business, a thorough IT Assessment is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity for sustained growth and success.

  • IT Governance/PMO

Process and project management are core disciplines of TPG’s consulting practice. Our professionals are skilled in carefully planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. We help organizations manage complex projects. These services can include; initiating, planning, executing, controlling and implementing a program or project to achieve strategic goals and maximize shareholder value.

It is not uncommon for many related, independent IT projects to run simultaneously while individual project managers focus solely on the specifics of their projects, a program manager oversees the collective projects to ensure they work in harmony to achieve broader goals.  

Our project management services will elevate your business operations, reduces risks, and optimizes resource allocation. With proper IT project management we ensure your projects are delivered on time, within scope and on budget.

By integrating industry-leading best practices with tailor-made strategies, we not only help our clients navigate the complexities of the digital age but also drive coordinated transformative growth across your operation. Partner with us to co-create a future where technology is your strategic advantage.

  • IT Training & Workshops

At TPG, our IT Consulting Professionals have expert facilitation skills and experience creating customized workshops.  We understand that every organization has unique needs when it comes to IT training based on the business environment, current influences and learning styles of client teams.  We ensure each workshop is custom-designed to align with your specific learning objectives and culture.

A main success factor with IT training, is the willingness to learn. Some clients find their teams will leap at the opportunity, while others will want to stick with tools they are familiar with.

Our IT consulting and project management service favors collaboration, working closely with you to understand your objectives, your team and your culture ensuring that the curriculum is relevant, impactful, and suited to your business context. Whether you’re aiming to upskill your team, implement new systems, or adapt to the latest technological advancements, trust in our commitment to deliver training solutions that are geared to learning for easy adoption and sustainable success.

Digital transformation affects every layer of your organization. We provide holistic change management strategies, ensuring smooth transitions and equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in a digital environment.


Is it time to bridge knowledge gaps and drive excellence through your IT Strategy and solution initiatives?  If your business is seeking to maintain, or gain an edge, an effective IT Strategy is the key to success.

Your journey to technological excellence begins with a conversation with us. Learn how to advance your business forward with a robust and agile IT Strategy.

We don’t just talk digital; we live it as we advance our clients forward. Our digital transformation solutions ensure your organization isn’t just keeping pace with the digital world, but setting the pace. We dive deep into your business’s core to re-engineer processes, redefine customer experiences, and reimagine your business model for a ‘digital-first’ era.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with the right IT consulting team to support your strategic investments. 

  • Digital/ERP Readiness Assessment and Planning

Although ERP systems can be a significant investment for your organization, they can unify your IT costs and improve efficiencies across the value chain. Instead of paying for several IT systems that would require dedicated resources, infrastructure and support teams, ERPs allow you to focus these resources into just one system.  


One of the biggest benefits of having an ERP system is having all major business processes managed and run through a single platform allowing data from every department to be easily accessible.  This access also increases collaboration between different business units, functions and streamlines tasks.  Automate back-office functions relating to Accounting, Inventory, Operations, Technology Resource Planning, Distribution, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and more. 

We offer a popular Digital ERP Readiness Assessment and Planning Service tailored for organizations looking to harness the full potential of their ERP systems. Our ERP assessments dive into your existing infrastructure, business processes, and organizational culture, ensuring that you’re not just ready for an ERP solution, but poised to select the one that best aligns with your strategic goals. From preliminary evaluations to detailed planning and strategy formulation, our services are designed to pave a smooth path for your digital transformation journey.

Gain a single source of truth for all your business processes by having the right ERP system working in tandem to achieve your strategic goals.

  • Technology Sourcing and Selection

Technology decisions require a collaborative approach designed to ensure requirements gathering and efficiency/automation are considered. Our seasoned IT Consulting experts analyze your unique needs, ensuring that you are matched with technology solutions not only for today, but aligned to your IT Business Strategy and Objectives for tomorrow.  We are technology agnostic.  This means we do not push particular technology solutions, understanding that what’s truly right for you may not be out of the box.  Before your IT solution decision has been made, we’ll coach competing vendors to reduce risk and contingency and achieve the optimum cost/benefit solution to meet your current and future needs  Our goal is to remain objective and pair your needs with the best-fit technology solutions without bias. 

We are interested in your success and will deliver a solution that your team is aligned with and has contributed to throughout the sourcing process.  This process builds alignment within your organization, which leads to the momentum for change and early adoption of your next IT solution.

Ensure your vendor selection process has the right approach, methodology and tools to help you deliver lasting benefits that will enable the CIO and CTO to drive the future digital transformation of your organization. 

  • IT Implementation Support

The success of your new IT solution hinges on its ability to integrate seamlessly and efficiently with other systems.  The lack of foresight and planning can result in a substantial financial burden and may even jeopardize the overall return on investment.   

We are often called in when new technology has been poorly implemented leading to misuse, inefficient workflows, incompatible software, gaps in security protocols, system downtimes and delays across the value chain, and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. Add to that the costs to fix bugs, rework systems, provide additional training and employing temporary solutions to address immediate problems.   

Our IT project management services ensure the success of your investment by thoroughly planning while building alignment and momentum for change.  We bring professional rigour to ensure competent execution, training and continuous monitoring through-out the implementation phase and beyondOur job isn’t done until your IT solution is deployed and fully transitioned. We walk with you along this journey, navigating the way to avoid costly mistakes that can set you back, while competitors move forward.  Once your technology decision is made, our role is to seamlessly integrate your IT solution with your existing systems and leverage technologies to make the most of your investment, resulting in increased efficiency, visibility and productivity.

Recognizing the need for IT project management services is the first step to facilitate your technology journey.  Ensure you have the expert guidance to harness the full power of technology for your business.  

  • Application Development

When there isn’t a tool or model on the market that will accomplish what you are looking for, our IT professionals and systems engineers will build out custom solutions and dashboards using cloud-based platforms or customized Excel workbooks. 

Technology applications are more than just tools—they’re catalysts for innovation, growth, and efficiency.  Consider the value of eliminating human error and automating tedious and time consuming tasks and processes.

With a deep-rooted understanding of the latest technologies and methodologies, our IT Consultants guarantee robust, scalable, and future-ready applications.  We ensure a seamless user experience and performance across platforms and devices, prioritizing ROI, user engagement and scalability.

From integrating the latest in blockchain, AI, and IoT, to building a cloud-native infrastructure, we empower your organization with the tech arsenal it needs to lead, compete, and innovate.

  • AI & Machine Learning

Welcome to the new age of intelligence with where we merge human insight with machine prowess to unlock unprecedented possibilities. This digital revolution of AI and Machine Learning are reshaping industries, redefining boundaries, and reimagining the future.  We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our approach is tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.  From ideation to deployment, from training models to scaling them, we work with you every step of your AI journey. Our AI & ML solutions are built with the utmost security in mind, ensuring data integrity and compliance with global standards.  We’re not just Technology Consultant, we are experienced Operators who understand the constant struggle between maintaining business operations and keeping up with the latest technology solutions. Our AI & ML solutions are designed to drive growth, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

Is it Time To Discover the Possibilities to Reshape Your Business?

  • IoT Integration

We believe in the boundless potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize, streamline, and innovate. As experienced IT Consulting Professionals, we seamlessly integrate IoT into the fabric of your operations to drive unparalleled insights.  Imagine an ecosystem where every device, system, and process communicates effortlessly, creating a dynamic and responsive environment. 

Unlock value and reduce costs by improving data transparency and understanding the power of real-time data analytics by turning raw information from your IoT devices into actionable insights for proactive decision-making.  Our solutions are designed to evolve, adapt, and scale in tandem with your business and vision.

Imagine the value of real time data for timely and informed decision making!   

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We bridge the gap between ambition and efficiency, leveraging the revolutionary prowess of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Dive into a world where repetitive tasks meet their match, where processes are streamlined, and where your workforce is liberated to focus on what truly matters.  Allow us to create a solution that provides accuracy, and ensures tasks are executed flawlessly every single time!  One that reclaims countless hours of manual work, allowing your team to engage in more value driven activities.  An investment in RPA will reduce operational costs and enhance overall output. 

Our RPA solutions are tailored to meet your business’ unique needs.  We foster innovation and thrive on meeting new challenges and complexities head on. 

Are You Ready To Transform The Way You Do Business Tomorrow?

  • Custom Software Development

When your unique challenges and objectives require more than a generic solution, our forward thinking IT Software Development Consultants will create the digital experience that fits your business requirements.  We employ agile methodologies that allow for flexibility, timely iterations, and delivery that’s always in sync with your goals.  Always looking forward, we build software solutions for longevity, scalability, and adaptability, ensuring the growth of your business.

Redefine the way your business interacts, operates and excels in this digital age.  Get started today.

Mid-sized and larger organizations are increasingly relying on third parties to manage key business processes (Strategic Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Logistics, Legal Services, Procurement, Benefits, PMO’s, HR etc) without adequate governance. Current Governance, Risk & Compliance and consulting offerings may not directly address the risks associated with third-party reliance. Fortify your business against uncertainties, preserve its data integrity, safeguard confidential information and gain a competitive advantage by defending your business from malware, ransomware, phishing and ‘denial of service’ attacks. 

Our IT Professional consulting services will navigate the complex landscape of regulatory obligations and operational risks to ensure your business remains compliant and optimally positioned to mitigate emerging threats. Gain the added the level of security your business needs now so that you can return your focus on the bigger picture – strategic priorities.

By leveraging the experience our IT project management service brings, you can empower your organization with insights and tools to foster a culture of proactive risk awareness, ensuring resilience, reputation, and enduring success. 

What Risks Would Be of Greatest Concern to Your Business?

  • IT Risk and Cybersecurity

The threat of IT risks and cybersecurity events is evolving at an unprecedented pace, posing significant challenges for businesses in protecting their assets and reputation. Our IT Professional Consulting Services provide the right experience and technological rigour to understand and tailor the best solutions to safeguard your organization from cyber threats. We will assess your IT infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with global standards. Beyond risk identification, we also devise IT strategic plans to mitigate threats, educate your staff, and implement cutting-edge IT security measures.

Embrace the digital future confidently with our IT professional consulting team at your side.

  • Third Party Risk Management

Mid-sized and larger organizations are increasingly relying on third parties to manage key business processes (Strategic Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Logistics, Legal Services, Procurement, Benefits, PMO’s, HR etc) without adequate governance. Current Governance, Risk & Compliance and consulting offerings may not directly address the risks associated with third-party reliance.

TPG addresses Third Party Risk Management by creating sustainable and effective Frameworks to govern outsourcing, offshore and third-party relationships. We then identify gaps in managing third-party relationships and create a roadmap for your organizational success moving forward.

If you have concerns about your vendors’ ability to manage risks that will ultimately impact your company’s performance and reputation, let’s discuss what can be done today, to shore up those concerns.


Resource Efficiency

Designing technologies with a focus on resource efficiency

Scalability & Flexibility

Building flexibility into the architecture to accommodate potential changes in requirements or market conditions

Testing & QA

Rigorous testing at every stage of development from automated tests, manual testing, and engaging users in the process

User Training & Support

Adapting training to learning styles and conducting post launch audits and coaching through transition

Data Back-up & Recovery

Implementing robust data backup and recovery mechanisms


Ensuring that new technologies comply with relevant laws and regulations

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Sustainable change is an ongoing process. We understand the value of change management and encourage a culture of continuous improvement during our engagement, as we work collaboratively with your stakeholders. This culture will support innovation and creativity, allowing new perspectives that will support future needs as your business grows. This approach to transformative change will have a lasting impact on the results we achieve for you and the long-term success of your IT investments. 

Access to Real Time Data & Insights

Strategic Value - Ability to Scale

Competitive Advantage

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Enhanced Security

Improved Customer Experience

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People, processes, and technology are never mutually exclusive in a real-world digital transformation, contrary to how we often see the framework appear on paper. Individuals must be accountable for change within an organization and understand that simply adding new talent, new ways of working, or new tools in siloes and without cross-orchestration will not create a sustainable impact. How can you supercharge your digital transformation process? 

As one of the leading data management consulting companies, we will outline in our free PDF guide how to make data management drive real value for your organization. You’ll discover as our data management consultants highlight why it’s important to create transparency with your data and standard data management processes – and how to do it. Start putting data management into practice across your business today.


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