Due Diligence

Ensuring that transitional periods are as smooth as possible

Buying a business can pose many unforeseen risks, where everything is not as it seems on the outside. We dive deeper in the M&A process by critically analysing various factors of the acquired business that might not have been immediately apparent to the acquiring company, or in the financial reports. 

Our team helps investors make better deal decisions during a merger or acquisition. Our approach is centered around building trust with your team and getting to the root cause of your business challenges which is why we perform due diligence by assessing revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities to determine a target’s full potential. 

We take an objective approach to valuating your investment thesis by interviewing key personnel in the company, analysing business processes and taking a deep dive into financial reports to determine the deal’s success. Finally, as part of the due-diligence process, we provide a clear post-acquisition agenda.

Key areas of analysis can include:

  • Market Assessment
  • Potential new customers
  • Cashflow drivers
  • Brand value relative to competition
  • Customer demographics
  • Bidding strategy
  • Drivers of industry size and growth
  • Areas of disruption that may affect existing assets

We ensure that transitional periods are as smooth as possible for you and that synergies are maximized while making informed decisions. We encourage you to think about the value of your firm in multiple ways.


To dive into an organization’s strategy, market position, processes and people to identify performance gaps, cost drivers, and revenue generators.


Identification of the acquired target’s revenue drivers and cost reducers relative to industry standards that support the deal thesis, and creation of a realistic, detailed program that can be leveraged to create value.

The Poirier Group can support your PE company through all stages of the M&A Process including Deal Generation, Due Diligence, Portfolio Value Creation and Exit planning.