Operational Due Diligence

Business acquisitions can be accompanied by unexpected operational risks. Many PE firms are apprehensive venturing into acquisitions where risks are unknown or clarity around the operations is lacking.  By conducting operational due diligence, you will be able to accurately evaluate the opportunities, ensuring compatibility with your objectives, before proceeding.


How confident are you in the perceived potential of an acquisition target?  Do you feel there are unknown risks that could put your investment in peril? Successful operational due diligence requires an unbiased inside view of the company to identify blind spots. Operational due diligence can also help you by:

  • Validating your deal thesis allowing you to complete deals with sound strategic rationale and integration plans 
  • Quantifying the opportunity and increasing confidence that sustainable economic value can be gained from the acquisition 
  • Bringing to light potential risks providing you with better insights that influence  when to bid and when to walk away 


As each target is unique, we believe in tailoring our approach accordingly. First, we focus on your acquisition thesis. By comprehending your vision for a target’s integration into your portfolio and the anticipated upside, we can craft a customized operational due diligence approach. Our methodology often includes key personnel interviews, business process analysis, and a KPI benchmarking to help you:

  • Determine operational efficiency opportunity areas, solutions, and roadmaps
  • Stress test performance projections against the current operational infrastructure
  • Highlight departments or processes with single points of failure
  • Understand potential operational risks and determine viable mitigation strategies


Assessing the maturity level of the financial processes, systems, reporting, and finance team is essential in making informed investment decisions. Through an in-depth assessment of these areas and resources, we offer invaluable insights, enabling you to understand an organization’s readiness to join your portfolio and embark on a path to value creation.

Our work informs decisions on the target’s readiness to grow and the quality of information on company performance, as well as providing an assessment and roadmap to fill any foundational gaps.

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