Middle & Back-Office Process Improvement

TPG helps clients design, build, and improve efficient middle and back-office processes and architecture. Our process improvement services streamline shared services and operations functions by reducing paper trails and hand-offs while speeding up decision making and re-engineering outdated processes. We specialize in analyzing and optimizing complex and inter-related processes. We create back-office optimization through cost optimization and improved quality of the outputs delivered to front office operations and corporate leadership. Beyond that, improving administrative operations and aligning back and front offices naturally improves customer experience.

How The Poirier Group Helps Back Office Operations


Increase Cashflow

Cut costs and capital expenditure by creating operational efficiencies across the company, creating lean solutions in every department.

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Improve Corporate Culture

Shorten cycle time of products to free up cash and reduce the amount of on-hand inventory taking up space in storage. Identify spare parts and stocking strategies to reduce inventory costs.


Plan For Sustainability

We train key stakeholders on your team to own the processes and new solutions to ensure results are sustainable long after we leave.

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Improve Labour Efficiency

Reduce hand-offs between departments and functional areas. Clarify and re-organize roles and responsibilities to reduce re-work and speed up decision-making. Create alignment across the leadership team to operate more strategically and efficiently.


Streamline Administrative Operations

Identify where you are losing money and why. Increase capacity without increasing headcount by improving operational readiness and effectiveness.

Tighten up Financial Processes

Create efficiencies within accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes by automating repeatable processes, ensuring accuracy in invoices, and negotiating vendor relationships


Ensure Compliance & Governance

Identify organizational controls both financial and operational and address key pain points through implementation. Ensure compliance and governance with appropriate controls.


Tool Creation & Technology Enablement

Build and implement rapid tools to help improve efficiencies, in the context of the broader technology roadmap and future integrations.

Common Back Office Optimization Challenges

As they are not at the core of a business, back-office activities are often under-managed and under-measured, resulting in sub-optimal performance. 

When we engage with clients for business process improvement consulting, we often see one or more of the following issues that can seriously hurt the productivity and profitability of a company over the long term: 

  • Bottlenecks –human error or system issues slowing down key processes and decision-making, and thus impacting the speed of operations.
  • Duplication of work and redundancy – inefficient processes often have areas that are repeated or unnecessary.
  • Lack of visibility – management does not have a way of viewing where processes stand, what their status is, and how they are performing generally, and specifically.
  • IT integration issues – process technology does not always integrate well with existing systems, causing communication gaps and malfunctions.

By optimizing your organizational structure and improving administrative and shared services processes, we will increase your capacity to grow without adding additional overhead.

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have seen growth in overhead costs particularly in supporting functions such as marketing, customer service, finance, HR, legal and IT.  Our goal is to streamline these processes to dramatically improve customer service, decrease operational costs and help our clients become lean organizations.

Our Approach

First, we capture and map current processes while identifying the “pain points” that are inhibiting performance.  We will then identify and implement quick wins to create value early in the engagement. TPG will then create a roadmap for the implementation of pragmatic and sustainable procedures going forward.

We help with the identification, documentation, and recommendation of processes to streamline and improve various inconsistent and unproductive tasks and practices within the company’s back office, as well as those front-office connections to back-office and operations.   The overall goal is to build capability and capacity to grow.    

Our philosophy is to facilitate change from within our client’s organization, guiding the key stakeholders through changes in the way they think and perform.  Our approach is results-driven to define, achieve and sustain success in the long term.

Our Back Office Improvement Services

Shared Services Optimization:

We help streamline and centralize key functions to gain efficiencies through consistency and standardization across the organization. We then apply a custom structure and clear roles & responsibilities around optimized and clear processes.

This reduces redundancies by preventing multiple people from doing the same job in different areas of the business and increases visibility and oversight into key business functions. 

  • Application of lean tools
  • Reduce rework and hand-offs between functional areas
  • Establish Roles & responsibilities, alignment and accountability (RACI/ r-matrix and org structure)
  • Process improvement / enterprise process mapping 
  • Streamline operations
  • Optimize workflow design
  • Build optimization tools and quick wins


At TPG, we have a team of seasoned operators, many of whom are Six Sigma certified and have many years of ‘hands-on’ experience working on process improvement initiatives in the payments industry. We know the best practices and technologies for each process across the payment cycle. We improve process quality and enable real-time access to vital financial information that allows you to make better-informed decisions.

  • Shorten processes like procure-to-pay and order-to-cash 
  • Tighten AP/AP, billing and payments processes
  • Align invoice disputes and resolve Billing Issues
  • Financial Operational Analysis

Human Resource Efficiencies:

Many key HR areas can be affected by inefficiencies including payroll, recruiting, HR information management and HR systems management. Maintaining efficient and standardized HR practices will trickle down to the rest of the organization, making the company perform well. 

Currently, employees remain greatly affected by the major business disruptions COVID has created, and a strong HR department is necessary to manage these hardships. Additionally, HR departments are under increasing pressure to hire and train new employees to meet post-COVID demands, while also ensuring their employee brand is competitive to attract top talent. 

Our process improvement experts will help create more effective operations within your HR department by standardizing and automating required processes, eliminating manual transfers, simplifying established routines, and implementing HR management software that will best serve your needs. Talent acquisition, management, onboarding, training and performance management are also common areas TPG helps organizations address.

  • Analyze readiness for growth 
  • Establish Employee Value proposition to improve Employee Loyalty
  • Reconfigure organizational structure 
  • Improve resource availability 
  • Change management 
  • Workforce Management (forecasting, scheduling and tracking staff performance);

Realized Benefits from Improving Back and Middle-Office Processes:

  • Free up labour hours 
  • Reduce capital expenditure 
  • Increased visibility into processes and decisions 
  • Integrate new technology seamlessly into existing systems