Our Approach

Our business consulting and strategy implementation services deliver far-reaching, long term improvements supporting your growth objectives. We unlock organizational potential through custom solutions and alignment of your team on the path forward. As a boutique consulting firm, we are agile and responsive to your needs.  When timing is crucial, we can deliver proposals in a few days and/or start projects within weeks helping you gain momentum to achieve results faster.


In 2005 David Poirier, CEO, charted a course to make a meaningful difference as a “values-based” boutique management consulting firm 

After decades of leading national and international organizations at the C-Suite level, David had gained significant exposure to common business challenges and the consulting firms brought in to solve them.

Having experienced consultants from the ‘other side of the desk’, David knew there was a better approach to management consulting than cookie-cutter solutions. Thus, The Poirier Group was born to make a meaningful difference and change the landscape for consulting in the future.

Today, The Poirier Group is one of the top Boutique Consulting firms in North America, evidenced by numerous awards in Consulting Services, Corporate Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility. Since its inception, The Poirier Group has grown to become one of the most trusted business management consulting firms in Toronto by its reputation for successfully implementing sustainable change through its ‘values based’ approach.

The principles upon which The Poirier Group was founded stand true today, offering a trusting and meaningful consulting experience for our clients by bringing a solid balance between the right skills, experience, and approach, with the behaviours that exemplify our values.

The Poirier Group is an award-winning boutique management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada


Our clients naturally benefit from our wealth of knowledge across most industries, lean methodologies, specific industry perspectives and outstanding leadership. This powerful combination ensures quality pragmatic solutions that are achievable and sustainable to deliver the results you need.  When you want a better consulting experience and results that matter, you’ll find far better value from our boutique management consulting firm than the big brands can offer.  And, unlike some consulting firms, we will work in concert with your team to implement solutions where you don’t have the capacity or capabilities inhouse to meet critical deadlines that impact business performance.

Leading Edge Operators

Our strategic management consultants bring a wealth of real-world operations experience gained from working in the industries we consult in. We understand what it's like to sit in your seat.

Experienced Core Competency

Our business consulting services and reputation are built on solid industrial engineering practises and lean six sigma methodologies. Our broad operations experience across most industries, ensures we define Pragmatic Solutions that are achievable and sustainable.

Trust and Value

Every sustainable consulting engagement begins by building Trust and ends with delivering Value. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and ensure you have a great consulting experience.

Technology Agnostic

We are not biased towards any specific technology or platform ensuring flexibility and compatibility when it comes to selecting and implementing technology solutions that best serve your needs.

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Our experience as an operational improvement consulting firm ensures we understand the value of getting to know your business, your people and your processes as a key step to executing on your objectives. We capture this by conducting interviews with key members of your workforce and information gathering at every management and seniority level. Interviews provide well rounded perspectives to decrease chances of bias in the current state conclusions. We also assess the economic influences, industry trends and benchmarks to round out the picture.

Once the current state is known and validated with your team, we assess the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. We apply Lean principles and our vast experience to identify opportunities and conduct root cause analyses to understand performance management failure modes, productivity shortfalls, excessive costs, breakpoints, choke points, bottlenecks and waste. We then classify the root causes into categories and prioritize them by severity. This provides a quantitative lens that is leveraged to formulate recommendations. Solutions are then defined for each root cause and ranked by ROI, and ease of implementation (cost, time to implement, resources required).

We generate solutions that will be sustainable over the long term. Sustainability can only be achieved when your team is aligned and have the right skills and behaviours to support necessary change. Our consulting team readily uncovers performance challenges throughout their engagement, identifying roadblocks within your current team related to competencies, productivity, organizational  alignment  and employee morale. These performance challenge gaps are also addressed in our solutions to ensure seamless transformation of your operations and your people.  

You have many choices for process improvement consulting firms. Make sure you find one that ensures a great consulting experience and superior results. One without the other, will deflate the potential for buy-in and long lasting results. It’s time to investigate the hidden opportunities that will drive greater success within your business. Connect with us for a free consultation.

Interview & Data Gathering

To assess key requirements, processes and systems for identifying areas of improvement.

Pain Point Analysis

Understanding the impact of pain points on the current state ensures the focus is on the most significant issues.

Root Cause Analysis

To understand what is causing a pain point in order to plan a course of action to address the most critical roadblocks.


We are very proud of our exceptional consulting services team that has been integral in establishing our reputation as a top management consulting firm in North America! Our team gets involved in various stages of recruitment to ensure that every new hire fits our culture, aligns with our values and brings the necessary skills and experience that set us apart. They are our “not so secret weapon”!

Together we form a formidable collection of business process improvement specialists and subject matter experts who collaborate regularly across projects in order to share latest insights and expertise to bear on every client engagement. This collaboration drives innovation and keeps us abreast of the latest trends and influences that may impact your business or initiative.  Our goal is to deliver the best process improvement solutions by ensuring they are pragmatic, achievable and sustainable.

We work to build trust with your key stakeholders through open, honest and direct communication. Once they are aligned to your objectives, the momentum leading to adoption of solutions will increase and your business will achieve significantly better results, faster.

As a boutique management consulting firm, you may ask how we can serve so many industries and verticals? Our core skills, lean expertise, consulting service methodology and approach is applicable across all industry sectors or professional services whether we have worked in them or not. When we require a specific Subject Matter Expert that we do not have in-house we employ one from our vast network of trusted partners. Rest assured should this be required, they conform to how we operate and are involved only as needed to ensure we remain competitively priced.

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The Poirier Group develops and executes strategy, discovers opportunities for performance improvement and focuses on people by partnering with key stakeholders to lead great companies. We have found that regardless of the industry, the following 6 scenarios cover the main areas that businesses typically need help with and are the areas where The Poirier Group excels. After all, the right strategy development and execution means everything for keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Our strategic management consulting services are what we do, but these 6 areas are typically how we initially engage with clients and how we execute projects. These areas are foundational to our business and are what inspired the 6 boxes in our logo.

We work to understand how your organization operates and rapidly identify opportunities where performance improvement will increase your value and lead to a competitive edge.

We implement new and/or accelerate your existing initiatives, working alongside your team to drive better results, faster.

Allow us to implement those initiatives that your team does not have the time or ability to manage so that you can stay on track to meet operational improvement targets and come out a winner.   

Do you need assistance to implement your Business Strategy?  We offer a rigorous approach to both resolving short-term issues and enhancing long-term strategic direction.  When you know what you want to achieve, we are excellent at figuring out how to do it.

We provide experienced operators on an interim basis to work in leadership roles while assisting in your recruitment of permanent team members to replace us.  This interim management support ensures that critical company functions continue seamlessly during transition periods.

Our organizational alignment consulting addresses internal roadblocks, silos, duplication of work and competing priorities that impede progress, derail objectives and ultimately erode organizational health. We do this by enhancing transparency in communications; interdepartmental collaboration; feedback and continuous improvement loops; and providing visibility of roles, responsibilities and accountability.  This renewed focus fosters a shared sense of purpose and direction to unleash the collective potential within your team.  We can also optimize organizational structures, ensuring the right competencies and behaviours are in place to improve performance, productivity, and customer service to get your business back on track.

We develop enterprise-wide strategies and operating models, as well as re-engineer business processes to drive growth initiatives. We have 30+ years of experience in transforming small to large organizations across many functional areas.  Contact us to learn about our enterprise transformation consulting results or to talk with our clients about our sustainable results.  


We do not claim a project is “done” until the results we promised are achieved and sustainable AND our clients are completely satisfied.  We have learned that earning their trust by delivering true value, reliable outcomes and an exceptional working experience leads to future work and referrals.

Our re-engagement rate reinforces that we are delivering on our reputation as one of the industry-leading boutique management consulting firms. We’ve come to expect at the end of each project, that our clients will say:

✔ We are happy to refer you

✔ You have exceeded our expectations

✔ You are not like other management consulting firms we have worked with


Marco Richter, General ManagerTrench (a subsidiary of Siemens)
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"The Poirier Group professionals have a combination of great attitude and practical up-to-date knowledge. They were truly engaged with our daily business activities and the walk-through of all project objectives, transition phase requirements and project milestones were thorough and efficient.

Their goal was to reach convergence on our business goals and standards and their efforts in this regard are highly appreciated."

David Strom, PresidentCollecDev
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"The Poirier Group has worked diligently with our Senior Leadership Team to execute a complete transformation of processes which has greatly improved the efficiency and overall operation of our marketing, development, and construction teams.

The initiatives put out by The Poirier Group have greatly added value to our organization; helping us to achieve progress as we continue to grow and scale our business"

Alan Hoover, President and COODNO Produce
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"The Poirier Group helped us realize that we were focusing our efforts in the wrong areas, which was causing us all sorts of problems.... We were able to effectively streamline our product offering and focus on the vitally important few – which led to numerous improvements throughout our operation."
Darrel Jones, Colemans Overwaitea Food Group/ Save-On-Foods
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“We were very pleased with the level of professionalism and critical thinking the Poirier Team brought to the project as they worked through a rigorous engagement process designed to help up identify performance improvement opportunities. This helped us successfully set the stage to implement strategic improvements throughout our system.”
Terry Cairn, CIOCanadian Blood Services
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"Their team was very professional and provided substantial benefits. Never have I seen a project done so efficiently and effectively with such great sustainable results and reasonable costs I would highly recommend The Poirier Group for performance improvement and transformation engagement"
Steve Tyas, VP Creative ServicesSt. Joseph Communications
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“The St Joseph Content Group enlisted The Poirier Group to identify areas within our business that could be streamlined through process optimization and removal of non-valued added effort. Within a short period of time through exceptional people skills and an analytical approach, the Poirier team was able to understand our business model, pinpoint areas for enhancement and deliver an actionable roadmap that transitioned us from our current state to future state.”
Alan Torrie, President and CEOMorneau Shepell
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“Their expertise in process and systems design and engineering across both operational and corporate functional platforms has resulted in not only improved bottom line performance but also higher levels of customer service and employee engagement.”
Chris B., Director of ITWalters Group
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“We engaged The Poirier Group most recently to assist us with business process mapping and project management in preparation for an MRP implementation. We thoroughly enjoyed the engagement with The Poirier Group, from insights into best practices within our industry to challenging us on our processes to find efficiencies, The Poirier Group consistently offered top talent and experience throughout while ensuring all of our needs were met, they truly want you to be successful and happy with the end result. Great work! The next time we do process improvement work, The Poirier Group will be my first call”
Michael George, DirectorSubaru Canada Inc.
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“We found The Poirier Group's people excellent to work with and delivered significant value over a short period of time. They made sure to include the Subaru Canada team every step of the way, ensuring to build trust and transparency throughout the entire process."