Our Approach to Management Consulting

We are not like other consultants
Welcome to The Poirier Group.
The art of performance improvement lives here.

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.


Our team of experienced executives and operations specialists have worked on your side of the table. They too have considered hiring Top Tier management consulting firms time and again believing a bigger brand was a safer bet.


As the saying goes, “no one ever got fired for hiring xxx”. Fortunately, our clients have found that there is a better solution than buying ‘highly marketed’ brands at a premium price.

We will make this your reality!

We bring real world experience and some of the best minds in every industry to each engagement. You won’t find career consultants here, who draw from a slate of boilerplate solutions. Management consulting for real world problems requires a breadth and depth of practical experience, education and a passion for results.

The Poirier Group (TPG) is a boutique management consulting firm founded in 2005 based in Toronto, Ontario. We have an excellent track record delivering process and performance improvements across North America and internationally. We specialize in helping organizations make critical changes that lead to sustainable, bottom-line results, and in doing so, we offer a management consulting experience that is unlike any other. 

Our team of industry leading professionals are able to spot challenges and opportunities using a cross-disciplinary approach that encompasses everything from strategy formulation and operational turnarounds to technology implementations.

We have a hands-on approach where we work alongside with you to co-create solutions according to your unique business needs. This allows you to have some skin in the game of implementing your business improvements, and allows us to adapt solutions according to your work culture, business structure, and other unique circumstances.

We believe working with stakeholders in your business builds trust and alignment, which furthers progress and creates a sense of ownership in the outcomes and sustainability of final solutions. Check out some of our recent successes!

management consulting around a table

Our people draw from a commitment to continuous learning through education, career experiences and working with their team to take on the next challenge presented to them.

We are operators, first and foremost. Our significant experience working in and on operations gives us insight into best practices in management consulting. This allows us to deliver greater value and higher quality results than competitors. 

We are implementation experts and believe in serving the highest good of your organization and the people within it. We will work hard to better understand your realities, to ensure your success!

We have always delivered the consulting experience to our clients that we have sought for ourselves.

13 years experience on hundreds of projects across North America. We confidently maintain a 100% positive referral rate. We believe that when organizations put their trust in us, it’s an enormous responsibility.

TPG employs experienced leadership, subject matter, technical and creative resources who together provide the specific industry skill sets needed to solve your unique business needs. We work with you and your business closely during our initiation phase. This makes sure that we understand your business, your people, your processes, opportunities and potential. Throughout this journey, we will work to earn your trust.

TPG provides a direct and process-oriented approach based on facts and realities of your business. We work with your team and align with the values and culture of your organization. This enables us to build a high level of trust and achieve project results that are sustained over the long term.

Before implementation of a project, we ensure ownership and accountability are understood and factored into every processFinally, we check in to coach and provide recommendations to keep your initiatives on track.

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Our past clients return with new opportunities because they trust us to deliver true value, reliable outcomes and an exceptional working experience. Our re-engagement rate speaks volumes and reinforces that we are delivering on our reputation. We’ve come to expect at the end of each project, that our clients will say:

  1. You have exceeded our expectations
  2. You are not like other consulting firms
  3. We are happy to refer you


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