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Who We are:

The Poirier Group (TPG) is a boutique management consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We have an excellent track record delivering process and performance improvements across North America and internationally. We specialize in helping organizations make critical operational and strategic changes that improve their business. We provide our clients sustainable, bottom-line results, and in doing so, provide a consulting experience unlike any other.


Just over 14 years ago David Poirier started TPG after he worked for years in senior executive roles in retail companies where he interacted with consultants from big name firms. They would come into the company, hand them a fancy cookie cutter report and leave, claiming the project was done before they saw if their recommendations would fit. David believed there was a better approach to consulting, and thus TPG was born.

Our Approach

Our team of highly experienced business specialists will work with you to form a mutually beneficial partnership between our team and your business, with open communication and collaboration being cornerstones of our approach. This allows you to have some skin in the game of implementing your business improvements, and allows us to adapt solutions according to your work culture, business structure, and other unique circumstances.


Getting to know your organization builds trust with your company, and allows us to find the root cause of problems, and generate sustainable solutions that will last long after we have left.


We believe in serving the highest good of your organization and the people within it. We treat every client and project with the utmost urgency and respect, and work tirelessly to ensure high quality results. This approach is fundamental to our brand and reputation.


Unlike other management consulting firms, we don’t just hand you a report and leave. The TPG team rolls up their sleeves to methodically implement your tailored recommendations and transform solutions into reality! We do not claim “done” until the results we promised are achieved and sustainable. 

We have always delivered the consulting experience to our clients that we have sought for ourselves. We believe that when organizations put their trust in us, it’s an enormous responsibility.

The Best in Value-Added Consulting

Companies engage TPG to deliver the best in value-added consulting, implementation and integration services to increase lifetime customer value.


Our firm is known for providing greater value and higher quality results than our competition.

Our People Set us Apart

For each engagement, we build a team who has the practical experience, education, and technical skills to best tackle your project. 


You won’t find career consultants here, who draw from a slate of boilerplate solutions. All of our consultants have had real world experience in the fields we consult in such as retail, supply chain, health sciences, private equity and warehousing. We provide the specific industry perspective and skill sets required to solve your unique business needs. Connecting us is our operational experience and insight into best practices of management consulting.


When necessary, we call upon our far-reaching external network of proven specialists. We don’t hesitate to expand our project team to ensure your needs are met.

Our past clients return with new opportunities because they trust us to deliver true value, reliable outcomes and an exceptional working experience. Our re-engagement rate speaks volumes and reinforces that we are delivering on our reputation. We’ve come to expect at the end of each project, that our clients will say:

  1. You have exceeded our expectations
  2. You are not like other consulting firms
  3. We are happy to refer you!
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