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Few industries have the nuance, complexity, and sensitivity of the Government & Public Sector. The reasoning for this is simple: few private consultative organizations understand the stringent guidelines, security restrictions, and political dependencies at the depth necessary to provide impactful partnerships. Striking the right balance between alignment, accountability, and transparency will drive change that matters.


Today’s road to success in Government & Public Sector begins with accurately identifying and appropriately prioritizing your most actionable obstacles

Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what industry leaders are saying:

Supply Chain Issues

“Regulatory requirements within procurement restrict us from achieving the highest potential from our partners. How can we make vendor and supplier processes easier, faster and more accessible in order to achieve our goals and objectives?

Digital Transformation

“Technological advances in industry are constantly altering our strategic landscape and pushing us further behind. How can we enable ourselves for digital transformation to keep in line with ever-changing economic realities?

Project Management

“Our current projects are inefficient, uncoordinated, and not always aligned to our overall strategy. How can we do more with less resources? And how can we pick the right projects to pursue and manage them effectively and efficiently?

Human Resource Management

“We’re struggling with people management in the face of salary increases and labour expectations. How can we enable ourselves to hire and retain the best talent while fostering a trust-based culture where employees are engaged, valued, and can contribute their best work?”

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At The Poirier Group, we apply a blended methodology and deep industry expertise to deliver superior insights for navigating complexity and informing difficult decision-making

The nature of Public Sector consulting and government contracting is far more complex than in private industries, as it requires adherence to stringent guidelines and security restrictions, which can impact a consulting firm’s ability to deliver the best insights. The Poirier Group is uniquely well-positioned to gain comprehensive insights from your business, as we have obtained the following approvals for access to confidential data through Public Works and Procurement Canada:

Our blended methodology includes a unique approach to Lean Six Sigma design, a dedication to client education, and expert Integrated Systems Engineering. This allows us to build better models for Strategy, People, Process, and Technology, so you can materialize significant improvement in operational efficiency.

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Preparing for Critical Decision-Making Under Rising Pressures

With the growing fight against inflation, rising geopolitical tensions, and ongoing environmental concerns, the need for strong, decisive government guidance is critical. However, the extent of the current macro factors has stretched government bodies to the outer limits of their capacity, influence, and impact.

At The Poirier Group, we closely track the most important evolving trends & challenges with our government clients to maximize our preparedness and inform prioritization of strategic planning with our partners. Most recently, we are focused on:

For organizations who must address rising macro concerns while adhering to compliance directives and regulations, finding ways to maximize sustainable flexibility and innovation processes is a must. Our Public Sector consulting team have worked closely with companies at varying levels of government to architect such systems.

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