Public Sector Consulting: Government & Regulated Industries

When performance improvement is no longer an option

The nature of government contracting is far more complex than in private industries, requiring adherence to stringent guidelines and security restrictions which can impact a consulting firm’s ability to deliver the best insights. TPG is well positioned to gain comprehensive insights from your business by having obtained the following approvals for access to confidential data through Public Works and Procurement Canada:

  • Secret Level Status
  • Controlled Goods Access

With the ever present economic and political influences that dictate priorities amongst the various ministries and agencies, TPG understands that success with any objective requires an experienced team that knows how to navigate the complexities imposed by regulatory bodies, and internal and external influences. The essential driver to success requires bringing balance through alignment, accountability, and transparency.

Our past experience in healthcare, defense and security operations serves us well in understanding your business landscape and delivering real value to public sector agencies. We’re the public sector consulting experience our clients have been waiting for.

Trends & Challenges
  • Big data and actionable analytics
  • Increased citizen awareness and engagement
  • Many sub-industries affected by these external shifts
  • Technological advancements such as automated cars, smart cities and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are altering how law enforcement and other regulated industries operate
Why TPG?

Our attention to detail and commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty are two qualities that have served us well in past public sector consulting. In organizations where adherence and attention to regulations is crucial, we find ways to maximize flexibility and innovate processes that seem ironclad. We’ve worked closely with companies at varying levels of government and find that our diverse, collaborative team adapts to any new environment in order to build trust, meet client needs, while exceeding expectations – every time. We encourage you to experience the success we will bring to your next challenge through our public sector consulting expertise.

To learn more about how we overcome public sector roadblocks in order to deliver on your agency’s strategy, give us a call!