Retail Merchandising

Retail Merchandising

The retail and grocery industry, one of The Poirier Group’s primary areas of expertise, continually presents new and unexpected challenges.

Currently, in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, retailers are facing supply and demand shocks and e-commerce has become vital to continuing operations while adhering to physical distancing measures. Managing rapidly evolving customer expectations while protecting the safety of your employees and customers is key to succeeding in the current retail environment.

Our retail consulting experience is unparalleled, starting with our CEO’s C-suite roles in the retail and grocery industries for more than 25 years. Our real-world experience on your side of the retail industry is what sets us apart.

For most retailers, the current focus is maintaining cash flow, maintaining profitability and managing inventory – this is where we excel. We understand retail hierarchy, retail employees and employers, and we utilize our best in class retail practices and knowledge to improve organizations at all levels.

Customer Trends:

Our Approach to Merchandising Improvement

We help clients lead the transformation and modernization of merchandising processes, enablement tools and organizational structure to improve performance, customer experience and increase efficiency. We work to become your trusted business partner and bring your retail organization to high performance.

Our Strategic and Operational Retail offerings:

Recent events have altered consumer buying behaviours, which has made forecasting for the amount of stock each product needs even more difficult. How can you decide what to put where and how much of each? How much of a product is reserved for online exclusive purchases versus in-store purchases? How do purchase patterns differ based on the country, state or region and how can you account for this on your shelves? 

We help clients buy more effectively and save money in procurement using merchandising best practices.

Promotional planning assists retailers in optimizing the utilization of marketing tools, strategies, and resources to promote their products most effectively. 

Many retailers rely on promotional activities such as flyers and emails to drive traffic to their website and brick-and-mortar stores. However, promotions cannot deliver an acceptable ROI unless they are planned strategically and well in advance, are targeted to their customers’ needs and managed effectively. Because COVID 19 has created new consumer buying habits that rapidly change in response to ongoing news and progress, retailers must constantly listen closely and communicate with customers to ensure customers are getting what they need in an evolving situation.

We work to find the best communication channels and tactics to best reach and retain your customers.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) works to integrate all information gathered during the lifecycle of a product, which can lead to increased innovation, reduced costs and an increased competitive advantage through improved productivity, collaboration, quality, creativity and speed to market.

E-commerce and OMNI Channel are fairly new and prevalent segments within supply chain management. This approach to reach consumers and increase markets has grown significantly in recent years, especially as recent physical distancing measures have shifted retail activity online, but companies are struggling to keep up. Our team brings extensive knowledge in this field and utilizes the latest technologies to bring your business up to date and increase customer reach, whether through online, mobile, telephone, or traditional methods.

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