Open Opportunities

We engage with candidates at various career stages from the start of their full-time careers out of post-secondary school to thought leaders with significant career experience. The Poirier Group is expanding the industries we operate in, and in doing so, creating career opportunities with limitless learning and development potential.

We evaluate candidates in relation to our values and complementary characteristics that reflect what we stand for:


Everything we do is for the highest good of our client; our greatest goal is to see you experience sustainable success.



We continually stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices to benefit your organization and ours.


We are truly committed to delivering value and providing exceptional results. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


We seek to be worthy of your trust, which we earn through open, honest, and direct communication. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

Our Open Opportunities


Employee Benefits at The Poirier Group


The Poirier Group covers 100% of health, mental health, dental, vision, and wellness benefits package


A wellness stipend to help you in whatever you define as wellness, whether that’s a gym membership, a trip to a spa, or a home massage.

Purpose Beyond Profit

Serve your community through volunteer consulting opportunities through our not-for-profit initiative.


Our generous PTO plan gives you the downtime you need, when you need it.

Professional Development

Team members develop Professional & Personal Development Plans (PDPs) which The Poirier Group supports by providing opportunities, mentorship, and further education

Corporate Events

Our bi-annual company retreat in Collingwood, Ontario and various other company-sponsored events and activities.


How We Define our Project Teams


Analysts are primarily responsible for conducting fact-finding research through interviewing and data analysis. An Analyst is given a variety of tasks and assignments to be exposed to different areas of the business.


Consultants serve as the primary drafter for client deliverables and takes responsibility for soliciting and incorporating input from other team members. Consultants can think big picture and support the development of a storyline.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants are primarily responsible for heavily supporting the Project Lead to get the project to completion, by constructing and executing delivery packages with the support of Analysts and Consultants, and supporting overall project goals and client needs. A Senior Consultant can lead an assigned project workstream within an overall program, and proactively share ongoing points of view and perspectives based on experience/expertise.

Project Lead

Project Leads are the primary point person responsible for planning, executing, and delivering a client project on time, within budget, and in accordance with specifications. The Project Lead will execute project requirements as defined in the SOW and Project Charter by effectively supervising the efforts of project team members and communicating expectations to stakeholders and senior management.

Program Lead

Program Leads are the primary point-person accountable for the overall success of multiple projects, with strong attention to client management, strategy, and implementation. A Program Lead will take a hands-on approach to provide direction to the Project Lead and Project Team including clarifying and aligning on the project’s requirements and deliverables, securing internal resources, maintaining consistent budgeting, and clearly communicating the expectations to stakeholders and senior management.


Partners are responsible for development and management of client relationships. The role is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and contributing to the growth and development of TPG and its people.

Don’t Focus on the Title

Although our client engagements are well defined with roles, at The Poirier Group we don’t have a typical hierarchical structure. Our flat structure fosters trust, collaboration, and unlimited growth potential while allowing us to be flexible in providing opportunities to our team members as we deliver and execute projects.

Our focus lies in expanding your experience and knowledge, not just upwards, but outwards too.

We encourage our team members to take on new opportunities and challenges in different roles to best fit our clients’ needs. Just because you are a lead on one project doesn’t mean you can’t help out as a consultant on another.


Our Recruitment Process

What We Look For in Full-Time Employees:

  • Our team is a diverse mix of skills and education ranging from Engineering (Preferably Industrial or Chemical), IT, Business, Finance, and Data Specialists.
  • We appreciate the value of varied expertise, and often look beyond degrees for the following additional designations: LSSBB, PMP, P.Eng, CA/CPA/CMA, SCMP and IT competencies.

Interview Process for Full-Time Employees:

For our full-time consultants recruitment process encompasses various interviews with our team members, technical questions, and case study exercises including data analytics/presentations/and ethics-based scenarios. At TPG, we receive an influx of high caliber talent, so to narrow down the applicants, we request to see a portfolio or a body of work. Of course, this includes the candidate removing confidential/sensitive information as necessary

What We Look For in Interns & New Grads:

If you have exemplary educational performance, relevant practical experience, an innate drive and desire to make an impact at TPG, and a personality to boot, then we’d love to hear from you!

  • We typically hire interns and new grads who are completing or have recently completed a university program in Engineering (Preferably Industrial or Chemical), Business, Mathematics, or MBA
    All of our interns complete their terms having gained essential practical work experience, while having built great and lasting relationships/resources they can draw from and a valuable understanding of what ‘work hard/play hard’ truly means.
  • As an intern, you will be deeply involved in supporting our Process Improvement projects through methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma. Other projects could include driving efficiencies in complex Supply Chains; revamping IT strategies; and/or supporting the execution of Strategic Plans for multi-site and/or multi-departmental client projects.

To apply, you must be available for a minimum of 8-16 months for an internship and be a part of a qualifying co-operative education program.

Interview Process for Interns & New Grads:

Our internship and new grad recruitment process encompasses 2-3 interviews, including a value fit behavioral interview, technical test, and case study.

What We Look For in Independent Contractors:

  • Our team is a diverse mix of skills and education ranging from Industrial Engineering, IT, Business, Finance, and Data Specialists.
  • We appreciate the value of varied expertise, and often look beyond degrees for the following additional designations: LSSBB, PMP, P.Eng, CA/CPA/CMA, SCMP and IT competencies.

Each Contractor must be set up with:

  • An LLC, HST number etc.
  • Set up with your own Business Insurance

Interview Process for Independent Contractors:

Our independent contractor process encompasses 2-3 interviews, including a value fit behavioral interview, technical test, and case study.

We Don’t Just Accept Difference - We Celebrate It

At The Poirier Group, we are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and teammates without regard to race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, or any other basis protected by law.

Diversity & Inclusion was one of the main drawing factors as to why I joined TPG. The company embraces individuals for the value they add to the business and their contributions to the culture.


An FAQ for Our Candidates

Our work with clients happens in small teams. Three to five team members, typically a Program Lead, a Project Lead, a consultant, and an analyst.

Our work with clients often happens in phases, an initial phase of 5-6 weeks followed by longer phases involving design, development, implementation, evaluation.

We help organizations across all industries achieve full potential performance by better integrating People, Strategy, Process and Technology.

Our work with clients can be on-client site but most often today we have a balanced delivery model of mixed on-site and remote.

We have found this depends on the individual coming into the position, that is why we work with you during onboarding to provide you with direct support to develop. This is also dependent if you’ve come from consulting vs. industry and your level of interactions with previous clients. 

Experience a career with limitless growth at The Poirier Group. Our flat hierarchy allows you to achieve your desired professional growth in consulting. Each team member develops their own Professional Development Plan (PDP), in which The Poirier Group provides guidance and financial support.

Join our Tech Team to develop your skills further. As Learning is one of our core values, we believe in continuously growing our skills to be the best Management Consultants we can be. TPG offers internal training and supports our team in its pursuit of courses and online programs.

It’s no secret that consulting can get heavy, especially as we get closer to final deliverables. However, The Poirier Group ensures our group does not face burnout by frequently checking in with teams to ensure they have the right resources to execute their work on time and within budget.

Experience accelerated growth with client exposure to various industries and solution offerings. The Poirier Group is proud to support our team members in their professional development journeys by providing coaching and financial support in further learning.

Citizenship Requirements

As our work is predominantly throughout North America, a Canadian passport is mandatory for obtaining a required TN Visa. Please note, Permanent Residency does not qualify. If you have any questions, please refer to the TN Visa guidelines. Those with US citizenship are also eligible.