Excel Workshops and Training

Our workshops are intended to prepare clients for internal team training after we build you a custom excel tool (inventory management, merchandising, RACI data management system etc.). Broken down below is a sample of the levels of Excel training we conduct.

Often, the tools we build for our clients are made in Excel spread sheets and require a certain level of management or updating to remain effective over the long term. We ensure there is the right level of internal competency to make effective use of our tools long after we have left. 

When there are significant technology gaps across all levels of the organization, we offer three levels of training: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each training session is approximately 3.5 hours and allows trainees a chance to refine existing Excel skills and gain new ones from our team of experts. 

We will work with you to define a current challenge where your team can benefit from applying new Excel skills. This results in organizational productivity improvements and employee empowerment to think creatively about eliminating manual tasks and/or simplifying spreadsheet-based tasks through leadership development