Enabling Value Creation

In a landscape influenced by market volatility and constrained capital, there is a heightened focus on doing more with what you have. This is particularly true for mid-market companies where growth is the primary objective.

​Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what PE leaders are saying about mid-market portfolio companies:

Financial Visibility & Accountability

“Getting basic, trustworthy performance metrics remains a perpetual challenge. It hinders our ability to chart a path against our deal thesis.”

Overdependence on Key Personnel

“The core team that built the business can end up being a constraint to value creation if they can’t figure out how to turn their expertise into repeatable capabilities.”

Talent Depth

Our companies have good teams, but the depth of talent necessary to implement pivotal changes isn’t always available, posing a significant hurdle in delivering on our plans.”

Technology Investment Conundrum

“While there’s opportunity to enhance technology, it’s a big leap to implement enterprise-level solutionsWe need to prioritize technology investments and optimize resources to ensure maximum effectiveness.”

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Our team comprises seasoned operators from industrial engineers to chartered accountants with firsthand experience navigating challenges to implement change and support PE firms and their mid-market portfolio companies.

While identifying opportunity areas is a start, our distinction lies in delivering tangible, realistic, prioritized solutions that provide a roadmap for growth enablement. What further sets us apart is our commitment to seeing initiatives come to fruition. At the end of the day, concrete progress and returns are what matter most. We employ practical approaches and provide the necessary skillsets and level of support to ensure this is achieved.

We also understand that effective change requires collaboration and buy-in from all stakeholders. That’s why we prioritize working alongside you and your team, rather than imposing changes that we create in isolation. By fostering a collaborative environment, we ensure that our action plans are not only comprehensive but also seamlessly integrated into your organization’s culture and operations, leading to sustainable results.

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New Strategies for Turbulent, Uncertain Markets

We are entering a complex, uncertain time for value creation. Valuations in the market are being corrected from all-time highs at various magnitudes, the true risk of global inflation remains unknown, and supply chain pressure continues to mount across all impacted industries.

At The Poirier Group, our private equity consulting intrinsically strives for value creation. We closely follow evolving trends with our clients to stay at the forefront of impacting factors to the industry and we identify the most optimal solutions to navigate in today’s environment.

The weight of this environment is most immediately felt by those battling for hitting target returns consistently in Private Equity & Financial Services. For these leaders, identifying operational improvement opportunities is crucial to strengthen the possibilities to realize their investment targets.

This industry is conditioned to maintain a fierce focus on growing returns and sustaining alpha. Through all of the uncertainty and challenges you are continually faced with, complicated by the range of industries within your portfolio, it is easy to overlook the real opportunities buried within your investments.

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