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Capital markets are increasingly expensive and Limited Partners are raising their expectations, contributing to uncertain valuation outlooks in global financial markets. In short, tension has grown between investor price objectives and the delivery of satisfactory returns. To find success, industry leaders are turning their focus towards operational excellence as a critical lever in reaching desired targets. While most financial organizations have significant experience in financial analysis, they are not as well versed in analyzing operational capability and capacity.

At TPG, our team of Lean Six Sigma experts and Integrated Systems Engineers pair with industry stakeholders to pinpoint areas of inefficiency within your portfolio firm to create the best sustainable operational improvements to increase competitiveness within the marketplace.

Your challenges are not uncommon. Here’s what industry leaders are saying:

Operational Excellence

How do we assess true Operational Excellence? We have elements of success across our portfolio, but not a formal and cohesive program. How would we build one and ultimately have it pay for itself across our network?”

Exit Roadmaps

“At times we need help ‘flipping’ an investment. We need more solidified exit plans that ensure wins for both us and our invested organization. What are the best methodologies for roadmapping such an endeavor from the early stages of investment to ensure better preparedness?”

Line of Sight

“Too many of our invested organizations feel like bets – which is at least partially due to poor line of sight. We need to learn how to better partner with our portfolio of investments to ensure they are growing and improving from the right places and at the appropriate pace to ensure success for everyone involved.”

Growth Accountability

We’ve had trouble establishing the proper balance of accountability between ourselves and our portfolio organizations. Ultimately, our child organization should be responsible for growth, but we don’t have a standardized methodology in place when targets miss and action must be taken. What is the best way to approach this issue?”

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With our private equity management consulting, we apply a blended methodology to architect optimally efficient operations within your portfolio to drive stronger ROIs

We put a relentless focus on developing a deep partnership with your key stakeholders to create value by solidifying the foundation for sustainable operational excellence within your portfolio’s operations.

Our blended methodology includes a unique approach to Lean Six Sigma design, a dedication to client education, and expert Integrated Systems Engineering. This allows us to build better models for Strategy, People, Process, and Technology, so you can materialize significant improvement in operational efficiency.

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New Strategies for Turbulent, Uncertain Markets

We are entering a complex, uncertain time for value creation. Valuations in the market are being corrected from all-time highs at various magnitudes, the true risk of global inflation remains unknown, and supply chain pressure continues to mount across all impacted industries.

At TPG, our private equity consulting intrinsically strives for value creation. We closely follow evolving trends with our clients to stay at the forefront of impacting factors to the industry and we identify the most optimal solutions to navigate in today’s environment.

The weight of this environment is most immediately felt by those battling for hitting target returns consistently in Private Equity & Financial Services. For these leaders, identifying operational improvement opportunities is crucial to strengthen the possibilities to realize their investment targets.

This industry is conditioned to maintain a fierce focus on growing returns and sustaining alpha. Through all of the uncertainty and challenges you are continually faced with, complicated by the range of industries within your portfolio, it is easy to overlook the real opportunities buried within your investments.