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TPG’s private equity consulting team has been working and researching tirelessly since the onslaught of COVID-19, poring over new data and assessing emerging trends. As such, we are prepared to handle the uncertainty and disruption in today’s markets. Find out more below. 

This industry continues to hold immense potential for investors when the right decisions are made. In a world where ‘too much money is chasing too few deals’, operational improvement stretches the field of possibilities. Tension between PE investors’ two main objectives, namely meeting price expectations while delivering satisfactory returns to investors, has subsequently increased. Analyzing the target not only from a financial but also from an operational angle is the only way to alleviate this tension. Most PE firms have multiple skilled people to conduct financial analysis on the companies that they are looking to acquire, but they do not know how to do the other half, which is the operational side, where they need to maximize efficiencies and find opportunities for cost savings.

This is where we come in. The Poirier Group’s management consulting services will scout out the inefficiencies in your operational side and quash them, making your firm more competitive and sustainable in the long-term. Ultimately, TPG’s strategic management consultants can create value and drive growth in the private equity industry. We’re the consulting team you need.

Private Equity Consulting

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created shockwaves throughout global markets and has cast uncertainty on the future of industries that once looked rock solid. According to Pitchbook, investors had raised only $176 billion for new private equity funds in the United States through the end of the third quarter, putting them on pace for the lowest annual total in five years. 

Private equity companies are adopting a variety of strategies in order to combat this market uncertainty. The strategies they are choosing largely depends on the outlook of each firm’s portfolio exposure, but consulting with a private equity operations consulting firm such as The Poirier Group will give your firm the edge it needs to compete in today’s uncertain economy. 

Understanding the wide variance of outcomes in most industries post-pandemic is essential, which is why TPG’s private equity consulting team has been studying both the short-term and long-term ripple effects of COVID-19. Identifying long-term successes may be more important than winning in the short-term for many verticals, so make sure to consult with TPG’s private equity operations consulting team to identify what is right for your fund.


As you look to maximize your investment, TPG is the right collaborator to do so.  We provide insight into process improvement initiatives to sustainably save your company money.

We offer private equity management consulting services to assist investors with a wide variety of issues and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions – including scenario planning, strategy formulation and deployment, and process improvements to capture expected synergies. Our dedicated team provides a range of services through a tailored approach that reflects your business’ unique needs and situation. Our services will seamlessly combine with your seasoned experience to solve medium and long-term challenges to maximize your investment. 

Trends & Challenges in Private Equity

Operational Excellence in Private Equity

What’s the secret to operational excellence in Private Equity?

In a recent webinar, Samantha Horn, Partner in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Groups at Stikeman Elliott, and Mike Lank, Senior Managing Director, Operations & Strategy at OMERS Private Equity, sat down with our CEO David Poirier in an exclusive Q&A to discuss the Private Equity landscape and the secret to maximizing deal value through operational excellence in this space.

Check out their tips on how to win, and more!

Why TPG?

We’re excited to be a part of this progressive industry, where we can leverage our vast experience and specific skills to bring forward the best outcomes in private equity consulting. Our experience in this industry lies primarily with small-to-midsize companies, where we pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding their needs and challenges. As operations experts, with a focus on Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we’re able to extract unexpected value from businesses, while increasing their value in the private equity sphere. Oftentimes, private equity firms focus simply on financial restructuring; while recognizing this, we also aid valuation justification and organizational growth. Ultimately, we see exciting potential in operational analysis and consider this to be the edge we can provide our clients through our private equity consulting services driving impactful exit strategies. We can leverage our operational expertise and network to drive profits in ways that most private equity firms haven’t yet realized.

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