Private Equity & Financial Services

The right expertise to support your investment decisions

This industry continues to hold immense potential for investors when the right decisions are made. We offer private equity consulting services to assist investors with a wide variety of issues and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions. This is an area in which we’ve experienced recent growth. Our dedicated team provides a range of services through a tailored approach that reflects your business’ unique needs and situation. Our services will  combine with your seasoned experience to solve short and long-term challenges. Read on to find out how we can best meet your challenges in your next acquisition.

Trends & Challenges
  • The private equity industry remains vital as it matures
  • Higher stock market valuations = larger acquisitions costing proportionally more
  • Crowded marketplace and increased competition = lower ROIs
  • Experienced employees leaving large companies to become entrepreneurs and compete with former employers
  • Increasing difficulty to deploy capital quickly
  • Private equity consulting services continue to be in great demand
Why TPG?

We’re very excited to be a part of this progressive industry, where we can leverage our vast experience and specific skills to bring forward the best outcomes in private equity consulting. Our experience in this industry lies primarily with small to midsize companies, where we pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding their needs and challenges. As operations experts, with a focus on Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we’re able to extract unexpected value from businesses and making them impactful in the private equity sphere. We aid valuation justification and organizational growth. Oftentimes, private equity firms focus simply on financial restructuring. While recognizing this, we see exciting potential in operational analysis and consider this to be the edge we can provide to our clients through our private equity consulting services. We can leverage our operational expertise and network to drive profits in ways that most private equity firms haven’t yet realized.