Data-Based Decision Making

Our business intelligence solutions help you transform your data into insightful charts, graphs, tables, dashboards and reports that empower decision-makers to understand performance trends over time. Business intelligence is not just about data–it’s about creating intelligent solutions that generate knowledge and insights based on meaningful data trends.

Glean meaningful insights and make important decisions faster based on real-time data. Unlock value and reduce costs by improving data transparency and understanding the holistic story of what your data means.

The Poirier Group (TPG) is a leading data maturity and performance measurement consulting firm. We help our clients transform their companies by helping them analyze, interpret, and apply their business data. We offer you objective, practical, results-driven advice, that integrates proven methodologies and best practices, and is tailored to your needs.

TPG delivers timely and insightful information to support better decision-making. From business strategy and operations to governance, our goal is to help you maximize performance for sustained success.

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Real-time Data Driven Decision Making

Improve digital maturity to improve data-based decision-making. Very few people know how to view, analyze, and apply data in a way that brings productive change to their organization on any scale. That’s where we can help.

At The Poirier Group, we can help you measure your KPIs and improve data maturity: Our pragmatic approach to operational improvements and data maturity will provide measurable results without the typical cost or drudgery associated with large scale organizational change. We help you determine the critical few insights you need to focus on, vs. getting lost in the trivial many. 


Measure What Matters

Determine what data you should be collecting, what KPIs you should be measuring and how to measure progress towards strategic goals.


Derive Insights from Data

Clean stale data to enable effective outputs, streamlined dashboards and create efficient business infrastructures.


Performance Management

Increase visibility and accountability for your team to understand how your organization is tracking against goals based on real data.

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Train Your Team

Provide training to key stakeholders to understand how to use the new tools and how to make sense of the data.

Our Approach to Insight-Based Decision Making

The Poirier Group will gain an objective birds-eye view of your organization to move quickly and efficiently to create sustainable change without getting wrapped up in the internal politics of the organization. The goal is for your team to be able to confidently and consistently make data-driven decisions that benefit the entire organization. It’s possible when you have real-time information about your organization.

An investment in data is an investment in the future — It is an investment in your business, and its capacity to grow. Lets start today!

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Find the story through the data

Stop wasting time with trivial data. Identify the critical insights your data points to and take meaningful action.

Create Strategic Alignment

Better align individual and departmental activities to the strategic plan.

Improve the bottom line

Reduce costs and improve the bottom line by streamlining data processes.

Trust your Data

Confidently and consistently make real-time data-driven decisions that benefit the entire organization.

How Can TPG Help?

The Poirier Group is a team of operational experts who specialize in performance improvement. Our services create more aligned and motivated teams and improve organizational effectiveness. 

We partner with you to structure your data in a single-source-of-truth environment, ensuring your team shares access to accurate and validated information. Backed by a unique mix of integrated engineering and system implementation experience, TPG is well equipped to properly configure your digital execution architecture.

Here’s how we can help:

We clean stale data to enable effective outputs and create efficient business infrastructures. Quality data is the precursor to any automation or business intelligence technology. 

After data is cleansed, we instill a set of standardized business rules and operating procedures to keep the data clean and ensure sustainability of the process. 

Our suite of technology and data consultants work to identify the right technology system for you, or update current systems to fit your needs.

We glean insights from data to deliver smart, value-added information that results in informed, intelligent decision making, closing the gap between understandable data and real action.

We glean insights from data to deliver smart, value-added information that results in informed, intelligent decision making, closing the gap between understandable data and real action.

Gain Insights into Business Performance

Data is more than numbers on a spreadsheet.

Data is the lifeblood of any business, and through our consulting services, we can improve your organization’s performance by showing you how to make better use of it.

We help you establish and implement the best measurement systems that are customized to your business’s needs and tailored to your company’s culture. We also work with you to analyze your current systems and create a strategy for improvement. 

At The Poirier Group, we have a wealth of experience bringing measurable change for clients in both small and large organizations.

Let us be your trusted guide.

Free Resource: Finding The Story in Your Data

Our free guide reveals how to make data management drive real value for your organization. You’ll discover why it’s important to create transparency with your data and standard data management processes – and how to do it. Start putting data management into practice across your business today.

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About The Poirier Group

The Poirier Group (TPG) is a Toronto-based boutique management consulting firm focused on strategy execution, with specialties in process improvement, cost optimization and operational efficiency. We partner with clients across diverse industries who are motivated to transform their business, with an ambition to become the best version of themselves. Then, we work collaboratively with their team from executives to the shop floor, to implement sustainable solutions, and guide them through the changes along the way.

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