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At The Poirier Group (TPG), we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a wide range of multi-industry business consulting services to meet our clients’ needs and deliver sustainable solutions that exceed their expectations. We offer several specific business consulting service offerings, as well as broad, enterprise-wide consulting transformations. Many of our solutions apply to multiple industries to solve your unique business challenges. Our success across multiple verticals has allowed us to grow into a top business consulting firm.


Work With an Industry Leading Business Consulting Firm

We tailor our solutions according to your organizations’ goals and needs – the ideal way to execute strategic management consulting services. Our business consultants are experts in initiating sustainable change across a wide range of industries. Continuous improvement is integral to TPG’s business consulting services, and we work tirelessly to integrate what we do into your business. 

TPG’s Business Consulting Services Categories

Our business consulting services typically fall under the following eight categories:

Business process improvement is key to enhancing the success of your business and preparing it for future growth. Our unique lean process improvement methods will help you reduce waste, speed up process lead time, standardize commonly repeated activities and identify many cost-saving alternatives. Our business process improvement consulting services provide an external, objective view of your current processes which allows us to do a deep dive into what may be causing your business challenges.

We offer several operations and supply chain management services that increase efficiency at all steps within the supply chain – from suppliers and warehouses to retailers and consumers. Effective supply chain management will enable you to serve your vendors and customers with the degree of excellence they deserve. We are well versed in Lean manufacturing practices and will implement these process improvements  to help your supply chain network to achieve high performance.  

The Poirier Group has significant experience and expertise in retail merchandise management, helping our clients navigate unexpected challenges around product merchandising, category planning, e-commerce and promotion planning. We work alongside our clients in real-time to implement strategic merchandising solutions to deliver added value through a customized, pragmatic approach.

Our work in strategic planning and performance management enables organizations to take a step back and take a critical look at their business strategies and goals. We help you with your strategic planning process to develop strategies and business plans for both long and short-term growth and development. Then, we help you build the skills and tools needed to carry out, measure and maintain your strategic goals.

Our human capital management services focus on your most important asset – your people. We help you strategically coordinate human resource processes and manage human capital during periods of transition and growth to ensure your team is functioning at their highest level. Assisting employees to fulfill their potential also enables the company as a whole to fulfil their highest potential. Throughout your periods of transition, we deploy effective change management practices to ensure your improvements are sustainable over the long term.

We employ a team of project management consulting professionals who help organizations manage complex projects in any field. We will lead the execution of cross-functional projects from beginning to end to help you achieve your strategic goals and maximize shareholder value. 

Our IT consulting services include a range of analysis and implementation of IT best practices and technology solutions to help your organization achieve both quick wins and long-term goals. In a constantly changing field with relentless competition, we realize the challenges that many companies face around IT strategy and technology implementation and we utilize our unique approach to IT consulting to create sustainable change and real results. We are technology-agnostic which enables us to provide you with the IT solutions that best fit with you, at a faster rate. 

When going through a merger or acquisition, private equity companies need to stress test the investment strategy from multiple angles. The Poirier Group provides the necessary insight into the process and operational improvements to save you money and guide you through your latest investment decision. 

Our experienced private equity consulting team has worked with companies at various stages in their private equity journey and is well equipped to identify areas for improvement and profit opportunities.

Our leadership training and development programs offer areas of improvement for people at every level of your team – from shop floor workers to C-Suite executives. These workshops can be either virtual or in-person depending on your needs. 

Learning from experts and specialists is how we’ve developed our expertise, and we believe that doing so is a way to certify that your organization is achieving continuous growth and progress. Intensive technical skills, leadership training sessions and leadership development workshops are a fantastic way to share knowledge, engage your team and demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Achieve Accelerated & Sustainable Growth

TPG’s team of business consultants leverages powerful consulting practices based on our lean management principles. This allows us to delve into organizations and transform operations from within by engaging stakeholders and employees, streamlining processes, and deliver success. Talk to us today and you’ll see why TPG is one of Toronto’s top business consulting firms.

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