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At TPG, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a wide range of multi-industry business consulting services to meet the needs of our clients and deliver sustainable results that exceed their expectations. We offer 26 specific services in total, many of which apply to several industries and which can be engaged to solve any number of problems that organizations face. These business consulting services fall into the following eight categories:

The key to overall business enhancement and growth is process improvement. Every business can benefit from improving their processes which can lead to a reduction of waste, as well as identify cost-saving alternatives, speed up process lead time, and standardize commonly repeated activities. Our business process improvement consulting services provide an external, objective view of your current processes which allows us to do a deep dive into what may be causing your business challenges.

In today’s modern business world, organizational supply chain networks grow and branch out at dizzying speeds. This creates increasingly complicated challenges to companies. The TPG team offers supply chain management services that increase supply chain network efficiency from start to finish – from suppliers and warehouses to retailers and consumers.

The retail & grocery industry is an area where The Poirier Group has significant expertise. This ever-evolving industry continually presents new and unexpected challenges. We have experience with a wide range of retailers in improving organizational performance while ensuring the corporate culture is aligned across the organization. We work alongside our clients in real-time to implement merchandising strategies and solutions to deliver added value through a customized, pragmatic approach.

Strategic planning and performance management enables organizations to take a step back to determine internal and external factors that affect their business, allowing them to formulate long and short-term strategies, effectively allocate resources, plan projects and develop a competitive advantage. We then help build new skills to carry out the strategy, including competency in people, processes and technology. Most importantly, we then measure analyze and evaluate results for sustainability and course-correct where necessary.

To successfully endure periods of expansion, mergers and growth, companies must effectively coordinate human capital management and human resource processes. Assisting employees to fulfill their potential also enables to company as a whole to fulfil their highest potential.  Our team of human capital management experts are well-versed in all areas of human resources and are principled individuals instilled with strong company values, which are immediately apparent in our approach to the services we deliver.

We draw from the best technologies and employee expertise to implement software and IT solutions to help your organization achieve both quick wins and long-term IT goals in an constantly changing field with relentless competition. We realize the challenges that many companies face around IT strategy and technology implementation and we utilize our unique approach to IT consulting to create sustainable change and real results.

When going through a merger or acquisition, companies need to stress test the investment from multiple angles. TPG provides the necessary insight into process and operational improvements to save you money and guide you through your latest investment decision. Our experienced private equity consulting team has worked with companies at various stages in their private equity journey and is well equipped to identify areas for improvement.

At every level of a company – from shop floor workers, to analysts to C-Suite executives— there are always multiple opportunities for reflection, growth, and leadership development. Learning from experts and specialists is how we’ve developed our expertise, and we believe that doing so is a way to certify that your organization is achieving continuous growth and progress. Intensive training sessions and leadership development workshops are a fantastic way to share knowledge, engage your team and demonstrate your commitment to their success.

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