Industrial Asset Auctioneer Unlocks $1.2M in Annualized Cost Savings from Call Center Optimization

An industry leader in industrial asset disposition & management, this client provides auctioning services across North America

recurring annualized cost savings identified
reduction in average call wait times


Our client had recently won a government surplus contract and coupled with its existing two auction platforms was experiencing a continuous surge in call volumes, exacerbated by Covid (forcing customers to connect virtually for auctions) vs the traditional onsite practice.  Consequently, call center operations were inundated, average wait times (AWT) increased well above industry standards, and customer dissatisfaction was evident. 


TPG conducted an 8-week initiation study uncovering three focus areas that would dramatically improve customer experience:  

  1.  Aligning and educating the customer care team to feel empowered to support customers 
  2. Creating effortless self-serve online support mechanisms  
  3. Employing company-wide solutions to improve internal processes 


A roadmap of 26 projects across 9 programs was developed and executed over a 16-month period to tackle 77% of the pain points identified in the earlier study. Examples of workstreams include: 

Value Created

As a result of this engagement, this client realized immediate and long-term financial and strategic benefits:

Call wait times before and during the project horizon. The orange line includes call back option wait times after integration.

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