PMO, Program and Project Management

We bring in a team of specialized experts to lead the execution of cross-functional projects from beginning to end

The Poirier Group (TPG) provides the talent, tools and platform to ensure optimized, effective execution, while keeping the client’s objectives in mind.   By leveraging best-in-class strategy and capacity building approaches, our teams employ a PMP Process Improvement methodology that leverage efficiency methodologies, project management disciplines, and change management tactics to identify improvement opportunities, develop recommendations and implement sustainable solutions. 

When an organization begins an approved process redesign implementation, we are often engaged to lead the implementation and manage the progress of the project. As the solution has already been agreed upon, we are able to solely focus on bringing the solutions to fruition through effective human capital management.

Success is predicated on an effective tracking and measurement approach. TPG has experience in designing and implementing a full structured PMP operational model inclusive of all performance measurement tools customized to the organization’s requirements and preferred delivery methods.

PMO Implementation

A Project Management Office (PMO) may be implemented in your organization when there is no central mechanism for tracking project progress. A PMO is crucial to provide standardization to the work being performed.  In addition, it provides integration, monitoring, measurement of resources, prioritization and in some cases, rationalization of project work. 

At TPG, we will create a methodology for organizing all active programs, projects and tasks in the organization through a centralized PMO that includes the standardization of all reporting, operationalizing and minimizing the risk management and creation of all governance around communication, accountability and metric reporting.

A PMO function:

  • Will provide decision support information
  • Does not make decisions for the business but provides equivalent understanding of all options
  • Ensures that all business change in an organization is managed in a controlled way

Benefits of a PMO

  • Governance: ensuring that decisions are taken by the right people, based on the right information. The governance role can also include audit or peer reviews, developing project and program structures and ensuring accountability.
  • Transparency: providing information with a single source of the truth. Information should be relevant and accurate to support effective decision-making.
  • Reusability: stopping project teams from reinventing the wheel by being a central point for lessons learned, templates and best practice.
  • Delivery support: making it easy for project teams to do their jobs by reducing bureaucracy, providing training, mentoring and quality assurance
  • Traceability: providing the function for managing documentation, project history and organizational knowledge