PE Owned Manufacturer Reinvents Strategy to Address Paradigm Shift in Electronics

A CD/DVD duplicator manufacturer owned by private equity

Revenue Target Achieved
Strategy Alignment
For Transformation and Restructuring of Business


A Private Equity firm required support to reinvent a portfolio company business due to a major shift in consumer electronics. The Private Equity Firm required an exit strategy and a reinvention strategy that would position our client as a viable candidate for continued equity funding or position a merger/acquisition from another PE partner.   


TPG performed a detailed assessment of the business, interviews with the top, industry research, and an assessment of technology and operational capabilities. A Reinvention Strategy workshop was designed to focus on: 

  • How to optimize the Replicator share of a declining but still viable market
  • Analytics of historical and future forecasts for Enterprise Value; TPG performed Franchise Value analytics with existing data to forecast scenarios for growth 5+ years out and past 5 years
  • How to leverage legacy technology and human capital to capture some logical ‘adjacency’ opportunities
  • Decision-making, Commitments and Accountabilities on repositioning pursuits
  • Migration path development from a situation of decline to a new shared vision with high probability and positive outcomes
  • Positioning the Replicator Client to gain interest from a new PE partner or for a merger/acquisition
  • Business Case Development for overall Migration Plan 

Value Created

The bottom line for the PE firm and the Replicator resulted in a business outcome that optimized the value of the firm for all stakeholders. TPG facilitated a tailored workshop that crafted a go-forward migration plan with optimal steps to achieve the desired (explicit) future stateAs a result of this cross-functional implementation, this client attained immediate financial benefits and built a more scalable business: 

  • PE firm created a unique, innovative future state vision for the Portfolio firm 
  • Significantly improved clarity and alignment for the Executive to support reinvention  
  • Migration strategy and plan executed and resulted in tangible adjustments that created growth and potential 
  • Innovative adjacency business developments were rapidly executed
  • The Replicator was sold to a larger player in a broader industry—meeting the intended and desired outcome

Paradigm shifts impacting your business?