Scott Sink

Senior Advisor



Scott has over 35 years of experience studying, teaching, consulting, leading in the field of Performance Excellence.  He has worked with and for David Poirier for most of that time supporting enterprise transformation initiatives. 

He has been a Professor at Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, and Ohio State University and during those periods was active as a consultant, writer, and teacher/coach.  From 1997-2007 he took a sabbatical from academia and served as VP Business Process Engineering for ESI in Boston/Toronto and VP Business Process Improvement for MDS Int’l. in Toronto. 

He is a Past President of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering and also the World Confederation of Productivity Sciences.  He has travelled and consulted and spoken Globally as part of these roles and also his thought leadership roles over the years.

He currently is an Adjunct Professor with Virginia Tech in addition to his role and contributions to the Poirier Group.



Scott and his wife Bea reside at Smith Mountain Lake, VA.  They enjoy being in one of the most beautiful parts of the World.