Anita Patel




Anita is a seasoned professional, who guides clients and leads stakeholder teams to achieve transformative business objectives. With a passion to drive change and improve efficiency, focuses on optimizing end-to-end operations, executing strategies, and instilling a performance management mindset in every project.  Her consulting expertise spans many industries and she brings specific operations experience from working in the healthcare, insurance, private equity, retail, and government sectors.

Anita’s leadership extends beyond project teams, encompassing a deep commitment to understanding client challenges and delivering tailored solutions. Holding an MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Management and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, Anita brings a rigorous analytical approach to problem-solving, ensuring efficient and effective outcomes. She excels in fostering collaborative environments that inspire innovation and drive results. Her ability to navigate complex landscapes and implement strategic initiatives underscores her dedication to achieving tangible, long-term improvements for the clients she serves.



Anita is passionate about art in all of its forms: food, culture, and people. Since she was a child, she has loved to travel, try new foods, learn about other cultures, and meet and understand new people.