Jeremie Collette




Jeremie is a creative thinker capable of producing innovative solutions to complex organizational problems. Using a wide range of technical skills, he is able to implement these solutions effectively and efficiently. Jeremie tackles every challenge with a solution-oriented mindset by leveraging his expertise to develop practical and functional strategies.

Jeremie is also a strong communicator and collaborator. He is able to work effectively with individuals and teams across different departments and levels of any organization. Jeremie’s attention to detail and ability to think critically makes him an asset to any team. Jeremie is pursuing his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto, with a minor in Business and Artificial Intelligence.



Outside of work, Jeremie engages in various sports such as volleyball, skiing, open-water swimming, and rock climbing. He also has a passion for food, often experimenting with new recipes and exploring restaurants in Toronto.