Tina Forth




Tina is a multi-skilled Project Manager with 20+ years leading a wide range of industry projects, events and government relationships. Her adaptive and enthusiastic approach towards change, challenge and new environments coupled with her keen understanding of human behaviour, the impacts of change management and how to best navigate each landscape, ensures each client receives their desired results. As an adept planner, she ensures the overarching objective, relevant factors, resources and critical details are considered in determining efficiencies, future processes, schedules, and outputs to meet the client’s needs.

Tina’s thirst for knowledge drives her to be an ardent researcher, who ably collects, analyses and identifies solutions that lead to sound business improvements. Her career has provided considerable exposure to many industries, where she has been involved in process improvement, revenue growth, cost optimization, marketing, communications, training development and delivery, project management and customer experience.



Tina is an animal lover in the extreme, and has done volunteer work with lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, and elephants. She’s an avid gardener, a reluctant skier, a thrill-seeker in her travels, and has a competitive spirit.